Captioning Fail

I would not want to be deaf having to rely on closed captioning because sometimes it makes absolutely no sense. First, can we talk about the sound descriptions? Rashan says every time someone knocks on the door, it says door bell rings and vice versa. Never noticed it. I don't use CC as much as he does and I've used it even less in the last few months because it's distracting while watching movies. But what I HAVE noticed is things like "Sci-fi sounds." Tell me. If you're deaf, what does this mean to you? I'm hearing and can't tell you precisely what that means. Seriously, sci-fi sounds? SMH. There was another one that was a little too specific for someone who's never heard that sound before anyway and has no frame of reference. Maybe like "crow squawks" or something. Maybe you know from literature or film studies that it's supposed to be an ominous sound but how many people, deaf or not, know the difference between a crow and a bluejay and a robin? Especially if they grew up in the city and only heard pigeons? (World's most disgusting bird, BTW, even worse than vultures. At least vultures are cleaning up.)

This is not even to mention the days and times where the CC says something like, "HE --- SHOT LKDH THROW PPE LKJSDKLS." I have no idea what that means and now I'm done watching this show. Gee... THANKS CC. But my personal fave was while watching "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway" when there was a sorority gathering, the closed captioning was supposed to say, "Calling all sorors to the floor," instead it said, "Crawling on sorrows to the floor." I know people outside the black sorority/fraternity world who have never been around probates and such probably have no idea what the first sentence means either (when you're gathering your sorority sisters-- sorors-- together) but really??? This reminds me of another future post about the difference between black and white sororities. It has become even more obvious at UF (shocker, right? Lol).


the joy said...

Lol ABC is the worst with it. I was watching "what would you do?" and them things were all bejumbled. My cousin is deaf and I think they sometimes have external captioners for that reason. I usually use cc so I can keep the tv volume low.

Adei von K said...

"Crawling on sorrows to the floor"!?!??!?!!??!


That must have been the bouquet toss when all the single ladies come to the floor