Monday Mindspacing Vol. 70

1) Rashan hates that I listen to the intro to "A Different World" every single time the show comes on even if it's been recorded.  What?  I like the intro.  I do the same thing with "30 Rock."  That intro is brilliant!
2) Please don't ever type "Happy Birthday."  Why would you end a joyous declaration with a period?  It's so final.  Like this is yo LAST birthday.  Enjoy.  Sucka.
3) Tweet of the week goes to Tim Siedell, "Full of peace and calm this morning. Googled my symptoms and found out I died in my sleep."  LOLOL!  I convinced myself I had a torn rotator cuff the other week!  All because of the Google!
4) I want to get Rashan a JustinBieber calendar for Christmas.
5) My fave roomie is nuts!  She called to ask for my blog address then went back to comment on 6 or 7 posts....... lol
6) Why am I so popular?
7) Why did I have a student contact me during fall break, less than 24 hours after the mid-term, to ask when I would be posting the grades?  Girl, go play!!
8) I feel good about my mid-term because I gave them a list of things I would ask about and didn't stray from that.  They didn't all get the same questions wrong so I know the things they missed weren't my fault!  Yippee!!!
9) There's nothing worse than giving a disgruntled baby mama a facebook page.  Wait.  A CURRENTLY PREGNANT disgruntled baby mama....
10) I'm in the midst of a situation requiring tact (not number 9... lolol) and I really don't feel like having tact... at all.
11) I'm tired of being a student.  My last class ends April 27th.  6 months (not including the fact that I'm off December 10th- January 12th).  I can do it.  And I know it'll pass in the blink of an eye.
12) It's weird to not be making plans to go home for Christmas break...  I have an apartment, I'm already an hour and a half from home, I've seen my mom more in the last 2 months than I ever have during a school semester.  Hmm...


Anonymous said...

ok, you got me singing the different world song right now. (love it)

Happy Birthday should always end with an exclamation mark. It should after all, be an exclamation!

And speaking of google. My doctor has asked me to stay off of the computer when I feel like something is wrong with me. I tend to get all fussy and worried for nothing after searching symptoms. :/

K. Rock said...

1.I do love that song too. Does he hate the earlier one with the harmonica (love it) or the later more hyped up one (love that one too)?
2. I do agree that a differnt tone is implied without a (!). I had to scold a FB friend for sending me an un-(!) birthday greeting.
3. Hilarious.
5. That's bloggy love girl!
6. I ask myslef that all the time (in my dreams!)
7. You can't play comfortably until you know those grades. To all your students...nag away!
10. Tact is overrated.
11. You're almost done. Hang in there.

Adei von K said...

2. OMG, I can't stand when people don't exclaim happy birthday!!!! If you can use a period, you can use an exclamation point!!!!

3. that tweet... HUH-LARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO IS THIS TIM SIEDELL!?!?!? HAHAHAHA!

7. Awww, is that the same chick who had 10 pages of notes for the current events quiz? I'm sure it is.

9. ooooh, baby mama's on FB is not awesome.

Ladynay said...

1. Never seen 30 Rock
2. Never noticed that till today but you're right. Happy Birthday should have an exclamation point.
4. Por Que? Does he hate JB?
6. Because you come across as a chick you want to know
7. Because she has a type A school personality. She can't help it. As soon as you post it she will plug it into an equation to guesstimate what she needs to make on the remaining work/tests/exams to make the grade she wants. Not like I know anything about that! LOL!
8. YAY

Sparkling Red said...

1) I love the show "The L Word" but I can't stand the intro music on Seasons 2 and 3 (haven't started on 4 yet). It makes me wanna hurl. Got to fast-forward that DVD ASAP!
2) LOL Indeed, well put.
3) That's classic!
4) Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I love theme songs and usually hate when they change them. I prefer the first DW theme with Pheobe Snow and not the tricked out later version. I've gotten used to it, but no love. One of my favorite shows, Weeds, seems to change their theme show every season. No beuno!

Punctuation is KEY! *lol* Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where Elaine broke up with the guy because he took a phone message about a friend having a new baby and didn't use any exclamation points? "What kind of person DOES that?" Hilarious!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I can't stand any incarnation of the song, but the 1st year and Aretha Franklins are the worst. The BoyzIIMen is the best, but still intolerable.
2. It's like saying "nobody cares about your birthday."
3. LOL - good one
4. Why? I don't have an extreme hate for him? It would just be odd.
5. At least she didn't call you about what you wrote like with some people I used to let read my blog.
6. Because people like being abused
7. You better than me, b/c she wouldn't got a response from me.
8. Glad that went well!
9. A bipolar currently pregnant disgruntled baby mama
10 Let it all out!!! Blast them (unless it's me)
11. Soon, my dear. Soon
12. Sounds like you need to take a trip somewhere else far.

