Crazy Movie Lady 9

March 15-21
155. Because I Said So. This film made me wonder if Diane Keaton can play another role. No matter her age, she's always a neurotic mess who explodes at some point in the film. Talk about typecast. I'd like to see her get away from that ever. Her character mixed with Mandy Moore's, particularly their interaction nearly enduced a wrist-cutting. Yikes. I cringed much of the first 45 minutes but wanted to see some sort of conclusion. Not a bad movie, but difficult to watch an overbearing mother in action.
156. The Rage in Placid Lake. Amusing. l think Joy and Rah would like this film. The end was a bit cliche' almost like the filmmaker gave up after doing some really witty, sarcastic work. I started cracking up when I heard the reference to one of my professor's favorite filmmakers, L.eni R.iefenstahl (which no one else understands). At the end the writer's message became a bit heavy-handed.
157. Conversations with Other Women. I was intrigued by the technique of showing 2 cameras on a split screen for the entire movie-- sometimes of the same shot or scene, sometimes of two different, seemingly unrelated scenes. At the beginning it was confusing, then interesting, then a bit wearying. It was about a couple with a past you are trying to figure out while you watch, then eventually is revealed. Interesting part of the story.
158. Scottsboro: An American Tragedy. Documentary about the Scottsboro 9 black teenagers falsely accused of raping 2 white women on a train in Alabama in the 1930s. They spent between 6 and 14 years each in prison, a portion on death row after their convictions. As you can imagine, this wreaked havoc on their lives. By the time they were pardoned in the 1970s, only one was still alive. I would have liked to have heard from their family members as none of the 9 were alive by the time this film was made in 2001. Regardless, an excellent film.
159. Millions. Danny Boyle movie about 2 kids who find a large sum of money. Too cute! I really liked it!
160. Outsourced. Movie about a man forced to temporarily move to India to train people to do his job. I liked it! The story line moved and was amusing. The only bad thing was at one point the love story got a bit predictable but it managed to right itself.
161. An Unmarried Woman. About a woman dealing with the dissolution of her marriage. Horrible 1978 music. I tried to watch this through the prism of its time but 1) I wasn't alive and 2) I don't think it was very effective even then. It was overused. The movie wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good either.
162. At the Death House Door. Documentary about a man who was chaplain at a Texas prison and witnessed 95 executions. He was most haunted by his 33rd, involving a man who was innocent. It was sobering but I really liked it.
163. Made of Honor. Sigh. Must you use every SINGLE cliche'? Really really bad.

*I watched fewer movies this week than I usually do because this was a crazy and busy week. BOOO!!


*Tanyetta* said...

I liked Because I said so and now that I think about it, you're right about her being boxed in that hole.


Anonymous said...

I saw made of honor last night...it was HORRIBLE!

ripped paper?

Momisodes said...

I thought this looked like a shorter list than usual.

Outsourced sounds like something I would definitely enjoy. At The Deathhouse door sounds tragic!

Hope this week eases up for you.

Sparkling Red said...

The only one of those that I've seen is Outsourced. I liked it overall, but in my opinion the female lead was two-dimensional. She played the character as being unbelievably perfect, and all the love scenes fell flat for me on that account. My favourite part was the colour festival. That was way fun!

Jameil said...

tan... alright! i brought you to the dark side!

ink... i know! yeah... can't explain it.

momisodes... much shorter. i should be better this week! outsourced was funny. death house door def had some tragedy in there.

red... the color fest was great! so funny. i have a general resistance to love scenes because they're so rarely done right that i often ignore them.