Monday Mindspacing Vol. 74

1) Facebook post of the week: I wish facebook would come up with an "I don't care" option you could click on after you read a post.
2) Do you know what's gonna kill me?  When y'all's kids grow up and you don't blog about them and they don't blog about themselves.  All of a sudden these people I have been following from birth or 8 will be out of my life.  I am someone's grandma.  Their nosy neighbor down the interweb if you will. 
3) Two of my fave bloggers have the same item of clothing I find appalling.  I would blog it out but... yeah... they know about my blog.
4) I don't want her working with me!  But I secretly want her to keep working with Mrs. TDJ.  If you haven't met her, familiarize yourself with Bambi....  I. DIED!!!! LOLOL
5) I burp... a lot... sometimes if I forget my surroundings, I do it really loudly.  BAD.
6) Stace mentioned lizards the other day... I had completely forgotten their everpresence in Florida.  The ONLY time I found one in my house, I screamed bloody murder!  It was the tinest thing but the thought of it in my house turned me into a lunatic!  I kill bugs with my bare hands (Yes, I know it's disgusting...) but LIZARDS??? I am NOT a Floridian!
7) Okay apparently I'm confusing people... If you're new or haven't been around for a while... I don't like massages.  I don't like being touched by strangers.  Yuck.  Back up off me.
8) I was at my mom's house this weekend.  When I returned home it was SMOKE CITY up in this piece.  DE-SGUSTING.  Can't even spell it.
9) The DVR is trying to stress me out.  Why do I have so much stuff on it and hate it?  I'm gonna start deleting stuff without watching it.  Yep.
10) I left my charger at my mom's house and my phone is dead.  FAIL.
11) Hampton is playing Wake in basketball today.  I WILL BE IN THE HOUSE!!  YEAH!!!  In case you were wondering, you shouldn't have to ask but THE HAMPTON PIRATES are getting my cheers!!  BORN AND RAISED A PIRATE, BABY!!  Mom went there, too!


Not so Anonymous said...

2. Yeah, that's going to suck for me too. I like hearing about the kiddies.
3. you know we want to know now. I don't care who the blogger is...what's the item???
4. Those bambi stories trip me out, lol.
5.ummm...yeah, BAD is good description, or yuck, lol.
6. I didn't even know that lizards weren't everywhere until I moved away from florida. They are some nasty looking little creatures.
10. I would be s.i.c.k. right now.
11. Good luck, Hampton. (note that will be the last time I ever say that, lol)

Sha Boogie said...

LOL @ 1 -- haha, yes! People that post their every.single.move. drive me nuts! I have a friend that posts the same thing every.single.morning! "Good morning! Up getting the kids ready and off to the bus stop!" I swear fo' God if she doesn't post that one morning I'm going to think something happened to her .. *crickets*...

1969 said...

I will be sure to send you Tali updates even when they're grown and married.

And now I need to know what the item of clothing is!

pserendipity said...

1. My FB fast is over. I saw you trying to bait me with the T.I. post!
2. You can still follow Aidan cause he'll be famous!!
5. How could you forget your burp surroundings??
6. Lizards are the devils creatures.
7. I don't like massages, either. You might have heard.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Bwhahahaha! I can see you wanting this. I'm sorta back on FB and I would use that button!
2. Where do you come up with this stuff???? LOLOLOLOLOL!
3. Oh my. I am DYING TO KNOW. What would be awful if it were me, but I don't show clothes(rarely) or me. I'm emailing you! LOLOLOLOL!
4. BAMBI!! Needs her own reality show! I need to see her shenanigans! They give anybody a show why not her!
5. Umm GROSS!
6. I would DIE if I saw a lizard!! An actual reptile in the house OH GAWD! Bugs with your hand?? I can't with you today! LOLOLOL!
7. Me either!
8. OH NO!!!! But Yaay for time with mom!
9.Didn't you program the shows?? Why do you hate them?
10. Yeah that's a Fail. Is your mom mailing it?? or do you have to wait till you go back??
11. Go WAKE! LOL!

Anonymous said...

1- yes!! that would be great. you would offend so many if you actually clicked it. hmmmm...LOL

3- Dag Jameil!! I want to know what the item is!

6- Killing bugs with your hands? Fearless one...

7- I had one massage ever and it was great. Try it; just close your eyes and don't think too much :)

Nerd Girl said...

