Monday Mindspacing Vol. 68

1) When it's rainy for 2 days... I don't feel gloomy or depressed... because I've survived YEARS of that in Pittsburgh.  I know MONTHS of sunless skies.  Outside of Pittsburgh?  I know it'll be sunny and beautiful in a few minutes by comparison.  Lol.  I sound noncommittal and vaguely disinterested when people mention it to me... because I am.
2) Google instant isn't fast enough to me.  I'm so serious, too.
3) I LOVE NEW TWITTER!!  Can you make people stop automatically hating things just b/c they're new?  I was immediately drawn to the sleekness of the new look.  Please find a real reason not to like something.  "It's not like it used to be" is not enough.  P.S. I seriously cannot explain twitter to people who don't get it because I don't "get" what they don't "get."
4) When I'm creating my PowerPoints for class, it takes me almost as long to choose the design and font as it did to write the rest of the stuff.  Creativity can be such a curse.  But not so much that I want it gone.  Lol
5) I have 7 million pet peeves and things that make me crazy.  They have all become more apparent since I've been in Winston-Salem.
6) Somebody make me eat better.  What's the point in working out if your food is all of the fast variety.  Ok not all just some, you know who you are.  Bojangles, Cookout (with your dumb delicious strawberry cheesecake shake that tastes EXACTLY like GOOD strawberry cheesecake), both of you are just shameful in your taunting.
7) Son.  Did you really just schedule something for a Sunday morning?  I don't care if you go to church, you have to be here instead.  Fail.
8) Remember last week when we talked about going NOWHERE on the weekends?  Didn't happen this weekend and I have an idea it'll bite me in the booty this week.  That picture?  That would be my schedule for the month of October SO FAR.  But I'm still very happy about my life. :)
9) I'm going to the opera tomorrow!!!!  I'm so excited!!  I love getting all fancy!  And crossing stuff off of my 30 Before 30 list!  Wheeeee!!!
10) I'm horrible at blog tags.  I can never remember to add them.  I do it for 3 posts then forget again.  It's a little more intuitive on my food blog for some reason.  Can you imagine how many tags I would have if I had been tagging for 5 years?  You would never have to wonder where "that post" was.  You'd just go to the tag and it'd take you to 90 related posts.  LOLOL.  For the record, they didn't have tags when I started blogging lo these many years ago.  LOL.  I think future-dating posts was also impossible or really complicated.
11) My neighbors on either side both smoke (which I can smell through the walls... GROSS) & have at least one small, yippy dog.  How?  How did this happen to me?  I don't like either of those things!!  And snarl at both of them!  Yep, I snarl at small, yippy dogs.  If that thing's gonna bark, it should bark like a man. 
12) I did these exercises that are supposed to help runners with their hips... and now my hip hurts... FAIL, ExerciseTV.  FAIL.
13) Not riding the bus is really murdering my magazine-reading schedule.  I just can't convince myself to give myself time to do that.  I'm two months behind in BOTH of my food mags.  Uhhh... oops.  Also, don't tell anyone, but I just bought two more cookbooks because they were on sale at Borders.... (after I told Aretha not to buy anymore books until she read what she had.......... *waves at kettle*)


K. Rock said...

2. My goodness! It's instant! It's doing all but reading your mind before tou type!

4. I am all about prettying things up too. I feel ya.

6. Just remember that shake probably undoes 2 whole workout sessions. But it does sound good.

10. I was supposed to be doing them too but I haven't gotten into it. I also find it easier to remember on the food blog.

Anonymous said...

3) Yeah, I've tried twitter twice and I can't explain what I don't understand. *lol* It's fine though because I don't need anything else that sucks time away from everything else.

6) OMG, I think I gained a 2lbs just reading about that shake. Never heard of "Cookout", so thankfully there are none in my vicinity.

10) Um yeah, blog tags? Negative on that. Seems so easy and efficient, but er, nah, I don't ever remember to use them either.

11) Ick! Sorry about the oh so stinky neighbors. Damn, wish there was something you could do.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I do! The first day is fine but by day two I'm sad by day 10 pull me back from the ledge!LOL!
4. Man! I waste so much time making it pretty for presentations it is RIdic! I love the compliments from collegues.
5. I would love to know what they are! Especially if they're funny!
6. That just sounds like SIN! I'm glad one is not in my neck of the woods!Mmmmmm strawberry cheesecake!
8. WOW!
9. The opera really?? Have you been before? I love opps to get fancy! LOL! that word has such new meaning. I giggle everytime. Are you fine dining too?
11. My new neighbors smoke and I'm starting to smell it in the bathroom I'm so MAD! Grrrr! I'm calling somebody not sure who yet!
12. ExerciseTV rocks! I got the whole dvd of the 30 day shred OMG! Maybe you didn't stretch good enough?
13. LOLOLOLOL!@waves at kettle!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Sounds like the weather in Pittsburgh is the pits.
2) It's amazing now intolerant I am of any waiting time when I'm online. I remember having to go to the library and look things up in an encyclopedia. Now five seconds is an unbearable delay.
3) I don't think Canada has New Twitter yet.
9) Do you like opera? I'm not a big fan. I don't think I could sit through a whole opera performance, especially considering how long some of them are.
13) Yeah, that never works. Us reading people will always buy more than we can read. It's just the way of the world.

Elaine said...

I have a million pet peeves too!!! My husband thinks I'm OCD sometimes. or just plain crazy.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Adei von K said...

I want to know some of the pet peeves that have showed their behind since you moved to WS!

Jameil said...

k rock...
2) Lol. Sometimes... sometimes it's not.
4) LOL
6) That wasn't even right!!
10) Hm! That's interesting!

3) lolol. i said that, too. i don't find it that much more consuming than fb. nothing happening on one, check the other.
6)soooooooooo yummy!!!
10) it's so not, too! strange.
11) i was hoping y'all could help! :(

gp... 1) who said anything abt day 10?? who could durvive like that?? (other than every other Pittsburgher in the world??
4) LOLOL! I love it when people understand my crazy!
5) Now you see my crazy.
8) So ignorant.
9) It was my first time! Fancy cracks me up, too! Lol. Skipped the fine dining.
12) It is theeeee best! This is beyond not stretching enough!!
13) lolol

red... 1) it really is.
2) ME TOO!
3) aw man! twitter fail!
9) this wasn't a very good one so i'm going to give it another try.
13) woohoo!!!

elaine... lololol. probably both.

adei... oh dear... posted.