I'm in a terrible mood and taking it out on everyone.  I feel bad about it and I'm also really stuck.  I'm in this awful mental space because of the massive amount of stuff I have left to do in the next two weeks.  Maybe just listing it all will help me feel better (or for you to commiserate with me).  Due by Tuesday: A CV, cover letter, creative statement, teaching philosophy, demo reel, lecture, 21 packages to grade, and my favorite-- a 20-page paper.  I also have at least 4 movies to watch to go into that paper.  Did I forget to say I'm in charge of Thanksgiving dinner? With a (non-seafood-eating) vegetarian & a no pork or alcohol Muslim coming.  Recipes turned completely upside down.  I'm not making everything but enough.  And I really want Rashan's birthday to be great... and he doesn't care.  I'm gonna go work on my attitude.


Ladynay said...

Have the "special" dinner guest bring their own favorite dish. Back in the day when I was not eating any meats I'd bring my own something something.

*hugs* One task at a time lady. You can do it!

P.S. being that I don't remember when R's b-day is, tell him happy birthday early for me. Please and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mine has been stank lately too...embarrassing. I think I've got the holiday blues since I'm with the hubs and his fam for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

And I'm with Ladynay...your guest needs to come bearing gifts!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Yeah I would not even trip on the special eaters. They should bring a dish And they would eat salad. LOL!

You do have a lot of projects ahead of you, but you can do it! Argh! at the 20 page paper! Can your paper include movies you like? That might make it more fun?
On Fri. I would do the CV and cover letter, and teaching and creative statement they seem to go together, Sat & Sun I'd focus on the paper trying to do 10 pages each day. Mon the lecture and grading.

I think whatever you do for Rashan he will think it's special because it's YOU!

*Hugs too*

SincerelyGo said...

I've never prepared my own Thanksgiving dinner but I hate cooking for people that have all these special request. I wouldn't change my menu. They can pick around the alcohol and the ham. Hell they chose this as their diet. Lol

I wish you luck in the next few weeks, it'll go by fast.


Jameil said...

Y'all are so awesome. I have the best commenters.

lady... the one who came brought the dish i love so i was quite happy. she was actually easier to cook for than I originally thought. it was on thanksgiving this year!!

hnb... lol. isn't it?? awwww. it's hard not being at home!

gp... lol! stop it!! not a salad!! you are out of order! 10 pgs a day? that's not gonna happen. no ma'am!! The lecture is due Monday and the grading would make me nutty to do all in one day. Grading is draining because I try to be thorough and fair. I like that you gave this comment so much effort. So sweet!

go... Not pick around the alcohol! ON. THE. FLOOR!! I know mentally it'll go fast but emotionally it feels interminable.

Nobody not really... said...

So mad your sister had to be told to stop peeling shrimp! Is she a fan of the bisque or something?

Jameil said...

Nobody... RIGHT?!?! It was my first time making it but she loved it! She likes shrimp but #cmonson!