Happy Happy!

Like Aretha, I love Valentine's Day, single or not. I always have. I must admit, it's partly because people around me like to show me they love me on Valentine's Day whether with a call or a card or whatever. I sent my mom, sister, godmother and line sister cards and included a Lane Bryant gift card for my mom.

This year Rashan gave me the sweetest card, 2 dozen TULIPS (red, purple and cream), my favorite flower!!! And guess what? He knows me. Which is probably the best gift of all. I said, "Do you know how I feel about Tiffany?" He said, "Who's Tiffany?" "Tiffany jewelery." "Oh. You think they're overpriced but you want one of those little blue boxes." *insert Jameil's shocked face over the extra precise answer* "How did you know that? Did I tell you??" "No, I just know you." AWESOME!! I love him.

Speaking of precision, we had to do an exercise in our production class where we combined sounds from Soundtrack Pro, not tell any of our classmates, and then have everyone guess what it was. After hearing one of my classmates' project I said, "Crazy mountain man burying his victim alive then shooting himself before the cops come." He said, "Wow!! Alright!" That was it exactly. Hahahahaha. Love it. I knew my crazy, overactive imagination would come in handy! Ow!


Adei von K said...

OMG, how GORGEOUS are those flowers?!! I LOVE the color combo, too! Awwwww! Get it Jam and Rah!

His answer was toooooo funny! So you hate them but wouldn't minding getting a little blue box, lololol

That sound class thingy is too funny! Drew had to do one when are man got into a military weapon reserve, was cocking various guns and artillery, went outside where it was WWIII on a FARM, cross the busy highway and bump into a chicken, run up some stairs...

*Tanyetta* said...

Ya'll so in LOVE. :)

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sparkling Red said...

Awwwww... Young love! So sweet! Enjoy, enjoy. :-)

Unknown said...

The Tulips are absolutely beautiful. I think those a probably my favorite flower.

Momisodes said...

Aww, that is so sweet! That is too funny he knew. About those boxes though. Be careful. They're fragile. Never allow little kiddos to play with them.

Just sayin'

Jameil said...

adei... super gorg! those boxes are too cute! but the prices... are so not. girl there were all kinds of crazy ones. there was a ufo, too.

tany... lol. thanks. you too!

red... lol. thx!

goddess... aren't they fab?? LOVE!

momisodes... i know, right? lol. i'm never around any children. i like to keep little hands away from anything i like and want to keep that can't be washed. lolol. (again, this of course is theory, since i'm actually know many children and i fi know someone with children i'm not actually around them.)