Monday Mindspacing Vol. 77

1) Ad fail: For a limited time get a Le Creuset 6 quart stockpot with any Le Creuset $274.95 purchase.
2) Dear BBC America, Don't show previews for the next Luther when you're showing the replay of this week's. UGH!!!!  That show is the best.  You should absolutely watch it.
3) I now see why people stan for Idris... Carry on.
4) I hate raw cauliflower.  But I'm really starting to love it cooked.  Thanks Rach!
5) I love pumpkin-flavored stuff... but not those pumpkin spice doughnuts.  That layer of glaze kills it for me.  Also, it is confirmed that I am a Krispy Kreme girl and Dunkin Donuts is for people without taste glands.  Glad I grew up trained in the right way.  (And when they are old, they will not depart from it.)
6) Thanksgiving was a rousing success.  I love vegetarians... but not on Thanksgiving... Sorry Liz & Nerd Girl!  I like my greens and green beans with some meat/chicken broth!  My veg homie didn't come and veg-wise?  I think that was for the best.
7) I added roasted carrots and parsnips to my recipes (for that missing vegetarian)... of the 6 people at the table, none of us had ever had parsnips.  And we all liked them!  (Except Rashan... he doesn't count.)  They're like pale, meaty carrots.  Awesomeness! 
8) Because I read blogs on reader, I get confused when y'all talk about your new blog design.  I can't see any of that, kids.  (And sometimes I don't feel like going to look... Also if your design is lame, I feel like I wasted my time bothering to click the link to go look.  Moral: If you're going to re-design, make it good.)
9) I want to re-design my blog but really don't have the patience or the care to be bothered right now.  This design isn't me anymore.  It's also been a while since I changed the name so it's about time for that, too.  I know it confuses some of you and I understand that but I get bored.  You'll get re-used to it... and then I'll change it again.
10) Rashan watched every episode "Friends" WHEN THEY AIRED.  For real???  Gimme your card.
11) I can never complain about new fb because the second I see it I forget any distinguishing features of old fb.  LOLOL!  I seriously can't be bothered to remember every technological change when they come 17xs a week.
12) Speaking of stupidly frequent updates... ITUNES.  Are you serious?  I don't need a new version weekly.  Quarterly is just fine.  And honestly, at this point, I would be delighted with monthly.  Keep v.3.8.9.
13) You'll be delighted to learn I got into a rhythm writing my 20-page paper.  Once it started flowing, it didn't stop.  I had to stop myself to work on other stuff.  AND I got an extension.  HALLELUJAH!!  I'm more than halfway there!  If the rest of it flows like this?  Golden.  Not a chance of a problem.  Wheeeee!  


Sha Boogie said...

Dunkin Donuts is such a northeaster thing, I don't care for it to much either.. their coffee is weak and the donuts are mediocre at best. We had 3 krispy kreme's in MA about 5-7 years ago.. now we have ONE. What is wrong with these people?! They didn't appreciate the deliciousness. *enter sad face here*

K. Rock said...

1. Indeed!
2. I have been trying to see this show. I have BBC America but they start at ep 3. I need to see the first two!!! I heard it was good though.
4. I love cauli but I dont eat it raw...ever.
7. I can't say that I have ever had a parsnip.
8. Ha!! If someone says they have a new blog design I will definitely pop over and see it.
9. Come on! Lets see the new Jameil (in blog design form).
13. Ride that rhythm all the way to the end of the semester. It's almost over.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. The hell???
2. New show alert!
3. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I STAN! Yummy chocolately goodness!
4. Raw or cooked Ewww!#FAIL!
5. I like pumpkin flavored stuff too. I think I don't like donuts anymore KK or DD. I associate them with this horrible job I had and they brought in donuts frequently. Imagine a sugar high somewhere you HATE!
6. Yaaay!!!!
9. I'm due for a blog name change myself!
10. I LOVE friends, and I watch/ed every re-run.
13. Oddly, I'm delighted for you! Thank God for extensions.

SincerelyGo said...

I love the pumpkin spice latte from the coffee bean, but Ive never had a pumpkin flavored doughnut but that doesnt sound like something I would like anyways.

Yeah I tend to outgrow my designs fast and change them with little warning.

I thought abt changing my blog name considering nothing about my life is simple.

I prefer not to cook for picky eaters or vegetarians> If they have all those restrictions they are going to have to eat at home.


Anonymous said...

2) Ah...Idris! Give me a minute to sigh and drool. Ok, I'm back. Yep, Luther is on my DVR. Love it so far. Happy that the BBC decided to pick it up for a whole season.

5) I had the KK pumpkin doughnut last night. It was ok. Not good enough for me to have another.

7) Love parsnips, but I never ever cook them. Don't know why.

10) I've never watched an entire episode of that show. It just never appealed to me.

13) I hope your paper keeps flowing as freely as it has been.

