Thursday 13: How I Annoy Rah and Why He's Wrong For That

1) Time Management: It annoys him to no end that I may or may not do my work when he thinks I should. As a result I ask him, "Can I manage my own time?" Even though he's the worst procrastinator in the world, I'm supposed to have my paper done 4 days before it's due instead of 12 hours.

2) Doubting every 3 weeks: This sounds like an exaggeration to me. It has triggers obviously. It speaks more to my comfort level with him. I'm comfortable telling you when I don't feel like the most confident person in the world. And it's gone in about 6 minutes. I express it, then move on. Don't start telling me how awesome I am. I already know. That's why I don't post that kind of stuff on the blog. I'm moody for the length of time to write my post and most people treat it like I'm one sharp knife (or very dull if it's a cry for help) from suicide.

3) Ask for an opinion and if it's not the same as mine, fight the other person's opinion... defensively: Is this REALLY so wrong? I just want you to be right, also. Lolol. I know I do this. It's who I am. It doesn't help that I was captain of the debate team and feel it's my duty to correct him... forcefully.

4) "Are you sleeping?": I ask him this as soon as he falls asleep. But not on purpose. We're watching something and all of a sudden I hear all this heavy breathing and get concerned. Sometimes he's not actually sleeping but just being nostrily. And sometimes he wakes up as I'm looking at him trying to figure out if he's sleeping or his eyes are just closed. I only do this so we can get off of the cramped love seat and get comfortable if he's gonna sleep for real. Plus now that I've known for a while that it's annoyed him, I do it to make myself laugh.

5) Expecting him to read my mind: He should really learn how to do this.

6) Ask where he's going: I only do it now because it annoys him. Lolol. And also only when we're in Atlanta because his place is so much bigger than mine. So now it's a running joke. Except sometimes I really want to know. If we're in the house and we haven't discussed him going on a food run and he's putting on his shoes I'm asking. Or if we're in the den chillaxin and he dislodges me to get up, I'm asking. Or if we're in the den again and he's on the love seat and I'm on the couch, on our respective computers, and he gets up, "Hey! Where are you going?"

We're quietly enjoying each other's company and he's destroying that when he leaves. Announce you are taking out the trash or checking the mail or going to the bathroom or going to stand in the refrigerator and pretend you're hungry (when we both know you never are) or going to get us some beer or putting the clothes from the washer into the dryer. Lolol. Sometimes I'm kidding, sometimes I really do want to know. Hahaha

Now there are times he announces it and I'm like, "I don't care, I wasn't gonna ask." This is because you're wearing a t-shirt and it's 35 degrees outside (stupid Atlanta, where's Florida when you need it?) and have an empty beer bottle in your hand. Obviously you're going to the trash can in the kitchen. See? I can deduce things. It's because I'm smart.

7) Talking on the phone in the mall: He doesn't care anywhere else but in the mall, it's rude. WHAT??? I don't get this at all. We were TOGETHER like we are everywhere else. The car is fine, the house is fine, but not the mall. It was about school, but about a test already taken, not about something coming up.... blank face. Still don't get it even after he explains it.

8) Acting like I'm scared of him: I'm always joking but it annoys him anyway. HILARIOUS! I just learned this while talking to him about writing this. This is too funny. I hope he knows I'm gonna keep doing this and when he gets annoyed I'll act even more frightened. Hahahaahahahaha. Vicious circles are awesome.

9) Changing Plans: I do this because sometimes I decide I want to do something but when the time comes I'm too relaxed and don't feel like it anymore. Plus he never told me that this bothers him until the last month or so. It's ridiculous. He is so non-confrontational. I'm not saying you fight with me all the time but hi kids, let's have a discussion sometimes when something bothers you so we can either fix it (FIX IT) or not and move on. I'm so reasonable it hurts sometimes. Ouch.

10) When I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go NOW: EVERYONE has this problem with me. Every single person I've ever known. So it's funny that he mentions this because usually when I act like this (i.e. "Can you hurry up? I'm ready to go. Like now." Insert HUGE sigh and pointed, annoyed look.) he just looks bewildered and says something like, "I'm hurrying, gosh. So demanding." But he never really seems terribly annoyed.

