Monday Mindspacing Vol. 73

1) Heidi Klum doesn't seem like she should speak German.  She's pretty for one.  And two... just because.
2) There was an inflatable Santa on the roof of a building near my house on November 1st.  Not. ready.  Just because I've been listening to Christmas music for months doesn't give you the right to rush me with the decorations!!!
3) "How I Met Your Mother" CRACKS ME UP!!! LOLOL!!
4) A terrible coupon = any amount off if you buy multiples.  Especially at Whole Foods.  Dude.  It's not okay to try to trick me like that.  So, in your Whole Foods example, you buy two items at $4 each and you save what?  One. whole. dollar.  Yeah right.  Let me also take a moment to call out Borders.  Buy a cookbook, get a $10 coupon which is only valid for a week.  YEAH RIGHT.  Makes me not want to shop there.
5) I wish I didn't need/want stuff.  Stores have really been pissing me off lately.  Good thing I'm not buying anything for a while.  Hence number 6...
6) Today began my 30 for 30 remix challenge and I'm SO SCARED!!  I had to go buy 3 items to get 30 items in my closet I might like enough to wear over and over for 30 days... but I'm hoping to make it happen.  Such an optimist, huh?  I don't even care if that makes you judge me!!  I'll be documenting it here.  Do join me!  Literally (buy doing it, too!) and figuratively (by cheering me on when I'm ready to end it all).
7) Old people make me sad sometimes.  Not just because they die but because they like to do it so unexpectedly!  You never know how much longer you have with them.  Yes, I know it's like that with us all but I feel like they have so much more to offer than some 28-year-old ninny or 45-year-old twit.
8) Why yes, yes I have been watching an extraordinary amount of "A Different World."
9) If the drive-thru NC chain Cookout had its way, I would be the fattest person in America just from ice cream products.  Rashan and I split a Cheerwine float & a caramel cheesecake Heath toffee milkshake.  BOTH OF THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!  I'm nearing salivation saturation just thinking about it!  We almost returned the following night for more.  Just fat!!
10) You're not going to convince me to see ForColoredGirls any more than any other TP production so stop. Stop trying to make fetch happen.
11) It's daylight SAVING time.  No 's.'  Please don't use the 's' or you'll make me crazy. XOXO, Jameil


Naima said...

#1. Agreed.
#4. Retail fail. I also hate coupons with minimums in fine print, like: FREE SHIPPING! (if you spend $250). Boo!!
#6. Excited!! I added Kendi's blog to my google reader based on your recommendation, by the way :o)
#9. We had a layover in Charlotte last night on the way back from Cancun. Is it bad that we were considering leaving the airport for a Cookout run??
#10. Ugh...yeah...no...

Nerd Girl said...

1. Eh. She doesn't seem "nice" so I fully believe she is 100% German.
6. I don't think I have 30 things in my closet - looking forward to seeing what you come up with - love her blog!
7. LOL! My granny is 89. She cracks me the heck up. I'm not sure her offerings are necessarily any more sage than those of a 28/45 year old. But they are definitely hilarious!
9. Cheerwine? Off to google...

K. Rock said...

3. I've heard that show was funny but I never got into it.
6. Imma be in the house!
7. Yeah, I actually worry about my parents all the time. I'm not ready for all that.
8. Me too! I would watch it more if it didn't make my husband leave the room.
10. I'll see it on Netflix in a few months.

Sparkling Red said...

You've been listening to Christmas music for months? Really?

Not so Anonymous said...

2. Yay Christmas!!! I'm so ready for thanksgiving to come and go, so Christmas can officially start!
3. I like that show, but always have to accidentally catch it.
6. Please share pictures!!
7. Ok, a couple things in this...Did you say ninny? LOL. And, did you say "they like to do it (die) so unexpectedly" You are cracking me up.
8.I could watch that show all the time...love it. It's what made me want to go to an hbcu! I let Alyssa watch some episodes and she loves it...now if I can only convince her to go to FAMU... (insert sade face)
10. I don't want to go see it either... I will watch it once it hits dvd, though. I loved the play and the book...I wish more people would have checked out either of those before giving their opinion only based off the book.
11. Poor Jameil is losing it, lol

Not so Anonymous said...

