Thursday 13: Why I Love Rah

1) Companionable silences: I love these. I absolutely adore being able to sit quietly on the phone or in person with him, each doing or own thing but being in the other's company. There is something about being able to sit quietly with someone without having to always fill the air with noise.

2) Sharing food: I love that he will always share his food with me... even when he doesn't want to. Like the Thanksgiving leftovers. HILARIOUS!! We were on the couch, he went to heat up some leftovers that he wanted to devour solo and I was like, "Ooh, potatoes!" And he looked at me like "For real" then said, "I really wasn't planning to share, but here." He looked so forlorn that I restrained myself. I still ate it, but I let him tear it up. There is something about a man who will share his food with you. It's so sweet. Especially for a foodie like me.

3) Adventurous: He will always try something new. It's really fun with restaurants. We try a different non-chain restaurant or two every time he comes to Gainesville. We still have to see this amazing bat house on campus which I've heard all about and seen video of but want to see in person. He's only heard me talk about it and was wary about it at first but is ready to see it for himself.

4) Loves to make me smile: Like taking me ice skating because he knew I'd like it even though he'd never been before and felt instantly uncomfortable even putting on the skates. He also bought me a Rachael Ray book because he knew I'd love it, even though he wouldn't be able to see my smile in person when I received it. AND it was a just because gift. Not for any reason or because he wanted anything in return. Just because he loves me and knew it would make me smile.

5) Generous: He does whatever he can to help me out. He also helps his sister a lot. I know that I said they should communicate more, but he really does do admirable things for his sister and her children. It's nice to see him care about someone other than himself. That's a good trait to possess.

6) A drunk: Lol. I like that we can drink together and it's not a big deal. For some people it's all "You drink too much" or "Let's drink less" or something. We can have a couple of drinks together or not and still have a blast. Either way, we're in good shape. Lol.

7) Considerate: He's always concerned about my comfort where ever we are, whether at my place or his place. He's always looking out for me.

8) Visiting: Partly to cut down on my having to lose study time by traveling 10 hours to and from ATL and also just because he loves me, Rah regularly comes to see me. I'm always so happy to see his smiling face outside of my door at 3 in the morning after working all day and a 5 hour drive. And if I didn't stop him, sometimes he would drive down here for a day and drive back because we miss each other. I stop him because it would be not only ridiculous but I could never let him leave after that short of a visit. I would throw his keys in Lake Alice and let the gators eat them.

9) Talking all night long: This is SO our thing. We talk on average 3 hours every night. Regularly 4-6 hours and as much 15 hours once to break a record he held with some other girl (12). Lololol. You know how competitive I am. I feel like something is missing when we only talk for an hour.

10) Listening to me complain: As bad as it is that this is true, I sometimes like to complain. Everyone does. If the day is really bad or someone got on my nerves horribly, he will always listen and offer to help however he can. This is important as I'm in a very transitional part in my life. But life in general can be a chore. Lol. So it's nice to have someone who's there for me whenever I need him who isn't even related.

11) He's funny (looking... wait lol): You've read his blog. You've seen it. He cracks me up! What good is a relationship without humor?

12) He's never too busy for me: It's the sweetest thing ever. And doesn't need explanation, huh?

13) Cuddling: We both love this. Especially while watching a movie. It's so cute! I wish there was a way to take a picture of this without disturbing us. I definitely want a picture of us cuddling. Too cute! We are so adorable together. I can't wait to see him again! December 28th we'll be reunited and I can't wait.

For the record, this list was far easier to come up with than 13 things that we do to annoy each other. Very good thing! Esp. since with this list I could keep going and going and going. :)



Adei von K said...

Awwwwww! Tre.presh! Waaaay better than the former list! I love u guys together! This list is sooooooooooooo sweeeeet, AWWWWWWWW!

Serenity3-0 said...

I'm a new reader, but this was very sweet. Merry Christmas!

Southerner in Suomi said...

You too are so cute you make me sick!!

I kid. I kid. Good job feeding her Rah. Lol.

Unknown said...

Awww, I just love you guys as a couple. I'm glad this list was easier than the other. Lol

I think that's so sweet that he comes so often to see you. You guys live so far away but see one another more often that some couples I know. I'm sure it doesn't seem like often to you guys though

Desy said...

that was super sweet! and what had me dyin is the fact that he always has time for you... reason being: rah hates people and steadily maintains a social free zone hahahaha.

but that is definitely nice to see... couples that work beautifully always give me hope. Merry Xmasssssses and more

Not so Anonymous said...

I love being able to read both sides. It seems like you both love each other wonderfully.

On time for LOVE! :D

Momisodes said...

Oh so sweet :) What a fabulous list for Christmas! Hope you had a lovely day.

RunningMom said...

I love, love and I am so glad you both found each other. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us :)

I'm an adventurous eater too, I love experiencing new places and new food. I dont think I could love someone who was afraid to try new things.

1969 said...

You two were destined to meet. So glad you make each other happy.

Jazzy said...

I love both of these lists...I can't say which I like more...but yours definitely made me smile more.

#9...lmao - you are SO competitive!!! It's the virgo thing - I would have done the same. And not only did you break the record without even trying...you KILLED it! ha! take that ex-girlfriend!! lol

Monie said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this was soooooooooo sweet! I have a lotta extra letters in here but that's just how sweet it was!