Mrs Count said...

1. I do that with the Golden Girls theme song and I have to sing it every single time. #longliveBetty
3. Google kills me at least once a month.
12. Don't forget to take your kitchen table with you wherever you decide to go for Christmas (why do I still find that funny?)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. *sings* I know my parents love me stand behind me come what may... LOL!
2. Hmm I never thought about the finality of a period. Interesting!
3. Bwhahahahahahahaha Oh Gawd WHY????
4.O_O then he'll catch Bieber Fever I heard it's contagious!!!
7. She wanna KNOW!
8. Good job Teach!
9.Oh poor her! I can just imagine her FB wall.
10. Oh you can do it!
11.blink blink LOL!
12. Awww what a dilemna! You can still visit a lot spend the night etc.
This is pretty presumptive, but could you comment on MMV69. Thanks! I know I was late but dang LOL!

FaveRoomie said...

5.LOL! BC I had stuff to say! I was too busy with your niece to read it before, but now I have time!
7. She NEEDS to know,so hurry up!
9. How about people with Facebook pages that can't spell? So everytime you read their status, you have to decipher what the hell they were really trying to say?! FYI: A pet peeve of mine; It's (person) and me, not (person) and I when labeling a caption under a picture. That drives me INSANE!
10. When did you ever have tact?! Oh wait, that's me!

Jameil said...

real talk... saaaang girl! lol. i mean, COME ON!!! ol dry happy birthday! keep that. for real.

lolol @ your doctor!!! hilarity!

k... 1) his answer is above. lolol i love them all.
2) LOL!! scold them!!
5) Lol or straight up crazy!
6) LOL!
7) No ma'am. I'm on MY timetable. Not yours.
10) For real.
11) I know... UGH!

adei... 2) EXACTLY!!
3) LOL! IDK I saw it when I signed out the other day and it was scrolling.
7) No comment...
9) Ugh.

Lady... 1) Fix thine life
4) Lol. See his answer but I just thought it would be funny.
6) True! Lol
7) LE SIGH!!!

red... 1) LOL!
2) Merci!
3) right!?
4) I'm on it!

mrs. tdj... LOL! Every season?? that's so odd! Rashan said the 3rd season there were differences for every show!? That might drive me batty.

DEAD! I haven't seen that ep. b/c I'm not much of a Seinfeld-watcher but every once in a while it makes me roll!

rj... 1) LOL! HATE! I'd forgotten abt the BIIM one!
2) Exactly!
4) I know! That's exactly why!
5) Awkward... but she's done that before, too! Looking up old posts about "fave roomie" and talking to me abt them tho I forgot what I wrote.
6) Present co. #1 on that list, then if that's the case.
7) Of course I'm better than you. Everyone knows that.
8) Me too!
9) Stop.
10) It's not you and I'm not letting it out. That would be the opposite of tact.
11) Sigh.
12) I really do.

MrsC... 1) LOL! ME TOO!!! (For Different World). I even do the moves!

GP... 1) yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! *sing along*
2) Horrid.
3) Lololol
4) It is! We were warned by 1969's oldest! Don't look him in the eye!
6) Lies told on blogger.
7) No.
8) thanks!
9) A hot mess. AND MORE THAN ONE.
10) Ugh
11) Didn't work
12) But... not sure that's what I need. It's just weird.
Answered oh late one!

faveroomie... 5) So crazy.
7) Yeah... no.
9) LOL. Such a mess.
10) Sure is you!

Not so Anonymous said...

2. LOL...who would even think that's what the period means on that phrase, LOl..you're so funny

6. Cause you're so cool
7. I was that kind of student...you know how it is to be anxious about a grade. Don't be the teacher that posts on the final day..no one likes that teacher, Jameil, lol.
9. Hot mess!
11. Yay...that's so soon! I'm so excited for you!

Go said...

Girl go play huh so that's how you feel. LOL that's hilarious. I'm not going home for the Holidays I don't think. Hell I don't even know where I'll be staying come December. Hoping to land something in San Diego so I can go ahead and get my old ass back in school.

Monday Mindspacing is the bomb. I regret the day I ever let my old roomie know about me online in any shape or form. Good luck with that.