Monday Mindspacing Vol. 71

1) Last Monday: I have reached the, "This sucks portion of the semester."  I hate everything right now.  This Monday: EVERYTHING doesn't suck... but some things do... a lot.
2) Post of the week: What's in the freezer?  Probably not for the faint of heart.
3) Tevrow & Chase ... found the brand on a fashion blog and now want to marry it....  It was from this post.  LOOK AT THAT SKIRT!!!  And included the best phrase ever (she was working in the church nursery unexpectedly): They may just be toddlers but it's not too early for them to learn about fabulous.  Indeed.
4) Guess who got engaged last weekend??? My bff Adei!!  Yay!!!  Everybody congratulate her!!
5) Is it bad that I very soon afterward started wondering what I'll be wearing to her wedding? LOL
6) The Record Dish would be growing cobwebs if not for Stace finally posting over there.  I have two computers right now and to keep myself from going nuts I do the majority of stuff on the work computer and end up doing almost everything here.  But I put pics on The Record Dish which requires me to use my personal computer.  Too much hassle and I never get around to it.  I'm at least 3 recipes and 3 outfit posts behind.  Oops.  I have posts scheduled for the week, though!
7) My friends retweet an ex and it makes me SO glad we parted ways.  It was a toxic relationship and he has NOT evolved.  If he has, he hasn't evolved enough.
8) I hate when people misuse the word "well."  "What would look well."  You mean good.
9) Can someone make it possible for me to cook more?  Please??  Thanks.
10) I need to start researching my paper due in a few weeks.  Let me get that together.  Mk?  :)
11) I've seen so many episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" in the last two weeks that I don't know if I need to see another.  I will... but I won't like it... all.
12) There's also NOT A CHANCE my future husband will see me in my dress before I walk down the aisle on our wedding day.  Roll out.


Not so Anonymous said...

3. I can't see her pics...I love a cute skirt :(
4. Congrats to Jameil's BFF! That's awesome!
5. That's not bad at all, but um...is that going to be your decision or hers.
9. Time Genie, please give Jameil more time to cook..there, expect to cook more this week, lol.
11. I love that show, but I don't really know why. I love most wedding related shows, for no real reason.
12. I agree. However, it seems like many people I know get their wedding photos done before the ceremony...It totally erases the wow factor.

Anonymous said...

That placenta thing was just strange. Planting a tree with it? Really? wow
Where can the Record Dish be found? I'm curious to see. Assuming its open to everyone :)

I agree about the wedding dress. It makes no sense to me why those women bring the fiance.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, I changed my blog URL in case you were interested. stop by anytime :)


K. Rock said...

2. You haven't had that? Placenta with tomatoes and onions is killer. You should try it with yours.
4. Mad congrats to your friend on her pending hitchment.
6. Yeah you need to hop right on over there. Quit making excuses cuz I want updates!
11. I love that show. It makes me all starry eyed.

Anonymous said...

2) I'm scared to click after reading the comments of others. Maybe tomorrow.

4) Congrats Adei!

8) Ugh, so many grammar issues and so little time!

11) I usually like all things wedding related, but for reason, I'm really digging this one.

12) Nope, I didn't either. Nor did I see him in his tux because I wanted to be just as surprised as he was. It's a moment I'll never forget.

Adei von K said...

3. that is an AWESOME quote!! get them toddlers RIGHT!


5. I was thinking about what you guys will be wearing to the wedding too!! HAHAHAHA! RUFFLES for Jam!

6. why do you have two computers?

7. yeah, he showed out today *eye roll*. He hasn't grown notta bit. I think he got worse cause he "can".

12. i so don't understand the fiance' at the dress shopping thing... i don't get it at all!

Sparkling Red said...

I find Say Yes to the Dress does get a tad repetitive. My friend who got married on Saturday had three dresses, believe it or not. One to walk down the aisle in, one she changed into for the First Dance, and a third that I didn't see on the wedding day, so maybe it only made an appearance in the formal photo shoot. Good for her! Why not? It's better than getting married three different times!

Anonymous said...

I don't have cable, so I can only see Say Yes To The Dress when I stay at hotels. And girl, there was a marathon on one night and I stayed up ALL night watching them crazy ladies, lol! Couldn't get enough!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

3. That skirt is fierce!
4. Yaaaay! Adei!
5. Absolutely not! Thoughts of a true fashionista! LOL!
12. I agree completely!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I'll take somethings sucking over all things sucking. i think i'm at the point where you were last week.
2. Eeesh... you want a placenta omelette? We can have it with a bone marrow smoothie!
3. That skirt looks like you.
4. I wont congratulate her. I already did. You can't make me do it again.
5. Sounds about right. I say orange and green FAMU bridesmaids dress will work perfectly.
6. You like you little Thinkpad now? I was surprised that you use it so much
7. I couldn't imagine any of my exes on twitter. The posts would probably make me sick.
8. They think it makes them sound intelligent, when it actually does the opposite
9. Fwding this request to MahJongg. LOL
10. Git R Done
11. I actually don't hate it anymore, but it does seem like overkill
12I don't wanna see my future wife in her dress before the wedding

Jameil said...

nsa... 3) it's sooo cute!
4) yay stace!
5) She's picking and her first choice = GORGEOUS!! I can't wait!
9) Thanks!! :)
11) They're pretty captivating but I've made up for at least 50 missed episodes in the last 2 weeks.
12) The male/female halves of the party I get but the whole thing??? No way.

Janeen... LOL. I've heard of that before. I'm cool with planting a tree with it. You have to be careful when you have pets tho. I was way more shocked by her mom pulling it out and thinking about cooking with it! Come on over! http://therecorddish.blogspot.com/

k... 2) DEAD! Lol
4) Yay!
6) Updates! Copious updates!
11) Lol. I'm in overload mode right now.

mrstdj... 2) click! click!
4) Yay!
8) Seriously.
11) Lol. It's so addicting.
12) Cute! I don't really need a tux surprise. I won't mind it but I don't need it.

Adei... 3) Train em up EARLY!
5) Long as it's fly!
6) One they gave me for work, and the one I already own for school.
7) HORR.I.BLE. And because people still take that trash.
12) Not a chance! But I could see Drew wanting to go with you.

red... So repetitive! There's a girl on the show who had 3! That's way too many for me! I want one awesome one! But I also plan on having a ton of events to wear pretty dresses to! But yes, WAY better than 3 marriages!

hnb... ROTFL!!!!! I love it!

gp... 3) RIGHT?!?!
4) YAY!!!
12) Word.

rj... 1) :(
2) MMMM. I do want some bone marrow something, tho.
3) yay! so me!
4) DO IT!
6) It'll do. It's just too hard to go back and forth. I forgot things when I was going back and forth. Really annoying.
7) Yeah... not awesome.
8) Exactly.
10) I'm on it.
11) It's so cute that you don't hate it anymore.
12) I know that's right!

AR Gal said...

I just bookmarked the fashion blog you linked. She's giving me some ideas.