Guess what? Rashan called me to say, "Happy anniversary!" It's been 8 months. Tell me he's not the sweetest... You lied! Lol. Here are some pics from spring break.

Us at the fountain in Centennial Olympic Park. I don't know why he's holding me so tight. Probably because he was afraid of all the homeless people around. He's so elitist. Then there's my line sister (she's interning at a mag in ATL) and I at Crate and Barrel! Love!

Then us at CNN after the tour-- we look microscopic! Hilarity. Then me at the World of Coke gettin' a taste!

And my favorite picture... me stepping on the infamous ugly Rashan FUBU sweatshirt he has agreed to get rid of if I find him something to wear in its place. DONE!!!


Momisodes said...

He is the sweetest :) Happy Anniversary!

Love the Coke shot.

the joy said...

step harder!!!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

(sigh) not FUBU....light a match. There is too much 'fabulousness' in the world for that. Happy Anniversary!

Just Me said...

Happy Anniversary! I used to have a Cross Colors tie dye shirt that my husband, then boyfriend hated. All of a sudden I couldn't find it. Years later, he admitted to destroying it. *lol*

Monie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Please, PLEASE find something quickly...the FUBU must GO!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Line sister? You in one of those Greek gangs?

Looks like you had a blast!

You actually had to buy something to replace the shirt? I would think you strolling around in them jeans would be enough to distract him while you pitched it off of a high balcony to a homeless person.

Not so Anonymous said...

AWWWWW...You two are precious! I love me some black love :)

Happy Anniversay!

Desy said...

HAHAHAHAHA! *happy dance* gooodbye to the FUUUUBUUUU! ABOUT TIME!!!

RunningMom said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Rashan Jamal said...

You forgot to tell them that if you take a picture wearing said ugly sweatshirt and let me post it, I'll throw it away immediately. You don't even have to replace it. LOL

CNEL said...

Happy Anniversary.
I always get confused about when anniversaries become significant, I guess it's an individual determination.

If I would have known you were going to CNN you could have dropped off a brother's resume LoL.

Jameil said...

thx everyone for the well wishes!

momisodes... i know! thanks! lol

joy... right???

dani... light it! you are so right! thx!

just me... he was so smart! i need to get like him!

monie... yes it must!!!

2nd 68... gang? my profile says i'm in a sorority. are you one of the masses afraid of frats and sororities? i had a great time. i'm trying to be nice and not just throw it away.

aretha... yay! me too!!

rashan... WHATEVER!! i agreed to that and you reneged!!!!!

Unknown said...

Awww. Happy anniversary to you both. Too sweet.