Ding Ding!

That's the competition bell ringing. If you thought it was a game, you were wrong. Rah and I "met" (via our blogs) because of a competition. After blogging daily in November he challenged me to keep writing daily for the rest of the year. I accepted and threw it back at him. We kept going until HE LOST! That created a good series of posts. You have me to thank (or curse, more likely the latter) for him blogging regularly. You're welcome (or I'm sorry).

Well, the competition is back. I've been far more prolific than him when it comes to posting this year so guess what? He said his goal is for me not to have 100 posts more than him. He only has to miss 15 days of blogging this month for that to happen. I would like for all of you to do your part to make sure that doesn't happen. Distract him with phone calls, trips, invitations to hang out (which he will almost definitely deny), emails, ignoring him when he doesn't post for several days. Help me think of other ways to keep his hands from that computer! I know you can do it! The choice is yours! Help me win! And now back to editing... but don't forget those ideas to keep him from blogging! Go!


Sparkling Red said...

I'm having considerably more evil ideas. Infect his computer with a terrible virus! Cut the cable that runs internet into his house! Pay someone to kidnap him for ransom!
Or maybe not. I know, I know - it's more fun to win if you play fair. :-)

Jazzy said...

oh sure...just give his stalkers permission to seek him out even more.

Rah is my homie...but err ummm...I think you got this one in the bag! I'm STILL waiting for his R.Jizzy post!

Sha Boogie said...

you are beyond crazy! lol that is too funny! and i agree with o diva..stalkers, come out!

Rashan Jamal said...

Prepare for a series of mundane posts about nothing. I'm not gonna let you win without a fight!!! (although, don't you think you have already won? Do you really have to run up the score? LOL)

Momisodes said...


You are terrible.

I'm still cracking up at his reply :)

Anonymous said...

You two are crazy!!!

I might need a challenge in order to be motivated to blog more often.

Adei von K said...

OMG, i just read that post. toooooooooooooo funny!!! (rub it in with pap-a-reeeka) and the comments are just as good!! my dog said she was about to pull out the webcam!!!! LMAO!!!

*Tanyetta* said...

ya'll soooooo crazy!! LOL

Jameil said...

red.... LOVE. IT!!!!! Is it really more fun to play fair??? that sounds so boring!! lololol

diva... like they need permission. lol. he's giving me a run for my money. this post was a mistake!! bah.

sha... lol. his stalkers NEVER go away.

rj... you are such a brat. running up the score is soooo fun.

momisodes... lol. don't encourage him!

epsi... lol. you obviously do.

adei& days... lolol