Monday Mindspacing Vol. 72

UPDATED: I forgot I had stuff to add.
1) I thought about daily blogging this month for National Blog Posting Month.  The idea is to... you guessed it: blog daily for an entire month.  It's what originally attracted Rashan and I to each other.  We turned it into a hilarious competition. I was going to be devastated if he didn't do it this year.  He did last year but you know he hasn't blogged in months.  I decided not to do it because I'm already crazy and he's not posting either (because he hates me).  If you've never done it before or if you have, give it a shot!
2) Here's a little tip for you: If you can't attend an event, don't put an overly explanatory note about why not on the event's page.  Your surgery?  You can keep it to yourself or tell them later.
3) I don't like when people shorten my name.  "Mel" is not attractive... at all for a female.  I (sometimes) like that you feel comfortable with me but that's not the way to show it.
4) I don't appreciate it when people give up blogging, tweeting and facebook for purely selfish reasons.  It's like you've forgotten your purpose in life: to entertain me!
5) I was so energetic and crazy when I lived in Pittsburgh.  My old blog posts are absolutely HI-LARRY-US to me!  Sometimes it's really weird having so detailed an accounting of your life.  Especially because I write exactly how I speak.
6) The write-speech connect is why Rashan told me I couldn't do the anonymous professor blog about the crazy things that happen with my students because my voice is so distinctive.  BOLLOCKS!!  This distinctive voice better pay off for me OR ELSE!
7) I hate the silver insoles in Nine West shoes.  They rub off if you don't wear stockings which I most decidedly do not most of the time.  WHY???
8) If fonts all look the same to you and you're trying to look professional or impress people, please let me vet your presentation!  PLEASE!!  Comic sans is not okay!!
9) People who use their first initial intrigue/distract me.  What does that first letter stand for?  I can't focus.  Oh look!  A nickel!
10) Can you make people stop talking about facebook like it's a new method of communication? Please?
11) THIS JUST IN!!!!  THE 30 FOR 30 REMIX STARTS NEXT MONDAY!!! I can't wait to start!  I'll be posting outfits on The Record Dish.  Don't get it?  Here are the rules!  Email fashion blogger extraordinaire Kendi if you want to get on her list!

The 30 for 30 Fall Challenge, starting next Monday, November 8th.

Get your engine running -- or at least your closet organized because the fall remix is here. If you'd like to participate in the remix, EMAIL Kendi your name and blog address with the subject line 30 for 30 and She'll put you on a link list that I'll publish later this week. You have from now until Friday, November 5th to sign up to be on the link list for the challenge.
Ok so... what is the 30 for 30? 

The 30 for 30 is something I came up with in April to help me learn my way through my closet by remixing my clothes. So here is the basic premise, I take 30 items from my closet (shoes included) and mix them into 30 different outfits over about a month period.

So you want to try it out? Good for you. Here is how to do it.

1. Pick out 30 items from your closet. Shoes are included in the count, coats and accessories are not. (I won't use a coat yet here in Texas, but you might in say Chicago so I don't want to penalize you for Mother Nature's wily ways.)

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 or more outfits.

And that's it! Ok -- not totally.

3. No shopping for 30 days. 

Eek! Why in the world would I add insult to injury? Well so that you'll learn to work with what you've got and you'll learn to appreciate it. Learning to shop your own closet will in turn help you learn to shop outside of your closet. When you have to get creative with your wardrobe you discover other ways to wear a shirt or skirt, that you might not have thought of. Or you might just discover that you really like a certain type of skirt or that you gravitate towards a certain type of jacket, etc.

So what if you don't have 30 items? Then this challenge is perfect for you. It's about working with what you've got. I am a style blogger, an overabundance of clothing is a given. So don't worry about that, maybe for you it's a 15 for 15 or 20 for 20. It doesn't matter what you start with, it matters what you can make out of it. 

Are you in? If so, email Kendi (and let Jameil know in the comments!) by Friday and post your 30 for 30 items by Sunday. Let the remixing begin!


