Spring Break!

If I haven't told you yet, I'm in Atlanta with Rashan for spring break this week. It has been FABULOUS not having to wake up at a specific time, taking a nap if I want and generally RELAXING! So far for food we went to Raging Burrito on Saturday while shopping in Dekalb then came back to Rashan's to watch movies. Sunday we were supposed to go to church but a late nap Saturday night had us up until 5 am! Oops. For breakfast we went to the Flying Biscuit with my line sister. YUM!! Rah had the southern scramble which sounded gross to me-- greens in eggs?? yuck!-- but was yummy. Nichole and I had the eggstravaganza. Then because by then it was so late in the day we went to Phipps Plaza instead of the botanical garden like we originally planned because we didn't want to be rushed. We were quickly bumped to browsing because of the $250 sale prices. Minus the occasional $25 hideous shirt that should never have been $95. Oh well. Since Lenox was right across the street, we went to... CRATE AND BARREL!! AHHH!! I love that store!! I'd been wanting needing something from that store for I think my entire life now!! I got 4 of these glasses. Gorg, right?? And so reasonable! I love Crate and Barrel. Sunday night I made mussels in a roasted red pepper and fire roasted tomato sauce. Thanks RACH!! It was delish!

Okay let's make this short and sweet for now. On Monday we went to Figo for lunch with my line sister. I had the Tuscan sausage and apple ravioli with a chopped vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, minced garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil sauce. Yum. We also did the Inside CNN Studio Tour where I learned very little. LOL. It was odd to be in there listening to stuff about how the news works and staring at people working... at the news. Very strange. Then we went to the Coca-Cola museum. Even though I gave up soda for lent... I tried all 60 flavors from around the world. I know... wrong. Asia was the best. Europe was the worst. I also got a cute shirt made from recycled bottles for only $10! I was so shocked. Have you ever seen a shirt that cheap at a tourist trap? Me either! Then Rah left me and Nichole to our own devices. We had Burger Joes for dinner. It was okay. I had the Jerky Turkey Burger which was drowning in sauce. Then we went to Georgia Tech for the SGRho probate there.

Tuesday we did nothing all day long. Neither of us can remember this day! We had delicious gyros from this drive-in place and then I went to the Farmer's Market again-- a whole 'nother post-- and we watched some films. Wednesday I finally made Rach's cowboy hash (and blogged about it w/a pic!) which was deliciously spicy! I probably would've left out the rosemary but we put the kitchen sink in there in lieu of grill seasoning. (We've been cooking together this trip.)

Last night. Oh last night. Y'all know I love burgers. Season 4 Top Chef contestant Richard Blais has a resaurant here called Flip. When I tell you that is the best burger I have ever had I'm not being flippant or overly hyperbolic. I'm being real. I had the lamburger. Delicious, juicy, lovely. Yummy. The fries were nothing to sneeze at either. Rashan had the shrimp poboyger with sweet potato tots. Yum! For dessert, a krispy kreme milkshake. I gave krispy kremes up for Lent, too. Still helped tear up that milkshake. I have been horrible this trip! But it tasted so good.

Our most recent meal... LET DOWN!! We went to the Social House for breakfast, which we discovered because it's on the way to Flip (mmmm). Rah had the spinach, bacon and feta omelet which was yummy. The cheese grits were lumpy and the oj was bitter. I had the eggs benedict with mushrooms, leeks, country ham and gouda cheese. Delicious until I found a HAIR. Ugh. Tonight I'm making gumbo. Mmm!


Minerva Exertion said...

You had me until the HAIR!

Sounds like your having a good time though. Enjoy the rest of your break.

Minerva Exertion said...

ooops...*you're (lol)

Not so Anonymous said...

Ok, so you know this post should have been titled, "Mouth Watering", right? You got me over here wanting all kinds of food.

I love crate and barrell too...one day I'm going to buy a big peice from there...one day, lol.

Good to hear you two are having a fab time!

Anonymous said...

I love how your trips revolve around food. The Food Network needs to hire you!

Jazzy said...

SMH @ the hair...please tell me they comped your meal and apologized profusely!?

Flip sounds like my kinda place...might have to check that out next time I'm in Atl...my homie is a burger junkie!

Monie said...

I really want a burger now.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Call me jealous!

I am on Spring Break!!! too!!!

But then again if I get it in my head to jump on a cheap flight y'all gotta take me along too!!!

I might have to run up the road to the Crate and Barrel and cop a set of those myself! (I love that store too!)

Have fun!!!

1969 said...

I hear great things about Flip. I can't wait to go there!!!!