Anyway that's definitely a fault I know I have. I have to say I've gotten better, right Stace? I try to allow people plenty of time around when I actually want to leave if I know they're not likely to be ready when I want them to be. Lots of times I just don't tell Rashan when I'm going to be ready to go, then rush him if I think it's taking too long. [Yes, I'm aware that that is RIDICULOUS and am making efforts to FIX IT. (For the record when I yell that, it's a reference to an SNL skit that cracks us up.)] Goes back to that lack of ESP thing. Seriously, LEARN TO READ MINDS, RASHAN!!! But only when I want you to.

11) Comparisons: I do this with everyone, too. Can't help it. If you say I don't know if I'm gonna come when I said I was, or you're reluctant to go, I'm gonna ask if you're gonna flake on me. I have known way too many people who use this as their way to tell me they're not going to do something with me, or that was the clue and they just don't come, right Stace? He thought it was previous cats and I was like yeah no, previous people. Lots of them.

12) Trying to change his family's dynamic: Sometimes he says he wants to be closer to some of them, but he doesn't make any moves. So he probably doesn't really care that much. I think it's weird and anti-social that he isn't close to anyone. It doesn't help that I have a huge family so if there's anyone or 10 I don't like, there are 20-40 more to try again. He says he's just happy being with himself... I guess as long as I can get him out of the house I shouldn't worry about this.

13) Internet assistance: Nice that this is the first time I'm hearing this. When I'm working on something for school, I'll call him to get him to look up something on the internet, hear what I need, and say thanks, bye, he says sometimes while he's mid-sentence. So what? I'm in the middle of work. I say thanks and I know I'll call him back and he knows I'm in the middle of work. I'm not trying to be rude but I just don't see the big deal with this one. I guess that's why it's rude.

You'll have to go to his blog to see how I annoy him. And don't worry. We've discussed all of this stuff before, during and I'm sure after the list. None of them are deal breakers and the relationship is not on the rocks. People get on each other's nerves. That's life. Despite these, coming up next week: 13 Things I Love About Rah.


shani-o said...

Gag. LOL. Even the annoying things are cute.

Monie said...

LOL! This was cute! And I immediately got the FIX IT. That skit cracks me up as well. Going over to Rah's now...

Miss Snarky Pants said...

:-) I love this little collaboration. You two are too cute!!

Now about that old fubu gear...

::Whispering:: Wait until he's fast asleep, scoop it all up and BURN IT GIRL!!!! LOL

Momisodes said...

I just LOVED this list. I can relate to so many of these. Especially ,4,5, and 10.

I think I'll have Dadisodes read it. He'll totally appreciate that he's not alone ;)

Ladynay said...

Like I stated on his blog, very cute idea. I already feel the stomach acid rising for next weeks post! LOL

Not so Anonymous said...

Well, he should totally stop annoying you and get over the things you do and deal with it...lol. Seriously, you two are so funny. I love the collabo.

dejanae said...


Unknown said...

Yall are too funny. I love that you guys both did this. Yall are like the cutest couple.

LMAO at you saying he needs to read your mind. That's like a prerequisite to having a relationship with a woman. I guess someone forgot to notify him. Lol

Sparkling Red said...

After all that, he must love you very much! ;-) I could write a long, long post about the ways I annoy my guy. I'm one of those people who takes too long getting ready to go out, especially on weekends. I don't like to rush! He's learned to wait for me patiently in front of the TV. That's my guy!

Jameil said...

shani... hahahahahahaha.

monie... hahahahaha. FIX IT!!

mb... lol thx. GIRL that fubu garbage is the WORST!! i have SURELY been plotting on it.

momisodes... hahahahahaha!! hilarity!

lady... apparently you and shani! lol

aretha... this is what i'm saying!!! lolol

goddess... lol. thx. SUCH a prereq! must. read. minds!! i'm sure it was in the blog somewhere and the manual. he should read more carefully.

red... lol. he does. there were more ways he annoys me. but i'm much less laid back than he is so I'M NOT THE BAD PERSON!! lol. if i have a time set in my head to do something, i need EVERYONE to be ready to move at said time so if you need an hour to get ready, make it happen and I can certainly wait until the appointed time. you get bonus pts. if we leave early. even a minute. (i know this makes me crazy lol)