Open Letter to Ann Taylor Loft

I love the clothing in your stores.  But I hate the service.  I have been in Ann Taylor Loft stores up and down the eastern seaboard and have been continually ignored.  From Coconut Grove, FL to Gainesville, FL to Winston-Salem, NC.  Every time I walked into your stores I saw people joyously greeted, asked if they needed help.  Conversely, I was ignored or followed like a criminal.  On the off chance I asked for assistance, I was given a cold response, then further ignored.  You have lost hundreds of dollars at a minimum from poor service from which I can put two and two together: my kind isn't wanted in your stores.  I have continued going into stores to test my treatment and have been continually disappointed.  I WILL NOT spend my money where I am not wanted.  I am tired of being ignored in Ann Taylor Loft stores.  If black customers are not welcome, put it on the front door.  But for me?  That sign isn't needed any more.  Your response to my annoyance was insufficient (We're sorry, we'll tell the district managers to fix that, please give us another chance).  After 6+ visits in different cities with the same outcome, I'm done.  Boycott of Loft?  ON.


Not So Anonymous said...

Wow, that's terrible. I've only been to one of their stores in DC, and honestly I can't remember the level of service. But, like you, once I see the writing on the wall, I'm done. I cannot and will not tolerate bad service.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

OMG!!! So sorry that happened to you. I am incensed!!!

This happened to me at the Banana Republic and to a friend of mine at Talbot's. Call their customer service numbers and ask to speak to a manager and express your outrage. Pick a specific store and a person if you can. Say stuff like racism in 2010 is ridiculous. You have money to spend just like your caucasian counterparts. The assumption that all black people are criminals is offensive and you will NEVER shop at their store again and you are telling all you AA friends to boycott too.

Girl they sent me two gift cards a letter of apology and fixed my sandals I bought that broke for free. The woman on the phone was sooooooo apologetic. They have also hired AA at the store!

I will join in a campaign of calling against Ann Taylor Loft! I love to go after racists! The Walnut Creek, CA store tries to trip like that. I'm not having it.

Adei von K said...

so not awesome. glad I didn't take you to the one in downtown wpb, you prob would've flipped over a rack.

i love your letters. you're such a good writer; so level headed even when upset. but just enough emotion to convey your point.

K. Rock said...

Wow. I didn't know they were doin it like that up in the Loft. I dont shop there anyway. But if it has been a pattern, you should definitely take it to corporate.

Ladynay said...


Unknown said...

I've experienced the same in that store. I love the clothes too, but refuse to shop there for that very reason. HUGE pet peeve!!!

Sparkling Red said...

It's sickening that racism is still alive and kicking in this supposedly enlightened time.

Nerd Girl said...

I thought it was just me! They are horrible. I refuse to spend my hard-earned money there even though they have a couple of really cute pieces I want.

Jameil said...

NSA... Absolutely not. Bad service is intolerable.

GP... I have had mostly good experiences at Banana and pretty great at Talbot's. I emailed Loft customer service. The response I referenced is what I got. I'm beyond gift cards. I'm DONE. I will not be shopping there anymore and will encourage others to join me.

adei... you know I get incensed!! Thanks!

K... Such a horrible mess. The corporate response was negligible (the one I mentioned).

Lady... yeah.

Goddess... This is uncalled for. You are elsewhere in the country experiencing the same thing. NOT OKAY!!!

red... exactly.