Thanksgiving Meal Planner

So technically this probably goes on the food blog but that will be the redux after I cook these items.  My mom and I are tag teaming this meal with some of our favorites and some of Rashan's and some new things.

Cornish hens
Cornbread dressing
Mac and cheese
Jellied cranberry sauce (Rah's fave)
Whole berry cranberry sauce (Mom's fave)
Broccoli-rice casserole
Green beans
Sweet potato pie

Complete and utter deliciousness.  I still haven't read my Rachael Ray Thanksgiving mag but methinks something may come from it!


Not so Anonymous said...

I HATE cornish hens. We used to have them all the dang time when I was growing up. And we'd have them on Thanksgiving and Christmas when there wasn't enough money for a "big" meal. I vowed to never cook them when I became an adult...wait..sounds like I have issues, lol.

Everything else sounds delicious!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Sounds yummy! I swear last night I was reviewing my menu from last year and seeing what to add or take away for this year. We have many of the same things!

Anonymous said...

Cornish hens huh? My mom makes those when it's for a small gathering...will you have to make a mess of them to feed everyone?

Sparkling Red said...


I love that there's going to be two kinds of cran. That's intense!

Nerd Girl said...

LOL @NSA. I love cornish hens but refuse to cook them 'cause the hubby stacks up the little bones and it just looks so...sad. Guess we all have issues!

I don't understand the appeal of oysters. I tried them once, but eh. Do you chew them?

Can't wait to see your pics!

Jameil said...

Y'all are cracking me UP with the cornish hen hate! For real??? I've never had them but seen them on tv and CONFESSION (since y'all are letting loose): I don't like turkey. It's too dry. Yuck. I've since decided we need some sort of soup so expect a parsnip or cauliflower purée.

nsa... THIS IS HILARIOUS!! I love that you took an anti-cornish hens vow!! I couldn't stop thinking about it!

gp... yay! I like to have classics for Thanksgiving with one or two new items.

hnb... We do Thanksgiving small and Christmas big because we usually have several Tgiving invites to eat. No reason for us to have a ton of food at home.

red... lol! and i'm not partial to either. i can take it or leave it.

nerd girl... LOL!!! that is hilarity! i'm doing fried oysters. i should've clarified that. but yes, you chew them. you have to get the right kind of oysters. from certain areas they just taste like water. NOT DELICIOUS. i can't wait to see my pics either! :)