Overheard in Gainesville: 12:16

Hick 1: What are we gonna drink?
Hick 2: Beer?
1: Is it too early for beer?
2: It's never too early for beer.
Hick 3: I have some alcohol in the house. You can make yourself a cranberry and vodka.
1: Make sure it's cranberry juice cocktail because for some reason it seems to last longer.

Wait. What? First of all, hicks drink cranberry juice and are picky about it?? Wow... For the record I can't STAND cocktail since I was hipped to 100% juice. It tastes so much better. For non-Ocean Spray, I like "Northland." Ocean Spray is a bit expensive. Speaking of expensive, indulgent food, I need some mint chocolate Milanos like I need my next breath. Lol. Alright maybe not quite that much but I need it! And for some cookies, those things are outrageously priced!

I have things I could be doing today. I'm considering whether I'll do them since at the keg party, my classmate gave me 6 movies to watch. Wheeee!! For the record, I paid beer pong for the first time yesterday after washing all the cups and getting new ping pong ball-rinsing water. Me and my partner were 3/3. Winners of all 3 games!! Wheeee! We had fun. I'll post some pictures later.


Adei von K said...

I never thought I'd see the day when you'd play beer pong. Wow. You are at a white school.

Rashan Jamal said...

If it's after 12, all liquor is fair game.

Tell them about the keg stand you did. LOL

Southerner in Suomi said...

Can't go wrong with the beer pong.

I'm so mad at that fool that PREFERS that cocktail swill.

Ah well!!

Jameil said...

adei... me either & seriously.

rj... agreed and LIES!! I SO DID NOT!!

v... he is a redneck so... lol

Unknown said...

Never too early for beer? That's news too me. But I guess I don't come from hickville usa. Lol.

I can only drink ocean spray for some reason. Anything else tastes....just NOT right. Not that I've tried many non ocean spray brands. Love me some cranberry juice.

Jameil said...

goddess... lol. i'm a cranberry taster and can be quite picky. northland cran-raspberry is yummy to me.