Crazy Movie Lady 6

February 23- February 28, 2009
113. The Wrestler. I liked this movie more after watching the clips at the Oscars. I realized this film made me feel exactly the way I would about a washed up wrestler and a washed up wrestler. I believed them (Mickey Rourke (who I had never even heard of) and Marisa Tomei) in their roles. That does not mean I liked the movie, but I appreciated their respective abilities as actors. So good job for them but I don't like wrestling and therefore did not like this movie.
114. Trainspotting. The first 6 minutes I was so mesmerized by the accents I forgot to be appalled at the drug use. Then I remembered. I don't really have a level of tolerance for druggies. I guess since they were able to make me believe them in their roles they are either smack addicts or good at acting like smack addicts. I doubt I will ever see this movie again.
115. The Story of the Weeping Camel. Documentary set with people in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. I loved the cinematography. Absolutely beautiful. Even though the story was structure with very minimal talking from the beginning, I really, really liked it. I felt like I was really there with these camel herders. But there's only so much you can take of this and after 45 minutes I was ready for this film to be over. But I had 45 minutes left. Wow. Without this goal of watching 750 films I would have given up on it. Because I was searching for context in this film and a larger perspective in it, I found myself for the first time ever... wait for it... yearning for some sort of narration... Don't tell anyone I said that.
116. Last Letters Home. A documentary with the last letters sent home by Iraq war soldiers killed over there. A bit formulaic which for me helped to let me know some of the harder things to watch would be over in a few minutes. It felt long, though because it was so emotional. It was difficult to watch. I know it is infinitely harder to live.
117. Swingers. Hmmm. I got REALLY tired of watching this dude be a loser. Really tired. It was also weird seeing a super young Vince Vaughn with the ill skinny face. Crazy! i liked the music and there were some funny scenes but I felt like I was watching some college kids and I see those enough during the day.
118. Trust the Man. I got it because of Maggie Gyllenhall. I don't know why but I think I like her. The movie, however, was overly formulaic and predictable, even for a romantic comedy with an attempt at a dark twist via the husband's "sex addiction." I assume the writer didn't want the alleged addiction to overtake the film but in limiting it in the fabric of that character's life, it didn't really seem like an addiction, rather a guy who likes sex a lot, but not really too much more than the average. Alas, this movie was only average.
119. Se7en. Wow... Now THAT is a crazy movie. I liked the way the credits were presented. I know what you're thinking: she hated this movie. I didn't but I try not to glorify crazy like a person who wants to punish one person who had every sin which means I try not to like films like this one. But it was good.
120. Summer of Sam. You know I'm a Spike Lee fan who hasn't seen enough of his films. I liked this one a lot despite the length (2.5 hours). It spoke to the madness of the time when a crazed killer was on the loose-- everyone's a suspect.
121. The Order of Myths. PBS documentary about the segregated Mardi Gras parades in Mobile, AL, the first city in America to have Mardi Gras parades. The black queen's ancestors were brought to America on the white queen's ancestor's ship. The story line didn't flow smoothly enough for me. I got incredibly bored at some points because it wandered through several different plots, some of which (the different perspectives on the segregated parades) I was far more interested in than others.
122. The Last Kiss. No. It's easier and kinder to say no than to delineate all the problems I have with this film.
123. February One. Documentary about the Greensboro 4 who held the first sit-in in the nation. LOTS of re-enactment. You know I'm not a fan of that.
124. The Visitor. I liked it in parts. I was intrigued by it. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it.
125. Penelope. Fairy tale I tried because I like Christina Ricci. Unfortunately... Boring. I wanted it to be more interesting but the movie stalled, then stopped before the ending came. You stopped caring about the character far too long before the story ended. Bah.
126. Dan in Real Life. Filled with platitudes and predictability... which means I didn't really like it. Boring.
*I tried to watch An Ideal Husband with Cate Blanchett, Minnie Driver and Rupert Everett billed as romantic comedy. Except there was no comedy and I didn't care about the characters or story line. Extra boring. Very bad end to a week of movies. I didn't like the last 6 either very much or at all. Bad bad bad.


*Tanyetta* said...

Have you checked out

Lucky Number Sleven?


Rashan Jamal said...

Hopefully you'll have a better week coming up.

the joy said...

I saw Trainspotting when I was about 13. It definitely fit my imature sense of humor. But the baby on the ceiling creeped me out.

Jameil said...

tanyetta... i have and i liked it!

rj... me too!!

joy... lolol! beyond the language PERFECT for a 13yo!