I tried to hold it back...

But it must be done.

Do you know what 80 degrees in February feels like? I DO!!! FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE YOU, FLORIDA!!!!

I can do this because a year ago tomorrow, I was miserable. I deserve it!! This was my outfit today... in February... AND I WAS NOT COLD!! Floridaaaaaaaah.


laughing808 said...

that is SO not right.......LOL

Adei von K said...

So it only cool to gloat abt 80 degree weather in Feb IF...

You were miserable the year before????

LOL, I love Florida too!

And how summery do YOU look?! Get it!

RunningMom said...

We hit 60 the other day..so I put my flip-flops on just for a quick minute. Unfortunately I think it's going to snow again soon.

Effing winter. Bah.

Enjoy your weather, don't forget the spf.


Anonymous said...

We hit 67 yesterday. I went out and read under a tree for lunch.

Jameil said...

808... hahahahaha. but isn't it fab!?

adei... yes. so that means you NEVER get to gloat.

rm... ew. snow. i'm rarely outside that long. i thought about spf a lot more before i moved to the FLA. it's sunny all the time here.

epsi... ah yeah! gotta enjoy it!

Sha Boogie said...

I am totally hating on you! I wore my wool coat open today without a scarf and I thought I was saying sumthin'! lol

Jazzy said...

I came over here all happy and stuff because my blogger ban has been lifted (HOORAY!!!) and then I see you lookin all extra bright and cheery in your SLEEVELESS shirt and SHADES!

:::side eye:::

Totally hating the gloatification!

Enjoy your weekend!

1969 said...

Hilarious!!! Enjoy the sun Jam. After spending time in Pittsburgh, you deserve it.

Miss Snarky Pants said...

::Buttoning up my coat, tightening up my scarf, pulling my hat down low/over my ears and PROMPTLY exiting this comment section::


Liz Dwyer said...

LOL, work it!

I'm glad you are feeling the weather because you sure do deserve it! :)