Thinking Thanksgiving!

I'm so excited about Thanksgiving!  I can't wait to eat yummy food and cook it and spend time with my mom and my Rashan and my sister.  If I could get Stace up here, it would be the perfect Thanksgiving!  I love having all of my favorite people in one place.  Preferably all at arms reach.  You didn't know I was spoiled?  I'm SO spoiled!!  It's great.  I've been planning my menu for weeks.  That part is Aretha's fault.  She's been planning hers for MONTHS.  Yeah... ol psycho self!  Lol.

Okay it's raining really hard right now as I write this at 1:30 in the morning.  It's crazy.  I don't feel like focusing.  I'm trying to clear off the DVR and I saw this shiny gold glitter nail polish by OPISephora.  I tested it out on my thumb nails and I adore it!  I am looking for any excuse to buy... not it but a cheaper version of it.  The glitter is in assorted sizes and so cute!  it almost looks like paint splotches.  So cool!  My friend suggested WetNWild.... Honey... that is NO sub for OPI.  And it's really not okay for you to suggest it.  I'm a SallyHansen girl myself.  Cheap but effective!

I went a little crazy on makeup the other day.  The ELF makeup array?  HORRID.  It DOES.NOT show up on even moderately dark skin.  Seriously?  Who does that work for?  The colors look incredibly vibrant in the palette... and they're NOT.  Fail.  And I want my money back.

Dear Life, Can I get back to cooking?  And learn to say no when people ask me to hang out?  Please?  Love, Jameil

I need furniture.

I want some chicken...


Not so Anonymous said...

Menu planning is serious business that requires months in preparation, thank you very much, lol.

I can't, for the life of me, paint my own nails...it's terrible. Because the $7 I pay for a polish could def go toward a nice bottle.

Ladynay said...

I never cook Turkey Day din din so I never have to plan! Yay me!

Saying no is easy. Once you get the hang of it you will have time to cook chicken and look at furniture :-)

Mrs Count said...

I'm excited about Thanksgiving too! I don't even know where we're going because my family will be out of town. Christmas is family time, Thanksgiving is all about food for me.

I thought I saw some darker skinned women use the elf makeup. Perhaps not.

I need a house. And then I need furniture.

I want a donut.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Thanksgiving at your place is no joke!! I checked your cooking blog and everything looks so good!

Nerd Girl said...

Menu planning...what a unique - and foreign - concept!

Thank you. I have been eyeing that elf display at Tarjhay. I will continue to walk on by.

That nail polish is cute. I love OPI.

pserendipity said...

I don't know what the elf makeup is. Like a Christmas elf? Why would anyone want to do that?

Hurry up, get your menu together, and post it. I wanna have what you're having!!! I have to cook this year, and the only thing I know is that I'm gonna redeem my banana pudding mishap from last year. I've been practicing ALL year, and on TGDay, it's ON!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I am so into Thanksgiving right now! I want the traditional with a spin on it! Can't wait to see what you post!

OMGeeeeeeee! That polish has been in my checkout box for months! Loves it!

Maybe the e.l.f. selection at Tarjay is not good but they have some stuff on their site that's aiight!(eyeslipsface.com)I use their makeup brushes for touch ups on the go, so if I lose one I won't DIE! like I would if I lost a MAC or BobbyBrown or Bare Escentials brush. Yes it's a sickness #don't judge me! LOL!

I know it's hard but once you learn the art of No! It gets easier everytime! Take it from someone who used to try to be everything to everybody! It's exhausting!

Jameil said...

i phrased that improperly. i know how to say no. sometimes i don't want to b/c i don't like hurting people's feelings.

nsa... lol so you say! you can't paint your own nails?? i though you had to learn that to leave middle school! i know i wasn't allowed to leave w/o knowing that!!

lady... you gotta grow up and holiday cook, shawty! i have school & work-related responsibilities and sometimes i want to do non-work & school related stuff which means.... doing stuff sometimes... it's actually some of the stuff i can't get out of that's more annoying than that stuff.

mrs. c... thanksgiving is all about food for me, too. we usually do thanksgiving with one of our fams and Christmas with the other. IDK about others but it didn't work for me. I just need furniture. Mmmm doughnuts.

janeen... Oh yeah! :) thanks!

nerd... lol. get it together! You are welcome! Never got the OPI deal until that one! Love it!

pseren... EyesLipsFace. LOL @ you practicing all year. Thanksgiving meal post forthcoming!

gp... Thanksgiving is the bomb! Buy that polish and send it to me! :)) I bought a brush and some bronzer I like. JUDGING YOU FOR YOUR SICKNESS!! I'm definitely not trying to be everything to everybody but I'm trying to have some sort of fun. Turns out the fun is more likely to kill me than the rest of it.

Adei von K said...

Oooooh, we have to spend a holiday together sometime next year! The kitchen and our guests won't know what hit them!!

Are you going to share the menu???? I want to know I can do it down here!

Yeah, Sally Hansen makes good reasonably priced polish. Wet n Wild is what i used in elementary school when I was obsessed with polish and used to do my nails on the school bus home. And in middle school, someone gave me a whole Caboodles filled with nail polish! Annnnnnd in high school, I'd peel off my nail polish on the bus so they can be ready to be painted when I got home. OBSESS MUCH?

you want some chicken... watermelon, too?

Liz Dwyer said...

Yum! I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Only a little more than three weeks away, and yes, the ELF stuff for darker skin tones leaves a LOT to be desired. I complained about that to them and they said they're developing more colors, but I don't think they developed them yet.

Jameil said...

Adei... #oledoit! There's some very popular demand for that menu! Man! Will post soon! I was obsessed with nail polish from middle school thru soph. yr. in college. Freshman and pt of soph yr I changed my polish DAILY. Yeah... Wet N Wild just sounds like a grown woman shouldn't own it. Sooo... I'm not allowed to like chicken?