Wait, You're the T.A.?

I have gotten younger since I walked onto this campus 6 months ago. I get carded incessantly... at 26 years old. (This doesn't bother me much since it will pay off to look 7-8 years younger when I'm 90. I will be the flyest great-grandma EVER!! Plus in a town more than 50% college students, it's to be expected.)

Graduate students have 24-hour access to our department buildings. My access card stopped working at the beginning of the semester. When I went to get it re-activated, the I.T. guy said, "Do you still need access to (my office room number)?" "Yes." "Oh, you're a graduate student?" "Yes." (Thinking, isn't that what your screen says?) "Sorry, you look really young."

First day of teaching a lab, I walk up, say hi and two students respond, then continue their conversation. It includes anecdotes like, "My last T.A. was in a bar at the same time as me once and told my boyfriend to take good care of me. It was soooo weird." "Oh I know, I saw mine in the grocery store and it was so awkward seeing him outside of school." Once there's a break in the conversation, I say, "By the way, I'm Jameil, your T.A." They are SHOCKED. "Oh! I was wondering where the T.A. was..."

Later that week, I'm describing my undergraduate degree and work in Pittsburgh and one girl interrupts me with, "Wow! How old are you??" Lol! Okay I don't look pre-pubescent! Unless you're looking at this picture but whatever!! Lol. That's from when Stace and I went to the Hampton/FAMU football game... in November. Why do we look 14!??! Lol.


DaniColoredGlasses said...

LMAO....you two do look incredible young in that pic. Its a blessing...like you said it will definitely come in handy one day.

Anonymous said...

At least you do not have trouble getting into rated R movies. I am 22 and I almost could not get in a movie until I showed my ID.

All it means is that you are going to age beautifully!!

1969 said...

Hey...nothing wrong with looking young. Good living!!!

Adei von K said...

I lOVE that picture! We were trying on our big sisters' sweatshirts!! LMAO!

When we're 50 and look 35, it'll be too awesome!

Momisodes said...

You both definitely look young in that pic.
Don't worry. The youthful look will come in handy once you're a mom. Maybe you'll get the nanny question ;)

RunningMom said...

I was at dinner recently with my son who is almost 13 and bigger than I am. I ordered a drink and the waitress said, ok, but I need to see your ID. What? I'm 35!

Just last year I went to the movies with a girlfriend. I handed my ticket to the girl and she looked at my ticket, looked at me, looked at my ticket, looked at me. I asked, is there a problem? She asked are you 17 or older? I said, uh, are you kidding? I was 34.

I think maybe she was drinking on the job.

Thank God for good genes. I'm happy to be asked these days ;)

Anonymous said...

Heck, I am older than two of my ACTUAL professors.

and I think my English prof is hitting on me. (She's every bit of FIFTY)

and the other students call me sir cause Im old enough to be their Father, even the ones that dropped out and went to the military.

This 38-yr old community college freshman stuff is non stop comedy.


Glad youre still kicking a...ummm tail and taking names and you got out of Pittsburgh without having to cover ANOTHER Super Bowl parade.

Still majorly proud of ya.

Rashan Jamal said...

Thank goodness I look young too, or people would think I was R. Kelly up in this piece with your young looking self. LOL

Unknown said...

Don't you love that! Girl when you're 40 you look half that. Hooray for good genes. Lol People tell me all the time I don't look my age which is cool, but the unfortunate part is that I FEEL it.

You do look like 12 in that pic. Lol. It's too cute.

proacTiff said...

looking young use (the operative word) to be a bone of contention with me. not so much anymore. i'm starting to want to hold at this rip age of 35, but September will come inevitably. you and stace look young 'cause frankly birds of a feather. congrats on your accomplishments at the age of 17. lmao

CNEL said...

Do you teach virtual classes? You know I got a little free time now.

Jameil said...

dani... lol. it better!

epsi... that happened to me when i was your age, too. foolishness!

1969... ah yeah!

adei... hahahahaha! right??

momisodes... not the nanny question! lol.

rm... no ma'am! ack! i'm gonna be carded for the next 20 years, aren't i? just tell me now! i was asked on an airplane in the last 2 years if i was over 16. for real? yes, i'm 24 and you just asked me that in front of a bunch of strangers. EMBARASSING! they're all drunks! lol. good genes, yeah!!

ink... hilarious! eng. prof. better watch out! not sir! stop! congrats on the future baby ink! so glad to not have had to cover the super bowl!

rj... hush up!

goddess... lol. i don't love it yet but soon! i don't want to feel old, tho! lololol!

pro... i know, man! i'm extra accomplished for a teen!! lololol!!

cnel... umm... no? lol