Monday Mindspacing Vol. 69

1) How do chefs look so collected when chopping onions on tv?  I am RARELY (see: maybe twice in my whole cooking life) without tears and sometimes I have tears and snot to fill the Seine.  You're welcome for that visual.  Delicious ain't it?
2) Why do I think in such vulgarities now?  it's the fact that everyone in my whole life curses up and down a blue, red and yellow streak.
3) Don't ask me to do nothin between 3pm Friday and 11am Sunday.  Not one single thing.  I got sick sometimes between Wednesday and Thursday but had a full day Thursday.  I was on campus for 12 full hours.  NOT FUN.  I got home and refused to leave when I woke up feeling worse Friday.  So 9pm Thursday to 11am Sunday = mine. :P
4) I don't ever want to smell another cigarette.  Ever.
5) Can I have Project Runway babies?  I will name them Michael Kors, Heidi, Nina Garcia, Christian Siriano and Mondo.  They will design, critique and model for me.
6) Please make people stop saying "Sorry for your lost."  I can't take you seriously when you don't speak properly.  Yep, I'm a cold-hearted snake.
7) I think it's been long enough. Pandora can stop calling itself a "new form of radio."
8) I pulled out the Christmas music this week!  Yep!  Show did!  Lolol
9) Facebook post of the week: "Why are you at Disney on Ice eating cotton candy, wearing Toy Story hats, buying up souveniers, and getting all excited if you ain't got no ---- kids with you?"  LOLOLOL
10) Guess who's giving her first mid-term this week???  That'd be me!  Can't wait!  I think they'll do well.  I'm doing a review tomorrow.


Nerd Girl said...

1. I have wondered the exact same thing!
4. One day I'mma find a way to take and post pictures of all the smoking patients who smoke on the front lawn of the hospital. In various states of dress. Or undress.
5. Please don't name your baby Mondo. Carry on....
8. Whyyyyyyyy???

1969 said...

I love random posts!

I wish Mondo and Christian became friends and did a Mean Girls style movie.

Adei von K said...

They put the onions in the freezer first. You knew that!

Ooooh, I want an Austin Scarlett daughter and Santino son! They can be friends with Mondo and Christian!! LOLOL!

Sorry for your lost, bout to loose my mind, valentimes... things that will get you removed from my friend list on FB.

Ooooh, midterm! Get it, Teach!! How does it feel to be on the other side of one?!?!

Anonymous said...

6) Ugh, one the many, many things that people say incorrectly that irritates the crap outta me.

8) Blasphemy!! *lol* I love Xmas music but I absolutely refuse to play it before having turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. they use fake onions. them onions is digital
2. IDK, but I be holding all my vulgarities in until you aren't around, so finally something that's not my fault.
3.Hey, can you pick me up from the airport Friday at 4? Then take me to the skating rink on Saturday, and then help me move some furniture on Sunday?
4. Seems like everybody in NC smokes. I was about to slap the cigarette outta that lady's hand that was pushing the stroller.
5. No
6. Don't forget "loose my breathe"
8. Your incredibly specific Christmas Pandora stations amuse me.
9. I'm just saying.. sometimes you feel the need to be a kid again.
10. Good luck with it. I'd offer to take it to see how hard it is, but all I know about Journalism comes from 1930's movies where everybody smoked, wore fedoras and talked way too quickly for normal conversation.

K. Rock said...

1. I have never thought about that.
4. I guess those neighbors really have a good hold to you. I could really see that getting on my nerves too.
6. Wow. Never heard that particular misuse before.

Sparkling Red said...

OK, it's been a while since the sleep paralysis epiphany. Prepare to have your life changed by SR (yours truly) once again. This sounds (and looks) weird, but I swear it works: before you chop an onion, take an approximately 3/4" cube of bread (no crust) and stuff it between your upper lip and upper teeth/gum right at the front, under your nose. It stops you from crying. Darned if I know why!

Liz Dwyer said...

I wonder that about the onions too! But I think it's because they use that trick of cutting the bottom out of the onion. That way it doesn't sting as much.

Already the Christmas music? LOL!

Jameil said...

nerd girl... 1) yay!! lol. adei knows! (stankly)
4) do it!!
5) what!?!? why not??
8) again, why not? :)

1969... me too! that would be the best movie EVERRRRR!!

adei... i didn't remember. obviously.
our children will be wonderful friends! valentimes is the best! LOL since i'm on both sides on thursdays, exceptionally odd. lol. they're learning a lot and it's really cool! :)

mrs.tdj... 6) the worst!!
8) lolol. not me! my mom loves it as much and instilled it in me! i can't stay mad when it's on! i turn it on in april or july sometimes but only for half an hour or so, maybe a few songs.

rj... 1) mmm digital onions.
3) no.
4) sooo nasty
5) not your decision.
6) hot mess horrible.
7) ...
8) lol! they're not that specific! i just want Christmas music con sabor! no wack Christmas music!
9) that poster is a hater! lolol
10) lololol. i think you should take it anyway.

k rock... 1) lol
4) it's insidious. i'm sitting here chillin then all of a sudden i'm suffocating under an invisible cloud. it's awful.
6) i hear it sooo frequently on fb!!
9) so wrong! lol

red... that is so odd... idk if i'll be trying that one. lolol

liz... adei believes she has the answer! ALREADY!! Jingle bells!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss Monday Mindspacing??????

1. Ewwwww! the visual?? Ewww!
2. Man we talked about this one I'm surrounded by cursing! Help!
3. I hear you!
4.OH Gawd!!!! Have you talked to anyone yet?
5. I am in love with Christian Siriano and Michael Kors!!! Have you seen Heidi Klum for New Balance?? Nice!
6. Who says that????? Lost?? I can't! Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!
8. It is TOO early! It's still hot! Stop it this minute! So it's you speeding up the universe! LOL!
9. To the FB hater! Don't hate! I like Disney and since I can't to the LAND or the WORLD this is the next best thing! Thank you!
10. Please Hammer I hope you didn't hurt em! LOL!

Jameil said...

Dear late GP...

You missed it b/c you're slacking!!
1) You no likey?
2) I don't know how!
3) I got away with it! Yay!!
4) NO!!! UGH!!!
5) <3 THEM!! Not so much w/Heidi's line. I don't see the point of any of it. Where would I wear that? My clothing most decidedly does NOT fall into the active wear category.
6) It wears.me.OUT!!
10) I didn't! lol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You crack me up everytime! That's what good gangs do. Have each others back! Thanks! Bwhahahaha!