Not so Anonymous said...

1. I think I'm going to give it a shot this month!
3. I don't like my name shortened either. Re Re is what people try to say...it always makes me think of retard. I heard the parent of one of Alyssa's friends call her Lyssa the other day and I about flipped. I had to remind her real quick that there is an A at the front of her name..ugh.
4. Ditto

Nerd Girl said...

1. Not happening for me this year.
3. I don't like when people try to shorten the name I use - which is already a shorter version of my name. Trife!
4. Me either. I need folks to get themselves together and entertain me. At the rate folks are dropping off? I'm going to have to resort to actually working 8 hours a day.
6. I'm going to agree with Rashan - just by virtue of your using the world "bollocks" you'd reveal your identity!

Anonymous said...

I just finished a challenge, but I might try this one too because at least this time I'll be picking what I want instead of doing pre-selected topics.
I like that you write the way you talk. Those are my favorite kinds of blogs/things to read; when I can picture somebody actually talking.
I think about my favorite bloggers, twitters, and fbers leaving and I feel the same! :)

pserendipity said...

1. Too much pressure!
3. People shorten my name to "Pson". Aside from it looking absolutely ridiculous when you write it, why does "Psonya" need to be shortened?
4. Aww, you miss me on FB already, huh?
6. Bollocks is one of my favorite words! I should use it more often. Perhaps I'll start today.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. That is super cute that a healthy competition brought you and Rashan together :) That made me smile.
2. Right! I don't want to know about it for all to see cause I think you're lying anyway so save it Buster!
3. Luckily I don't have this problem. People have a hard enough time with pronouncing it correctly!
4.LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! You're so funny!
5.Hmmmm interesting.
6 Bollocks??? Really? You are NOT from the UK.
7. I know right! Why did they do that?? There are a few changes they've made that I don't like!
8. I LOVE comic sans. It's quirky to me. But you are right it's not professional. I still use it though.
9. I play the guessing game. C. Thomas Howell, F. Gary Gray??? What does it stand for? Is your first name hideous????? Is it??????

Anonymous said...

I decided against the November challenge. I thought I wanted to, but I just can't. And when I came back to say that I see you updated with a fashion challenge! And that is a whole different story. I might have to participate in this one.

Anonymous said...

hold up, ok i'm realizing this is really a challenge to pick the 30 items before hand? so that means no using other clothes not in the group of 30? or is it just implementing the 30 somehow?

Jameil said...

nsa... 1) do it! do it!
3) Awful!
4) WORD.

nerd... 1) booooo!
3) And wack!
4) Seriously!!

Janeen... It's amusing to "hear" people when they type. You only use the 30 items you select other than coats and accessories (and of course underwear and gym clothes). You can do everything else. DO IT!! I NEED SOME COMPANY!!!!

pseren... 1) boooo
3) so lame!
4) grrrrr
6) DO IT!

Gp... 1) :)
2) LOL! Everyone else was like, "Sorry! Happy Birthday!" And she's like, "Oh I can't... I'm having blah blah blah blah."
3) :P
5) Muy!
6) I'm not? That's why Rashan and I aren't married yet. I'm not a British black girl and he's not my Hispanic husband.
7) I'm so glad you're on the same page! YUCK!
8) OMG! Worst font ever!
9) LOLOLOL!! I LOVE IT! I usually do the silent guessing game!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

6. You made me spit out my drink Bwhahahahaha!

8. and if you think comic sans is bad then you're gonna die at my love for wingdings, tempus sans, curlz mt and jokerman fonts! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Unknown said...

I hate when people shorten my name too. I've been called AL so much it's ridiculous and then folks that didn't know me that well would call me Mir Mir. I'm like Ummm, who gave you permission to do that?? Lol

The anonymous professor blog would be soooo entertaining, I would love to read that. Although I have to agree with Rashan, EVERYONE would know it was you. Lol

Love the idea of 30 for 30, I'd love to try it, but I'm just wondering if Pajamas can be included in the wardrobe. Lol. Kidding. Tee hee!