Movies 2010, Weeks 39 & 40

October 10-16, 2010
191) Godfather II.  I know, I know.  You can't believe I'd never seen it.  Really good movie!  4.1 stars

October 17-23, 2010
I really wonder how many movies I'll watch this year at this rate but who has time to watch movies?  A lot of people, I'm sure but if I'm ever going to watch tv or leave the house or cook, not me.
192) Summer Stock. Judy Garland and Gene Kelly's last film together about a theater troupe that arrives at a farm to practice for a play.  Weak start, decent middle, kind of odd abrupt end.  I liked hearing "Get Happy."  3.6 stars
193) City Island.  Indie film about a family full of secrets.  Quite amusing with some good acting on multiple fronts.  The end had some dissatisfaction, but mostly I liked it.  4 stars
194) In the Loop.  Amusing British satire about the start of a war.  Silly and ridiculous but in a smart way.  3.8 stars
195) No End in Sight.  Documentary about the botching of the reconstruction of Iraq .  Y'all know I have a sensitive propaganda meter and read a lot anyway so I didn't feel like this covered any new ground and it made the "opposition" look foolish or evil.  That's always annoying to me.  It also felt repetitive.  It would make a point, then continue to make that point some more.  Why?  3 stars


Go said...

Can you suggest some good horror films or books that you know of. I'm ready to curl up on the couch with either for the last week of October.



Nerd Girl said...

I tried to channel you and watch old movies this weekend - A Streetcar Named Desire was on. I just couldn't handle it. Way too overly dramatic for me.

I don't think I've ever seen GFII myself - though I thoroughly enjoyed I.