Not so Anonymous said...

3. Yes goodness.
4. Who eats raw cauliflower...I've never heard of that. I just tried cauliflower this year and I like!
5. DD sucks...they're donuts all taste old and dry.
6. Greens with a little smoked hamhocks = success...yum.
9. All of your changes better be good, or we're (all of us) going to blast you...that's right - pressure.
10. LOL
13. Good Luck on maintaining the flow

Naima said...

#5: Pumpkin flavored stuff makes my life happy. And I'm with you on Krispy Kreme! I wasn't introduced to them until college (we didn't have any locations in SoFla when I was younger) and I haven't looked back!!
#6: Yay! Go meat!!
#10: Bwahahahahahahaha!! He should have never told anyone that.
#11: Agreed.
#12: Agreed! They're doing too much with these updates.
#13: Go you! *cheerleader kick*

Sparkling Red said...

4) Absolutely. My mom used to make a casserole that included cauliflower, hardboiled eggs, asparagus, and white sauce. Yum!

12) Yeah, they're crazy with the updates. It's a little much.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. While you joking.. with their prices, that stockpot might cost $139.99
2. Yeah, that messed me up during the 5th episode. I already knew the ending b/c of it.
3. He was really good in "The Wire" although the rampant profanity might turn you off.
4. IDK if I like cauliflower or not. Have you ever cooked it when I was around?
5. Those doughnuts might as well just been sugar flavored. Couldn't really taste any pumpkin.
6. You did a GREAT job putting that together!!!
7. I do count. And I liked the carrots, but the parsnip texture was weird to me.
8. As many blogs as I used to read, I never put them in the reader. Quit talking bout people's hard work with the templates. That takes forever.
9. May I suggest "Jameilionte's Ghetto Adventures" as a title, and a big picture of Silkk The Shocker holding a wad of cash in the background???
10. Is this a Black thing? Or an old thing? LOL You watch them now, so can I have your card too?
11. First thing I ever thought to complain about was the little font. Now I don't even notice it either.
12. Doing way too much. My illegal downloading site does the same thing...except they don't even have a button that says don't ask me anymore.
13. WHOO HOO!! Get it, baby!

1969 said...

What's up Homie? I am stopping by to make sure you will be watching the Fashion Show tonight and TOP CHEF on Thursday. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "Friends". Mine was Seinfeld. My roommates would shake their heads every time they saw me watching it.

Nerd Girl said...

3. Yes ma'am!
4. Love it cooked, definitely not raw. Same for broccoli.
5. Blech to the KK donuts. I like my donuts firm. KK are too soft and sweet. For me.
6. I'm not a vegetarian. I just don't eat beef or pork. I use a smoked turkey wing in my greens.
10. Yeah, I'm not sure how he'll get it back after that revelation!
13. Good job!

Jameil said...

sha... so gross! KK is theeeee best! i feel for you! they closed the one in Pittsburgh near my house before I left. HURT!!

k... 2) fail! that show is quite good!
4) raw is gross!
7) give it a shot!
8) Me too!
9) We'll see...
13) I will!

gp... 1) i can't.
2) Yep! Well it's over now so not as new...
3) Lol. I'm not quite there but I get it.
4) How can you not like cooked? You must not have had it cooked properly before.
5) I would hurt someone for ruining KKs for me!!! HURT!!!
8) *innocent face*
9) I love blog name changes.
10) I watch all the re-runs but rarely watched in real time.
13) Yay!!! Not odd at all!!

go... lattes? LOVE! the doughnuts are not good. straight sugar. no nuance. i like the sleekness your blog always has. Dead @ eat at home! Awful!

mrs. tdj... 2) welcome back! & me too!!
5) agreed.
7) fix that!
10) you have to get past a few eps and watch it w/someone familiar to get all of the jokes that build on each other.
13) thanks! :)

nsa... 3) lol
4) it's always in crudite platters!
5) WORD!
6) my mom does turkey necks now. grew up on bacon or ham hocks.
9) i'm scared! not!
13) thanks!

nai... 5) YASSSSSS!!
6) lol
10) EVER!
12) Make it stop!!
13) thanks! :)

red... 4) I don't think I'd cook that but I'd sure try it!
12) it's ridiculous!

rj... 1) something like that...
2) FAIL!
3) I'm sure. And murder.
4) I don't think so. Coming up this week!
5) for real.
6) Awww! Thanks love!
7) You do? Hmmmm. So next parsnips creation for you will be a soup so it'll be pureed.
8) Reader took off after you quit, quitter. Templates take a short amount of time.
9) Get out.
10) Black. And male. I didn't watch from beginning to end. I get to keep my card.
11) LOL
13) :)

1969... Pass on FS but TC?? ALL DAY!!!


NG... 3) lol
4) Yep!
5) FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!
6) Phew!
10) He won't!!
13) Thanks!