Guess what? I decided to start my locks. My former hairdresser hooked me up with her niece who twisted my hair for me. If you have any ANY locking suggestions (from experience), please let me know!! I don't know how I'm gonna survive an extended period without washing my hair!! ACK!! Anyway, here are a few pics.

I'm headed to visit Rah today after church and brunch. We're exchanging Christmas presents and seeing each other for the first time in a month. I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Anonymous said...

Loc advice... though I dont have locs I helped my mom with hers and shes had them since 1997... she didnt go extended periods without washing hers though ... Id stay away from wax products ... she uses a mix of shea butter, olive oil, and rose oil ... find a fab leave in conditioner and get in the habit of always twisting ... and patience is key of course... this is why I have yet to loc mine... perhaps someday!!! Im excited for you!!!

RunningMom said...

I have no experience with locs, but I do know that the patience required for them is crazy. Good luck!

Toni Campbell said...

Congratulations! I started my locs in the winter as well and when I got to the "Buckwheat" phase, I wore headwraps. This was almost 20 years ago, though, when natural hair wasn't as in vogue. I agree with Ms. Cali Brwn, make sure that you don't use any beeswax and keep it oiled.

Adei von K said...

this is toooo cool!! i KNOW your locs will be soooooo beautiful!!!

LOOOOVE the last shot with the 20s pinup smile!

Desy said...

super cute! i don't think i have the discipline it takes to pull of the locks, but i wish you luck!

Momisodes said...

You are too cute. I wish I had some words of wisdom to share, but I have none....and little patience.
So excited you get to see each other!

Jameil said...

cali... i did know about the no wax thing. i had a few people with locks in college and right after but i never really annoyed them for details. just to get them locked i can't wash my hair for an extended period. i know i can wash them regularly once i start them.

runningmom.... welcome! i'm NOT looking forward to the patience aspect. lol.

toni... the "buckwheat" phase is gonna kILL ME!!

adei... lol. thx dahling!

desy... thanks! it took 4.5 years of natural hair and 2+ years of boredom w/my hair for me to get to this point.

momisodes... thanks!! it was great!!

Jazzy said...

lol @ the "buckwheat phase"! I'm wishing you lots of patience. I have no loc advice either, but I think you look fab!

dejanae said...

congrats and good luck
i cant help u with that one

Ladynay said...

Patience, patience, and more patience...soon your babies will go into a WTH teenage phase. Please do not punk out and take your locks out when this happens. I know you have dem diva tendencies and may want to stop the locs *wink*

Words of advice? Hmmmmmm I personally LOVE washing my hair in castile soap you may want to try it when you start washing your hair. Stay far away from wax you don't need it and buy a satin cap.