Party On!


Can I tell you how much fun I've had since I've been in Atlanta!?!?

First, Rashan is AWESOME! I have a great time every time we get together. AND Stace is here!!! And we have a GREAT time together!! Wheeee!! I'm having a blast! Tuesday night Rashan and I hosted Stace, Joy and some of Stace's friends. Wednesday night, New Year's Eve, Stace got ready over here and we went to Artistry for the NYE party. I'd prefer if women DIDN'T fight. Yeah... not cute. I also realized I'm not made for hood music anymore. I don't listen to it so going to the club in a southern state is what we call not the business. I'm gonna have to pass on that. I thought the day would never come. Wait. I knew the day would come but I hoped it wouldn't, at least not so soon, where I'm over clubs and solely on lounges. Always liked lounges, but in moderation. Now I'm pretty sure I can survive with lounges and nice restaurants. Le sigh. Le sigh. Le sigh!!

Today we hung out at the crib until about 3 watching Food Network and MTV. Stace made sausage and french toast. Yum! Then the 3 of us went to the Georgia Aquarium. AWESOME!! My computer is not getting a signal so you'll have to wait for some of the 147 pics I took but I LOVED the aquarium! SO worth the ridiculous amount of money it cost ($27 each). After we went to Strip at Atlantic Station for sushi and steak. DELISH! I had eel and a lobster burger. YUM!! Stace had a cornocopia of sushi and rah had a porterhouse. I wished I ate steak because the guy who delivered it said, "I know who this is for," and put the porterhouse wait it was a giant pork chop he put in front of Rashan. I said, "That's mine, actually." He said, "Oh really? Ooh. My bad." I was like, "Yeah. No not really." But keep your sexist comments to yourself. Our waitress was good, though. FINALLY, Atlanta! We have had some horrible service most of the time we've gone out here. Yay! And now we're just chillaxin at Rah's! :)

Oh yeah! Happy New Year!!!


Unknown said...

Glad you are having a fabulous time in the A.

I've been over clubs for SUCH a long time. Always, and I mean always some drama any time I've gone out. I haven't tried the lounges, but I may have to give that a go.

I dont know if I could do $27 per person just to look at some fisheys. Ewww, plus they scare me (traumatic childhood memory) so needless to say the aquarium has always been out of the question for me.

Hope you have a spectacular year!!!

RunningMom said...

I'm with you on the lounge over the club. Still waiting for my state to become non-smoking too, that shyt gets on my nerves.

Sushi is part of my plan for the weekend. I love eel, yum.

1969 said...

Enjoy 2009.....big things are in store for you. Have a Happy new Year!!

Adei von K said...

Its about to be a what?! GIRLFIGHT!

Yeah, you know I don't like that dopeboy georgia music. i felt so out the loop.

why was the aquarium so awesome? for no reason?! LOVED IT!

and dinner was great too! YAY!!

the joy said...

You and rah will be coming down to go to the club around my house that I'm not old enough to get in yet. That thing has a sign that says 25+ only, lol.

Organized Noise said...

Happy New Year to you, Jameil. Hope 2009 is a great year for you.

Rashan Jamal said...

Wait, did I see you say I am AWESOME??? Glad you finally realized it. LOL

The girl fight was ridiculous and I'm pretty sure the bouncers wanted it to go on for awhile. There's no reason those big dudes couldn't separate those girls.

The Aquarium was great. I had fun with you and Stace. You guys had your eyes wide open with child like wonderment!

The food guy also said something else, but I won't type it hear because it might violate your no cursing rule.

Happy New Year!!!