Christmas List

1) Express Coat: When I tell you I look AWESOME in this coat!!! I mean it! Rah was like "Wow" because he was with me. It looks great. Esp. with the collar popped.

2) Freedom in the Family: A Mother Daughter Memoir: Good book. I've already read it. Now I want to own it.

3) Brown boots: Wanted these for a while, too. Something like this. Or this (dark brown leather). Size 7.5 please.

4) Spike Lee Collector's Set: It's only $20 for 4 movies and I've wanted it forever.

5) A Sequined Dress: NEEEEEED this. I'd like to wear it for New Year's. Size small or 4.

6) Fierce Nine West Shoes: So necessary, n'est-ce pas? Oui. I like these. I like these but not in yellow or brown. (I know Stace is gonna talk about all the flats. I'm looking for some heels right now, hater!!) These in black or red.

7) "A Different World" DVDs: I think I've been wanting this for 2 years now.

8) Toaster Oven: I think my mom is taking care of this.

9) Sweaters: Love sweaters. Like this one but only in black or grey. Or this one in grey, red or blue.

10) Jewelry: (This is a duh. You cannot go wrong giving me jewelry.)

11) A church: PLEASE GOD!!

12) Black blazer: I've been wanting this for about a year.

13) Gators hoodie sweatshirt: I don't have warm weather Gator gear. Black with the blue cursive letters.

14) Obama tee: And it needs to be a cute one. Unfortunately I don't like most of the ones on his site so unauthorized it is.

15) Vickie's HU para!: It comes out December 16th! I can't wait! Some stuff you can only get in VA stores but there is a selection online and I need to see it so I can direct all those who need to know to the appropriate locale! Wheeeee!!

16) Winter White Coat: Like this. Been wanting this for years.

17) A puppy we keep at Rah's house. I get to have some fun with him (the puppy) but don't have to take care of him (I don't mind taking care of you, old man Rah) and he can bring him for visits. Wouldn't that be great?!

18) This cute blue and gold scarf I saw at a store in Little 5 Points.

19) Now for unrealistic gift: Christian Louboutin. This Dior blouse.

My mom already got me a renewal for Everyday with Rachael Ray! And Rah got me The Big Orange Book. Yeah!!


Ladynay said...

Nice list. Now did you send it to Santa? LOL!

Have you started church hopping to see which one gives you the right vibes? That's the only way you are going to find one on your own.

Adei von K said...

that is such a jam coat!!!! with the dramatic collar and all!

flat boots, flat sparkly shoes, flats, flats, flats!!!

again with with dramatic cowl neck!! that is a jameil sweater!!

yeah, the obama tees on site aren't what's up.

OMG, how could've i've forgotten to add the FAMU & HU 'nalia!?!? MUST ADD!! MUST HAVE FAMU AND HU UNDERWEAR! AND BAGS! AND SWEATSUITS!!! Thank-you PINK by Victoria's Secret!!


that winter white jacket is heaven on earth.

yeah, i like your list! must consolidate!

Anonymous said...

Rah got his work cut out!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

There will be no puppies at my crib. You remember me about to die from the guinea pigs, why would you do that to me? LOL

Good list. Now I have something to go by.

the joy said...

I need some boots too. Some really snowy looking ones.

Ah! You went to l5p? That's my favorite place. What store was the scarf in?

Sha Boogie said...

you are HILARIOUS w/ ur Christmas list. All I want is a boston terrier puppy. lets do a yankee swap! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

love the Express coat, (well, and the VS one too), it's beautiful.

P.S. Puppy? DON'T DO IT! If you want a dog, get one that's 2 yrs old and trained. I got a puppy 1st August and I STILL BLOODY REGRET IT. Even though I love the little bugger *cough*.

1969 said...

Rah is gonna have to get a part time job. :)

Jameil said...

lady... yes! and girl i can't even tell you how many churches i've hopped to. i think 5. i've also asked for references from different people. sigh. this is my 3rd city in the last 5 years if you don't include charlotte where i lived for a year but was home. i'm way too well-versed on how to find a church.

adei... i know! lol. hush flat hater. the tees are horrid. i can't WAIT for the hu pink stuff to come out! love that vickies coat!

epsi... lol.

rj... why would you say that??? no puppies??? there are hypoallergenic ones OR you could just take some medicine. get shots. something.

joy... love boots. i wrote abt little five pts and mentioned your name in my tgiving wrapup, you brat. cherry bomb.

sha... lol. idk what a yankee swap is so methinks i shouldn't agree! lol

abrit... love coats!! 2yo and trained. lol. i'm sure a splendid idea.

1969... lol. it's not all for him. behave!