Cautionary Tale & I Don't Play That

First: Have you ever been to this store? I call it the cougar store. And not just because of the ridiculous overabundance of animal prints. When I say overabundance, let's be clear that it looks like a jungle and an African safari simultaneously exploded inside four compact walls. Too bad there are no sound effects. Anyway sometimes they have nice dresses. Most of the time the stuff is ridiculously overpriced for the quality, but they have some pretty good sales once in a while. I got a beautiful pair of work pants and two nice sweaters when I lived in Pittsburgh. The last few times, I took Stace (or maybe we just have talked about it so much that it feels like we went together), then Rah, then my mom respectively in there and couldn't stop giggling at the cacophony of zebra, leopard, monkey, cheetah, parrot, python, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, crocodile and chimpanzee.

Moving right along. This last time (with mom), there was the tannest (around this color), most wrinkled, most white-haired old lady I have ever seen. And to top it off she had on a gold sweater with shoulder cut-outs. That means despite the fact that she works in the mall, her shoulders were out at at least 70, maybe 85 (who can tell beneath the profusion of wrinkles?) in Charlotte in December. While it's not Yankee cold, it's not Florida. COVER YOURSELF, WOMAN!! But most of all, for all young white women who love to bake in the sun and mostly without sunscreen, this woman is a cautionary tale. Please go visit her.

Second: Victoria's Secret is pissing me off. When Stace and I went to the HU/FAMU game, there was a Pink flyer which said the FAMU and HU gear would be in stores on December 16th. Except you can only buy it in stores near the school. I assumed like the Pink gear for the rest of the schools (including UF), it would be online. Apparently I was wrong. I've given them 5 days leeway. Enough time for them to add 2 other non-historically black colleges or universities to the website. The gear is still not up. I wrote one of my trademark letters. I don't believe in letting things go when it comes to services I pay for or expect to pay for. You need to know when your customer service or quality of product is subpar. And I am more than happy to tell you. I can't wait to hear this response. They were already punked into adding HBCUs in the first place, what will they come up with now? 5 seconds later: finally found something that said the gear will be online on December 23rd. And Hampton gear will be in January. BAH!!! BE MORE. SPECIFIC. Ugh. I hate waiting. Especially since we've already been waiting for MONTHS. And I wanted this stuff for Christmas. Ruining my life.

Small joy of the day: EVERY Sunday, multiple times a week, Rashan gets SO MAD when announcers talk about Michael V.ick. It's soooo funny. He wants them to act like Mr. Dogkillerextraordinaire doesn't exist. Sorry kid. The F.alcons didn't exist (and still don't to me) before he got there and were great while he was there. Anything post-Vick will make mention of him. I can only hope they keep torturing him next year because I know they will the rest of this year. It'll be great. AND 3 days until Christmas!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!


Adei von K said...

Cougars and parrots??!! Lmao! I remember when I sent u that email that cache might not be around anymore and u replied, "oh no! What will all the cougars wear?"


Pink is perkin. It really shouldn't take all that to get people to spend their money. If u don't want our money, fine! but let us know something! Don't keep us hanging by a string!!

Rashan Jamal said...

That cougar store is hilarious. Lots of crazy prints and too much make up on the workers.

I don't mind talking about Mike Vick, but I just wish they would stop making it like he was the only reason the Falcon's sucked last year. We made the playoffs this year though!!!

Momisodes said...

I agree 100% on the cougar store. They will every now and then have a cute shirt or pants, but for the most part, you must enter the store with eye protection.

I LOVE that "small joy of the day" and "Rashan gets SO MAD" are in the same sentence.

Unknown said...

I absolutely despise animal prints. Who want's to walk around looking like Jane from Tarzan. Not me!

That's enough to make me NOT want to shop at VS anymore. I bet white colleges got their gear available for sale REAL quick.

Lol at you wanting to torture Rashan. You aint right. Lol, but it's still funny.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

(Sigh)...if they say it will be on the site in january I'll put the Howard stuff on my bday wish list (in Sept.) and maybe it will actually be attainable by then :(!

the joy said...

He should know he's gnna get a lot of that because no one thought the falcons could do it without vick.

I need to get like you on the letter writing.

kalidesigner said...

that picture was scary!!!!! but I laughed, you probably heard me :)

Jameil said...

adei... lolol. closing 20+ stores. i'm looking for some good sales on normal clothing! pink is that garbage! and they keep sending me ridiculous responses to my inquiry.

rj... lolol. WAY too much makeup on the workers. you made it w/o michael vick? that's amazing!!

momisodes... right? lol. it really is a small joy! so funny!!!

goddess... i used to have your embargo on animal prints. now i like them in tasteful moderation. but rare is the person who knows what that means. sigh. non-HBCUs have been online since Aug. Torture is fun! Esp. when it's Rah!

dani... sigh. i need them to do better. WE ARE NOT 2ND CLASS CITIZENS!!!

joy... exactly. let's never say falcons w/o saying vick, shall we? lol. letter writing is so cathartic and sometimes rewarding.

kali... lol very scary. cautionary tale, my friend.