Breaking Ground

Right now for my documentary history class, I'm trying to find a topic. I thought I had settled on the fiction themes used as crossover techniques in the documentary films of Spike Lee. I had originally wanted to write a paper on black women directors of documentary film. It's hard to even find black female directors of fiction films. And there are no mainstream household names among black female directors. That's not to say there aren't any black female directors, there obviously are, but their names are left out of discussions of great filmmakers of any race.


I want to make great DOCUMENTARY films on the African-American experience, I just wish there were more successful black filmmakers I could look to as mentors. I don't want to make films no one sees or knows about. I want Oscar winners and Emmy winners and theater distribution. And I want this book. I just found out about St. Clair Bourne and when I look him up? Died in 2007. WHYYYYYYYYYYY???? I'm going to ask my documentary history professor but at this point my film might be about the dearth of well-known black non-fiction filmmakers. These are the people I want to learn about and from!!! So frustrating. But at least 20 years from now another black woman won't have to write this same post because I'll be written about.


Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - that does sound frustrating - especially when you have your heart set on exactly what you prefer to write about.

Desy said...

Put your foot in it woman and make the earth resound your name! It's always toughest to be first, but the fruits produced go far beyond the labor...Just as Oprah...lol

Momisodes said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. This certainly sounds challenging. But I have no doubt, you WILL be written about.

Sparkling Red said...

Someone has to be the pioneer. It's more work, but future generations will appreciate the results. Courage!

Adei von K said...

that's right! speak it into existence!

Ladynay said...

When you blow up I hope you realize that you are going to be my cousin right? ROFL!

I know it's old but I gotta say that in the post about your bored cousin I like the one about blood diamonds and twinkling poo! :-P

Not so Anonymous said...

Break Ground, Girl! I can't wait to read the wonderful things that will be written about you.

Anonymous said...

You have piqued my interest. When you are done, I definitely want a copy if that is possible.

Jameil said...

darius... sigh. yes.

desy... yeah yeah.

momisodes... thanks dahling!

red... yeah but why does it have to be me?!! hmph.

adei... i'm gonna have to.

lady... i have 36 first cousins. no room for any more. sorry bout your luck. y'all stay encouraging him! one of the 36. lol.

aretha... thanks!

epsi... wow... sure.

CNEL said...

My fav is Stanley Nelson and a lot of people like Marlon Riggs though I'm not sure he made more than "Ethnic Notions".
Hmmm I'd see if the National Black Programming Consortium has some lists or resources on their site.

Umm once you start your big production company can a brother get a job?

Jameil said...

cnel... marlon riggs made several other films before he died. i haven't seen ethnic notions but i heard it's one of his best films (and it was his first). people have lists. i want to know who's PRODUCTIVE and SUCCESSFUL. no black person has ever won an academy award for documentary which isn't necessarily the high water mark for success but that is wack. i don't do hook-up hires so if you can show me that your skills are relevant, maybe.