Crazy Movie Lady 10

March 22-28, 2009
164. Addicted to Love. Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick are in love with people who left them for each other in other words 1/2 of a new couple. Ends exactly how you expected it to but there are unexpected twists and turns which were amusing. About 10 minutes too long, though. Like I said, comedies, romantic comedies, they shouldn't be longer than 90 minutes.
165. Please Vote For Me. Documentary about the first taste of democracy for a class of Chinese children who get to vote for class monitor. At less than an hour, this film was still too long. It was interesting to see them backstab each other (sometimes with parental assistance) and I really came to dislike intensely one child but I still just wanted to get to the end and see who won. Interesting viewing though the story began to drag for me toward the end.
166. Sketches of Frank Gehry. A Sydney Pollack-directed doc on the aforementioned architect. I think I wanted something more from this doc than it could deliver, maybe less sit down interviews, more of an interactive feel other than the interaction between Pollack and Gehry. I'm not a exactly sure it could have delivered that based on the objective of the filmmaker. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.
167. Chalk. Mockumentary about high school teachers with far too much space between the comedic moments.
168. The Freshman. Matthew Broderick film about his accidental involvement with the mob. Amusing.
169. Marjoe. Academy Award-winning doc about a boy preacher who is now grown and doesn't believe but preaches because it raises a lot of money. You know that on the surface made me livid. I was also sad for him to preach the word of God and not believe. What an empty feeling. And he had a great deal of resentment toward his parents which he tried to downplay for them using him from the age of 4 to support their lifestyle. I was more interested in a character study than seeing him lying to huge groups of churches and bible-believing people for 10 minutes. The church scenes dragged on for too long. He did say he hoped this film would show people they shouldn't put their faith in man. Love that.
170. Wristcutters: A Love Story. What? Odd indie film Rashan liked. I was intrigued by it but wouldn't say I liked it. Joy, you'd probably like it, too.
171. Tarnation. Documentary about (and directed by) a guy with a schizophrenic mother. He's been filming himself since 11 years old. Very art house-style. Very uncomfortable viewing because of how intimate the film was.
172. Peggy Sue Got Married. A woman goes back in time and has the option not to marry her high school sweetheart. Hated the ending.
173. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. You already know. I got this because of La Lohan. Cute Disney movie. I wouldn't actually want my kids wearing that hyper-sexed clothing she wears in the later scenes but it was a cute movie.
174. Frenzy. Hitchcock film about a serial killer and of course in true Hitchcock fashion, a man falsely accused. Heavy-handed at times but in general quite entertaining. Some fantastic shots as usual.
175. Has God Forsaken Africa. Documentary about the children who leave Senegal any way they can (overfilled boats, under planes), many at the risk of death on their journey and who's really to blame for the African exodus of the youth. Beautiful photography. Interesting to see a recent National Film Board production since in my doc history class, all the NFB films have been from the earlier days. I liked a lot of the ideas touched on, the music (created by the filmmaker, who was also in attendance for a Q&A) was very appropriate and beautiful but I don't know that the film provided a cohesive enough story line. There were several good ideas interwoven, but I'm not sure it was effective in showing what the filmmaker said was his point in making the film-- that the children are not to blame for leaving, it's the leadership in African government.
176. Mrs. Brown. Film about Queen Victoria's right hand man after the death of her husband. Good drama and pacing in the story line and hugely interesting characters. My affinity for royalty doesn't hurt-- no, Stace, not the diamond princess... she doesn't count.
177. It Happened One Night. Cutest classic. So fun. Clark Gable.
178. The Gay Divorcee. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The plot was very secondary to the dancing which didn't bother me but Rashan was losing his mind watching this. So funny.

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