2. Trust me, Lovegirl will be tooting her own horn long after I'm gone. No worries!
3. Spill it! If it's me, I give you permission.
4. Dead at Bambi's antics. That chick is nuts.
6. Lizards don't bother me. Unless I think they are mice.
7. We part ways here.

Unknown said...

#2. You're a mess. Nosy neighbor down the interweb....Love it. Lol

#4. LMAO. I know the stories are just too entertaining and unbelievable. Kind of secretly want Bambi to stick around for awhile too. Lol. Shhhh....Don't tell Mrs TDJ.

#5, I do around my husband all the time not thinking. I know he's got to think I'm such a pig. Lol

#6 UGH!! Someone would have to take me to the hospital if I found a lizard in my house cause I'd be on the verge of dying.

Sparkling Red said...

1. Oh, definitely. So much.

6. I think I would be happy to find a lizard in my house. I'm partial to spiders, so long as they're small.

7. I like massages, but only from a licensed massage therapist. Amateur massages are usually painful or ineffective or both.

SincerelyGo said...

I have days that I hate facebook. Yesterday was one of them. I can't believe you burp loudly enough you had to blog about it. I just cracked up laughing. I can't even imagine that.

I think lizards are so cute. I wouldn't suggest smashing them even for a "floridian" do they really do that?

I wonder if I'll still be blogging when I finally pro-create. Hmmph...

Anywho, good post as always. Later.


Adei von K said...

1. that and a "dislike" option. Let National Unfriend Day begin!

5. yeah, your burping. the opposite of sexy.

6. lizards, cool. lizards in the house and maybe on your neck whilst you're sleeping or in the bathtub while you're showering, NEVER cool!!! EVER! I've skipped out on showering before cause I refused to shower with a lizard. no shame either.

9. i forgot we have DVR. i record nigella. i'm sure it's full cause like I said, I forgot!
what shows do you record?

Anonymous said...

1) If FB had that, I would damn sure use it. LOL!
2) It's the same with bloggers who all of a sudden disappear. I'm like, well damn. Hope you have a good life! You've spared no detail about your life so far, and then you just bounce. RUDE!
4) Thanks for the shout!
9) We broke down and got a second DVR. There are only two of us. #FAIL

Jameil said...

nsa... 2) right!?
3) lol. email sent.
4) so hilarious!!
5) I did it in my office w/the door open Tuesday and was like WHAT'S WRONG W/ME!?!? LOL
6) HA! You Floridians kill me with stuff like that!
10) I kind of like getting rid of the phone so it wasn't too bad. Plus my mom was already planning to be here Tuesday so I survived!

sha... Like girl would you shut up?? LOL

1969... TYVM!!!

pseren... 1) LOLOL
2) Yay!
5) It just happens!
6) Or baby alligators...
7) Might have...

gp... 1) LOL
2) That one I was thinking about because one of my fave mom bloggers up and disappeared after no. 2!
3) LOL! No one who comments on this blog was harmed in the making of this comment!
4) LOLOL! Pleeeease!
5) Shhhhhh
6) Lizards FRIGHTENING, bugs FODDER! Tyme 2 die! (Intentional spelling)
7) Yay!
8) Horrid.
9) I know!! But they just come on so much! there's so much pressure!!
10) She came up for something else and brought it!

J... 1) LOL. And it would be awesome!
3) Sent! Y'all tryin to get me in trouble!!
6) I get it from my daddy.
7) I had one and it was the opposite of great.

nerd... 2) YESSSSSSSSS!! But don't you leave either!
4) NUTS!!
7) Au revoir!

4) AmazinG! I'M TELLIN!
5) HAHAHAHA! Rashan barely notices anymore.

red... 1) LOL
6) WHY!????
7) LOL I bet they are. painfully ineffective.

go... i hate watching people self-destruct via fb. smashing??? i hope no one does that!! GROSS!! I can't imagine I wouldn't blog but anything's possible. THX!

adei... 1) LOL. Never gonna happen. BUT Nat'l UDay? LOVE!!
5) shhhhhh
6) ALL THAT?!!?!? TOO MUCH!!!
9) lolol. nigella, rach's meals in a week show, scrubs, friends, modern family, the dish, say yes to the dress, glee, everyday exotic, throwdown, a different world, how i met your mother and others...

mrs. tdj... 1) LOL
4) YW!
9) WOW! That is serious!