The act of Thanksgiving improved my mood immensely!  I loved it!  Me and my momma DID THAT!!  Our food was delicious and semi-nutritious!  (Ahem, mac & cheese, you know you're at fault for that "semi.")  The vegetarian had a headache so she didn't come.  I hope she feels better but it was seriously stressin me OUT thinking about all the dietary issues at hand!  My mood most certainly improved when I felt less pressure from preparing enough food that she would be able to eat.  Chile we had so many sides I, JAMEIL, almost didn't want the turkey...

Yeah... I said it... TURKEY.  WHY, LAWD, WHY????  Because cornish hens were $2.48/lb. and turkey was less than $.50/lb.  Math.  Math made me eat turkey.  Math sucks.  But actually, I don't mind saying that was one of the most delicious turkeys I've ever eaten.  I took a 7.7 lb. turkey breast and Rachael Ray'ed it.  That thing had not a dry drop in it.  Meat was almost wet!  (Insert joke from "The Office"...)  I have NEVER had a turkey that tasted like that.  No, not even fried for all you fried turkey stans.  Ooh!  Rashan and I are getting a turducken next year!!!  We're already incredibly excited and we're still full from this year!

It's been a while since I did a post like this.  Things have been nuts.  Y'all know how I get when I'm in the thick of it.  Obsessive and at times... unpleasant.  I apologize to those around me.  I hope to be better incredibly soon.

Hey!  Two crazy things happened this holiday.  My sister is apparently allergic to shrimp when touching them.  She was standing over the sink after peeling the shrimp for the bisque, scratching her hands and looking mildly concerned.  I was like, "Your hands are itching?"  Her, nonchalantly, "Yeah."  I look and they're covered in little bumps.  Me, "EW!! You're allergic to shrimp! Stop touching them!"  It's hilarious in retrospect that she was so calm about it and I was so alarmed.  She actually said, "Yes!" when I told her to stop peeling them.  REALLY????  You needed to be told to stop???  Crazy.  Number 2, I'm apparently allergic to something I ate.  I started sneezing and blowing my nose and haven't stopped for at least 3 hours... I'ma need that to get outta my body.  You, sir, are not welcome.  (I just know this allergy is a crotchety little old man... Speaking of little old men.  My mom likes to attribute things to "a lil ole maaaan" with a drawl.  She'll make some outrageous statement about something in her fridge making noise.  I again with shock and awe and alarm say, "LIKE WHAT??"  "I don't know! Probably a lil ole maaaan."  ROTFL!!!  She's so funny.)

Rashan also said I made his birthday great!  Yay!  This despite the fact some loser tapped his bumper at a stop light when he went on a grocery run for us and made him wait for police even though there was no damage!  HUH???  Fix yo life, please.  IT'S BIRTHDAY AND THANKSGIVING TIME!!  NOT TIME WASTING TIME!!  IT'S NEVER TIME WASTING TIME!!  Okay I'm gonna go take some of this excess energy and grade some papers and eat some wait WHAT??  My stomach took over and wrote that.  WE ARE NOT HUNGRY!!!  Straight foolishness.  I'm gonna grade some papers and find some allergy meds, STOMACH.  Jeez.  Also, Rashan just told me BlackEyedPeas for the Super Bowl half-time show and NOW I'M EXCITED!  WHEEEEEEE!   And I love this post from da momma.


Ladynay said...

For some reason I think this post was typed up in a minute flat! LOL

So glad your spirits were lifted and things turned out okay.

LOL@your tummy taking over the post!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Whaat? Turkey? Not you! LOL!
Smart move. When I was shopping I looked at those hens and SMH.
Oh no you too??? with the Turducken. I can't! LOL!

Happy that you are feeling better. Good food, family and friends has a way of doing that.

Kinda Rachel Ray'ed my turkey with the apple flavors it was juicy and deelish!

Sparkling Red said...

A turducken? I'll be counting down the days to hear how that turns out. I suppose you aren't tempted to try Tofurkey.

K. Rock said...

Girl you are all over the place!!

Mac and cheese is the best part of any meal.

Glad you were able to give Rashan a great birthday. Sometimes dudes are so hard to please. And tell him dont work about the minor accident. My bumper gets tapped all the time. (insert joke from "The Office...)

Sha Boogie said...

I totally giggled a little about your sis needing to be told to stop peeling shrimp she was allergic too; why?! lol And you sneezing at the mysterious allergy, what??? Hubby is allergic to most fruit - boring! I love fruit. Boo. We had fried turkey for Thanksgiving, yum in yo' face!

Jameil said...

Lady... LOL not quite but close! And I giggled the whole time! My stomach is so rude!

GP... Those hens are such a mess!! Turducken is about to rock ya world, girl! get ready! i was surprised the apple cider wasn't more aggressive in the gravy but it was mellow and nice. Didn't even notice it.

red... yeaaaaaaaaaaah!! to the turducken excitement. Negative on that tofu thing. If someone makes it with other meat around, I'll try it.

k... lol. it's been a while since i wrote a post like this. they used to all be like this! i'm less and less of a mac & cheese fan the older i get. ROTFL! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!

Sha.... RIGHT!??! GIRL STOP!!! Such a mess that we're GUESSING parsnips. Fruit?? NOOOO! Pass on the frying of the turkey.