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I'm loving editing for this project. Seeing it like someone who has never seen it before makes it a lot easier to see where to cut. The piece is a historical short and is supposed to be 5-7 minutes. I wrote the script from the transcripts my partner and I typed out. When we put it on the timeline it was 29 minutes. Our thesis film is done! Give us our master's degrees, please! Lol. So we were able to cut to 9:55 then couldn't really see where else to cut until we called in 4 of our classmates. Then all of us had ideas. It was great. Now it's at around 7 minutes and we still might cut more. Now that we have something like a final script we'll go back and add in all of these pictures we've culled from archives around the web and video from the Florida Archives. CAN'T WAIT! I also really like working with my partner. We're a good team. Both of us are pretty quiet while working unless necessary. That's how I like it. We talk over food breaks and mostly not about work. There's a time and place for everything. Our project is about the Civil Rights Movement in Tallahassee but our subject mentions Mississippi. Hey Mississippi! Your state archive page NEVER LOADED after 6 attempts!! GET IT TOGETHER! I told my partner my mom would probably not like it if I told her I put a hex on her home state. What? They can't act right, I'll show them! Hmph!

Today all of us are going to take a break from working to watch the game. I didn't even know we were going to do that until today. I would have ignored the game. I know it's the SEC Championship and it's a really big game since Alabama is No. 1 and we're No. 4 in the national polls, but I definitely care more about school. I'll have my laptop open searching for whatever pictures or video we need to supplement what we have. It's not a problem. Lol.

How about I was so engrossed in this article I was reading on the L.A. Times about this attorney married to a prisoner prosecutors believe is the head of the Aryan Brotherhood. She met him while married to his brother for 11 years... yeah. It's riveting. (Side note: To get around not having the internet at home, I click "single page" on the longer articles I want to read on the LAT and NYT websites while at school and leave the pages up when I close my laptop so I can read them when I get home.) But I was SO engrossed in this that I missed my bus stop and had to walk an extra half mile or so. Good thing it wasn't that cold. Bad thing that it was dark but there were plenty of cars out and I walked extra fast.

Know what I don't ever want to hear? That V.ictoria's Secret is going out of business. I mean EVER. I just got my 2nd catalog in 3 days from them. The 4th in the last 4 weeks. There is NO ONE who needs weekly catalogs. And certainly not bi-weekly. My running gag with Rashan, "Guess what I got today?" The answer is always a Vickie's catalog. Ridiculous!


Ladynay said...

Reading this just reminds me that different people have a love for different things. That project itself sounds sort of like a nightmare to me. But it reads like you are loving it! LOL!

Can you watch some of the game? Please?

Southerner in Suomi said...

This project sounds awesome!! But you know I'm a history lover. Can you post the video when it's done?

Adei von K said...

are they at least different catalogs? or are you getting the same one 4 times a week?
either way, someone is doing too much!

Jameil said...

lady... lol. and your medical stuff sounds sooo boring to me. thank GOD we all like different things. i need people in the medical field... that doesn't mean i need to do what they do. lol. i watched some of the game. the 2nd half.

v... thanks! i'll do what i can.

adei... different catalogs... still way too much!! lol