Movies 2010, Weeks 36 & 37

My goal is to watch 20 films this month so I'd better get a move on!

September 19- 25, 2010
182) The Town.  Ben Affleck directs and stars in a film about a Boston criminal gang.  Some of his monologue scenes had me rolling my eyes but the action sequences were amazing!  3.6 stars
183) Monkey Business. Cary Grant (swoon) and Ginger Rogers star in a film about a chemist looking for a potion for youth.  When he stumbles upon it, him and his wife take some and insanity ensues.  Marilyn Monroe makes a few appearances as the ditzy (of course) secretary.  Quite funny at times.  3.8 stars

September 26- October 2, 2010
184) Now Voyager.  Bette Davis stars in a film about an unloved woman who has to get from beneath her mother's thumb to find herself.  2hrs 14mins felt like 2 or 3 movies.  You saw what seemed like several lifetimes, but not in a bad way.  A bit soap opera-y.  Entertaining and pretty well-written.  4 stars
185) Leap Year.  Cute enough film starring Amy Adams about a girl determined to propose to her longtime boyfriend on leap day in Ireland.  What you would think it would be with a few unexpected moments.  Not bad at all.  3.5 stars
186) Iron Man 2.  Second installment of the Robert Downey Jr.-starred film, this time with an appearance from ScarJo.  Yes, there were some good action sequences, but Downey's character was annoying, and the story line was bad and boring.   I kept waiting for it to end.  3 stars
187) Calendar Girls. Helen Mirren stars in a film about old ladies posing n.ude in a calender to raise money for a leukemia fund and the backlash that comes along with it.  Nice, low key enjoyable film.  3.6 stars


Anonymous said...

I want to see The Town because I love action movies, but I'm so not a Ben Affleck fan. I almost lost a trivia contest over the weekend because he was the answer and I couldn't think of his name! So not a fan of that dude.

Ah, I remember Calendar Girls. Caught it on cable one night a few years back. Very, very cute.

Jameil said...

Not really a fan of him either... but Matt Damon? Howyoudoing?? Lolol. There were some calendar girls in the Pittsburgh area when I worked and lived there. Amusing.