This last week flew by. Though I have no desire to rush off down the aisle (preferring a sensible, practical and probably somewhat less romantic approach to weddings and marriage), I LOVE wedding shows and on Sundays my favorite link? NYT Weddings! Love it! I've been reading them every Sunday for about a year or so, dating back to when I was producing weekend morning shows. It was my happy up story. And lots of them are such cute little love stories. I really liked the chance encounters one. I like older couples too. And I send the ones I think Stace will like to her. Usually about interracial or interfaith couples or friends who marry. Love it. Actually the NYT in general on Sunday, j'adore.

I can't believe this is my last week of classes. LAST WEEK. That's insane to me. I have a lot of work due in the next 3 days, then 5 days of nothing, then 3 more assignments due. All on the same day. Good times. But I don't feel any stress. I want to write 5 more pages of my 15 page paper today (due Wednesday) to bring me up to 11.5 pages. Very doable. I want to do another 5 tomorrow and then spend Tuesday after my pitch in class fleshing out my ideas surrounding the paper. I actually like my topic: "The Impact of John Grierson's Early Filmmaking Experiences on the Creation of the National Film Board of Canada and Its Connection to Modern Filmmaking." (My mom said that's a lot of words. I explained to her that when you're a master's student you have to prove that you know a lot of words in the title alone.) There seems to be a wealth of information on it so YAY! Let's make it happen.

It also hasn't really sunk in that I'm a master's student AND at UF all the time. Sometimes I still look around and think what in the world am I doing here? Why am I here? Not like I feel like I don't belong or dislike it. Sometimes it's just an out of body experience. Like when I was in the gym last week minding my business, looked up at the window and saw "UF Recreation." I hadn't been thinking and it startled me that I go to UF. Or yesterday when I was in a bar surrounded by screaming, drinking Gator fans (scary). Or when I realized it was 73 degrees on December 3rd. And it will be 80 this week. I don't mind it (as you could imagine), but that doesn't make it less weird since a year ago today I was watching snow fall. Thank you Jesus for delivering me from that nightmare. Though there is a sense of nostalgia for any place you once lived, I'm quite glad that part of my life is over.

Do you also know that I will be home for Christmas this year for the first time in 3 YEARS?! How exciting! Me, my mom and my sister are all very excited about that. And for the new year I'll be hanging with Rah. I'm trying to get a contingent of my friends to come, too. It'll be great.


Anonymous said...

yaaay for making it through your first semester of Grad School!

warm weather is such a beautiful thing though it always catches me off guard when holiday time rolls around!

If youre gonna be in ATL for New Years let me know cause Ill be there too!

Happy Holidays!

Momisodes said...

80's? Jealous!

We had our first snowfall today.


Desy said...

it never stops amazing me at how quickly time goes in general. i'm still feeling a bit numb at the idea that i'm done with my masters. Really? Done? and I'm sure it will be the same for you.

Yeh to happy holidays with fam... there is nothing better than that... at least, nothing i can think of...lol

Rashan Jamal said...

That paper is a mouthful. Gotta sound intelligent. LOL

Lots of work, perhaps you should forget about blogging for the next week or so, so you don't have 100 more posts than me. LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

This semester kind flew by - right?

Ladynay said...

80? Really? *eyeroll*

I co-sign with your mom, that's a mouth full! LOL

Jameil said...

cali... it ain't over yet! warm weather is so bizarre this time of year! i'm wearing a t-shirt at 6:22pm in DECEMBER and not at all cold. So odd. i'm totally gonna be in ATL for new years!! yeah! happy holidays to you, too!!

momisodes... brrr!! bitter and awful!!

desy... seriously. i'm sure there's gotta be something better than holidays w/the fam. lol

rj... that is the point. lol. and yeah no.

dtw... YES!

lady... i know. it really is ridiculous. the weather, not the paper. the title is awesome! but not when you have to tell someone and you don't think their attention span is long enough to last the duration. lololol

Adei von K said...

wow. my homie is 1/4 of the way thru with grad school!!!! so excited for you! maybe i should try it one day!

i do like the articles you send me! esp the interfaith ones :-)

so ATL is the spot for new years? sounds like a plan. just finished chatting with big kyle, he'll be there too!