Answer Your Phone!

Rah and I watched part of Cable Guy while we were in Atlanta. He wanted to see his favorite part. A part which him and his friend Kareem used to regularly reenact. Where Matthew Broderick's character comes home to find more than half a dozen messages from the cable guy played by Jim Carrey. Rah said they used to leave each other ridiculous messages. I knew I wanted to play! Too bad we were constantly around each other and you can't really do the best one as well without a landline phone ("Are you there? Hello? Are you there? Pick up pick up pick up!") but I managed to pull off a few.

"Hey I'm out in the yard pulling weeds and just thought about you, thought I'd give you a call."

"I'm running a little late. It's taking longer than usual to put in my lace front weave but I'll be there as soon as I can."

"I'm on my way now. I had to pick up a bunch of barrettes and ribbons for my great uncle. I don't know if I told you about the Christmas pageant our family does every year featuring Christmas from around the world but my sister and I usually go as Liesel and Brigitta from Austria. This year I think I'm gonna be a little Dutch girl but we'll see. Bye."

The last was my fave. His fave was the second. Now you go!

*Side note: I haven't talked to my mom for more than 15 minutes in 3 days and am feeling the withdrawal! During the week I'm used to having her just a phone call away and talking to her several times a day. She let my sister take her phone to Greensboro since the baby's phone is out of commission. I called and my sister answered throwing everything off. An hour later I'd forgotten already and could feel I hadn't talked to my mom yet. I went to call her and realize again the baby has the phone. Argh! Ogre smash!


Jazzy said...

lmao @ Liesel and Brigitta!!

Yeah...I like the last one best as well.

Aww...hopefully you and Em will have a good talk soon.

Momisodes said...

ROFL!!! Love the last one.

I MUST try this on Dadisodes.

Rashan Jamal said...

Just you wait. Next time you don't answer the phone, its gonna be on!!

the joy said...

Ooh I got one!

Hey jam, sorry I missed you. I'm at the daycare ctr and I was wondering what kind of pet monkey you had as a child. Call me back!

1969 said...

Hey Jam...it's me 1969, you left your hula hoop at my house yesterday. I'll bring it over later. Bye!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Jam to Rah (because this is common on all large campuses): hey I was on campus feeding a squirrell French fries then he hoped on my lap and took my nuggets too. So I thought of you and your gangsta cars. Have a sniffle and sneeze on me. Bye.

Liz Dwyer said...

LOL, those are hilarious! I have never seen that movie. I might have to rent it.

I haven't talked to my sister since Monday and that was only for 5 minutes. I'm in withdrawl too!

And I tagged you with a meme! :)

Jameil said...

diva... lolol. M be trippin!

momisodes... do it!! lololol.

rj... you didn't do it.

joy... lol.

1969... i was the bomb hula hooper!

v... girl if you EVER see me feeding a wild animal, BEAT ME!!

liz... lol. don't do it!! just wait for it to come on tv. it's not a good movie.