I meant to say only based off the movie...

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. So are you implying that Germans are unattractive?? SMH and I can see her being mean.
2. I know YOU are not talking! You started it LOL!
3.OMGeeeee!! Yesss! Barney is a NUT!
4. Man! The Safeway grocery(yeah I'm callin them out!) you get the discount if you by 4! Whaaat?? I hate them!
5. Me either! but I was at Safeway today because they only carry some items I like. I hate them! LOL!
6. I will cheer you on. If you saw my closet you would hate me. I never have to buy anything EVER again but I will LOL!
7. Me too I can think abt people in my fam and cry right now about how much I'm going to miss them!
8. and what have your learned?
9. Stop talking about it!! Today I hate you and Rashan for being able to enjoy such deliciousness and I can't! Yes today I am a hater. LOL!
10. O_O just me staring! LOL!
11. ???? please explain.

Mrs Count said...

1. Expect German hate mail
3. Me too, but MrC hates it
6. 30 for 30. What about 10 for 30? I want to wear 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shoes, and 7 shirts for a month. Hmm, now I sound lazy and dirty. #iam
9. Milkshakes. Yummmmm
11. No "s"? Well I like the s. I think I'll keep it. I don't want to save time.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

10. FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm with Nerd Girl. I can just picture her yelling at poor Seal in German.
8. Dude, whenever that DVD Box set comes out, I'm all over it!
9. This is like what, the 3rd time you've mentioned this place? I'm gaining weight just READING about the things they sell. *lol* Stop it!
10. I feel like the paper boy from Better off Dead, "I want my $2!" I coulda had a V-8.

Anonymous said...

I come back to blogging and your random thoughts made my day

Jameil said...

Naima... 4) THE WORST ONE!! It's usually $100-$125 for free shipping and I'm like if I EVER spend that much in one online clothing store, that should just be a given, not a promotion. FREE SHIPPING, NOW!!
6) Yay!
10) vomit

Nerd... 1) LOLOL!!!! STOP!!!
6) How is that possible??? I love her blog, too!
7) The world needs that hilarity forever!
9) *faints* Carolina cherry soda. YUM!

k... 3) do yourself a favor! get into it!
6) Yay!
7) ME EITHER!! esp. w/my dad all the way in Pittsburgh.
8) HAHAHAHA! Rashan exits too!
10) I MIGHT do that.

red... slight exaggeration. A month.

3) DVR is my bff!
6) they're on the record dish!
7) i did! lol
8) me too!! SEND HER TO HAMPTON! :)
10) maybe on dvd... MAYBE. based off the movie is so true. i'm not gonna say you CAN'T review the movie but you should at least read the play first...

gp... 1) yes. LOL
3) lololOLOL!
4) STOP!!!
6) I realized I have too much stuff in my closet that I don't want to wear ever again. That's not gonna work...
7) :(
8) LOL! You stay asking me that! That I haven't seen all the eps and I definitely have faves and I wish this show had 40 eps per season!
9) LOLOL! I can't stop! #cantstopwontstop
11) You're entering the time where you're "saving" daylight in the spring. Exiting the time in the fall. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time#Terminology

mrs. c... 1) LOLOL!!!
3) HORRID! Rashan put me on!
6) 10?!?! Super dirty and lazy! But soon that's all the clothing you will own anyway!
11) NO S!!!

dani... AMEN!

mrs. tdj... 1) ROTFL!!!!!!!
8) ME TOO!!!
9) I CAINT!!
10) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epsi... yay! welcome back!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I can't believe I didn't get it. My brain wouldn't let me understand
But even the media says savings time. Daylight savings time. How can I not add the s??? It's been a part of my life since I knew about it! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Jameil said...

LOL @ you not getting it. Don't beat yourself up! ONLY the dumb fake media says that! You have heard it like that FOREVER, though, I know! Because I've heard it like that, too. ANNOYING!