Oddity Overload 2

I have some strange attraction to the number 25. I don't understand it so I can't help you with that one.

The month of January I very rarely have an issue with writing the correct date. February I always spend half of the month trying to figure out what year it is every. single. time. I write the date. It's like a mental block or something. Yesterday for the second time this year I found myself about to write '06 instead of '09. What??? So bizarre.

Overheard conversation of the day: "I said, 'God is that a sign that I'm gonna get an A in that class?'" Only if you study, my child. God isn't giving out As for Lent.

Overheard conversation of the week: "NO! Just stupid! Dumb like a jellybean!" Well we DO all know how dumb jelly beans are. Hahahahaha!!

Outfit of the week: Blue Hawaiian shirt, blue Hawaiian shorts (in two different flowered patterns), socks and green and gray tennis shoes. Your closet is so confused.

My feet swing when I sit all the way back in the seats on the bus. I know I'm only 5'1 but this makes me feel like a little person.

The other day I saw this guy having a "stay still and stare" contest with a crane for the entire 60 seconds or so it took me to pass him. He was less than a foot away from the crane. I wonder how long both of them stayed there and who blinked first.


Sha Boogie said...

I hate Hawaiian prints. Atrocious! Did something fabulous happen in 06?

Rashan Jamal said...

oddity overload 2.1: I'm walking from the garage to my building when I see a landscape professional (pc for gardener) laying down sleep in front of his truck. Not on the grass, but in the street. On the asphalt, full siesta mode... Or maybe he was dead... I should go check on him. LOL

Monie said...

Who linked to what first?


Dangit...I just thought...you probably meant to type blinked!


It's odd that I'm finding this so funny.

the joy said...

dumb like a jelly bean may be my new phrase!

Adei von K said...

why you want to stare down an animal? a bird with a BEAK at that?!?!

too weird

Liz Dwyer said...

Dumb like a jellybean??? Oh I'm stealing that one for sure! Love it!

Momisodes said...

6 and 9. Nearly the same :)

Hawaiian prints are so distracting. And with socks? Oy.

Not so Anonymous said...

Gainesville is a weird place, who knew? You're people watching stories have me cracking up.

I do the same thing with the year, but it usually hits me around July. For some reason it's during that time that I start writing 199?...crazy, I know.

Jameil said...

sha... right??? i have no idea what the deal is w/06!

rj... you should've run over him. lol. bet that'll wake him up real quick!!

monie... it really is.

joy... hahaha! do it!

adei... SO ODD!!

liz... lol. it's yours!

momisodes... lol. don't help that! right? hot mess!

aretha... sometimes i'm laughing, others cringing in horror! july AND 199? Lolol! So funny!