Workin Day & Night

My one-track mind (get school done, get school done) has yielded this bizarre subset of myself: ridiculously careless and messy. This is not at all to imply that my place is a pigsty or impossible to live in but it will benefit from my attention in the next couple of days when I finally have a lull in work. Let me tell you how G(od) hooked me up. I somehow left my wallet in the bar when my classmates coerced me to go to the bar yesterday. When I found it, it STILL HAD THE MONEY INSIDE. What?? Crazy.

I have a little over 9 pages of my 15 paper done and still haven't fleshed it out in most parts with my thoughts so I'm in GREAT shape. I also got a page done in half an hour. At this rate, and if I stop pausing to write blog posts or do Sudoku, I'll have a finished product by midnight which is what we call, what? AWESOME! Amazingly, I haven't been psycho about getting all this work done. It's quite odd. Usually I'm all crazy when I have a lot of deadlines. Today I got home the earliest I have in a week-- 2:30. Every other day in the last week it's been after 9:30, and most days after 10. I've been awakened by crazy dreams in the last couple of days, too, then kept awake by thoughts of all the stuff I need to do. Tomorrow, though I will have my first day off from school work since last Wednesday. Then Thursday one of my classmates is having a kegger. FUN!!

Tomorrow I post the long-awaited Christmas list. Although at one point I teased Rashan that all the fun in gift-giving is in finding that one thing they forgot they wanted and presenting it to their surprised face, I'm more realistic. I like lists and really like getting things I love. As long as the list is sufficiently fleshed out, the receiver can still be quite surprised as long as no one drops unnecessary hints and/or spills the beans: RASHAN! This man. He had to wait only 2 days for my Rachael Ray book to arrive and he couldn't do it! Allow a surprise! Lol. For Christmas, this is VERBOTTEN! I love Christmas surprises. That means someone is going to have to calm down. Lolol. Like a giant puppy who can't calm down.

When I go home, provided my foot is done bothering me, I'm getting some serious workouts in. I'm tired of being all not hot and unworked out. Anyway back to work. I should really focus. Lol.


Rashan Jamal said...

Tell the whole story: The only reason, the surprise got ruined for Rach is that you were talking about buying a Rach book and I didn't want you to get it before yours got there. Also, you have an uncanny ability of dragging stuff out of me. LOL

I guess I shouldn't tell you that I got you a... just kidding. You ain't getting nothing for Christmas.

Finish that paper, yo! A kegger? You've officially arrived!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Get to focusing...I've already started my workouts...I'm hating it!

Although I hate working out.

La said...

Wow your money was still in your wallet? That's a Christmas miracle, lol. It shows you that at least there are still honest people in the world.

I am pretty sure that while I was in school if I would have had a 15 page paper of any kind I would have started all of 2 days before it was due. You're doing awesome. Go do Sudoku, lol

Adei von K said...

lol at rashano not being able to keep a secret!! he's like a kindergartener!!

i like the surprise aspect too. its just some people (mom, dad, brother) need a definate list... *eye roll* no more foot massagers or underwear -mgmt

Momisodes said...

I'm the same way as La. If a huge paper was due, I started it 24-48 hours before. Didn't sleep until it was done. College turned me into the worst procrastinator. You're doing awesome!

Lists are a must. Need I bring up the tire pressure gauge incident again? :)

Jameil said...

rj... i left it open for you to respond at will... lol. i SO didn't want to drag that out of you! i don't need anything for christmas anyway so there :P

darius... it gets better.

la... right!?! amazing. and thanks!

adei... hahahahaha. i know! LOVE surprises! i'm putting a nix on body sprays of any kind! can't stand them!!

momisodes... lol. i was bad in undergrad. getting better in grad school. dead @ tire pressure incident!! HILARITY!!