Gym Renewal

I haven't given serious consideration to the gym since I left Pittsburgh. Oh I thought about it. But I haven't actually gone more than once or twice a week since August. This after 2 years of going a minimum of 3xs a week (possibly mixed with a day or two of walking outdoors or Taebo if I didn't make it to the gym).

As we start approaching beach time again... (*snicker* I couldn't help that. I live in Florida and like to gloat about the abundant winter sun, however, I don't live nearer than an hour and a half from a beach which technically is a day trip but not one I've put a lot of effort into taking), I want to make sure I have that bikini body I had last year and the year before. Plus I'm less cranky (put away your smart comments) and more energetic when I work out.

My schedule is crazy, but some of that is self-imposed with my outrageous idea to watch 750 fiction and nonfiction films this year (97 down, only 653 to go... LOLOL!). While Rashan and I were communicating this weekend, he said something that annoyed me at the time even though I already knew it, essentially you make time for what you want to make time for. Bah. So I'm going to have to get the gym in despite my movie time, class work, tv shows (an hour of Friends nightly at 11 will likely suffer), socializing, lab teaching life. My fresh start began Monday night with salsa! And continued Tuesday night with the elliptical and free weights. I should buy some weights so I can mix in some workout time with my movie watching. Multitask it up!

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