Monday Mindspacing Vol. 126

1) HGTV has clued me in to something: I don't like futuristic toilets. Tell me that toilet is not scary-looking. I think most of all I hate its squareness. Why does that toilet look like a box? But I'm also amused to think one day that might be a relatively basic/normal toilet.
2) I bet my mom's blood pressure skyrockets every time she thinks about her latest interactions with her mom. She always starts yelling. It's insane.
3) I ran my 2nd 5k on Saturday! But it was just okay... I felt like I could've run faster. :/  I was trying to stay with my running partner. But I did like my festive attire. I'll do a comparison with the first 5k later. For those of you who are in training, how's it going????
4) Rashan and I have been married 5 months AND we only recently realized we'll be married 6 months on New Years Day!!! Awesome! To bring in our 6 month anniversary every year, we get fireworks, champagne and a giant party! I couldn't have planned it better if I tried! And our actual anniversary is 4th of July weekend? PARTY EVERY SIX MONTHS!!!
5) I think I want to start painting my nails regularly again. I want OPI's Big Apple Red.
6) I only liked the first season of Dexter a little. Not enough to continue. But I'm really enjoying the current season.
7) I've started playing a game with Rashan. I do something big, noticeable and wait for him to notice. I put up a wreath inside and switched the one outside. He didn't notice until I mentioned it. I put a rather large sleigh full of gold and red Christmas ornaments on the DVR. He missed it for the first 2 hours he was home... watching tv. I had a bunch of papers I was organizing covering a large section of the living room that I put away. I had to call his attention to it. It cracks me up!! I can't WAIT for tonight! :)
8) I have lots of goals I need to accomplish before the end of the year. I'm on my way but I have to focus. I'm ready. I approach my goals like I approach a race. Head down, enjoy it as you go but most of all, FINISH.
9) I love watching Zakarian freak out every week on Next Iron Chef. I never expected him to become one of my faves! And I certainly didn't expect to not love Samuelsson as much as I once did. OR to really really like Faulkner!
10) I love my husband. I have a blast with him! He delights me, he supports me every step of the way, he adores me. That last one is why my mom loves him. He doesn't care who sees it. One day we'll be those parents embarrassing the mess out of their children with their love!
11) One of my mom's high school classmates doesn't have email. In 2011. Fix yourself. Right now.
12) Can you believe I haven't really thought about my Christmas menu? I'm pretty sure I'm going to cook whatever is on sale at my fave (Harris Teeter) that week. Ooh! I forgot I get to go to Trader Joe's since we'll be in Charlotte. There, too! :)


K. Rock said...

3. Your in that comparison territory now. Every one from here on out you will be trying to beat your best time. This is where the real competitive fun begins! Always competing with yourself.
6. Love Dexter. I dont have Showtime so I can only watch it over my mom's house on the weekend. I am only 4 episodes into this season but I managed to avoid spoilers up to this point. I really need to catch up though.
10. Sweet. You have to embarrass those kids with lovey-dovey-ness. That's how they learn how someone should treat them.

Epsilonicus said...

Good job on the race! I am considering doing one. I am thinking of Men's Health Urbanathlon. Its more of an obstacle course than a regular foot race(I get bored doing only running very easily...)

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I got so distracted by that toilet video I forgot to comment! I'm going to need you to get your Christmas menu life together ASAP. You know food gives me life! Hmph..

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Oh and you look so cute in your running outfit! *pinching your cheeks*

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.I’m totally excited to try all the new home gadgets. New toilet YES! I just hope they improve on the design because that one is UGLY! Colors please!
2. I’m glad that your relationship with your mom is good so you don’t have to feel like that. I can relate to your mother though. Girl, my mother...sometimes I just...woooooo I just...!!!
3. Yay! You look like a running Christmas tree?! I dig it! LOL!
4. That’s AWESOME!! It will always be special even years down the line.
5. I thought you were a part of #teammanicure? Well welcome back! There are a lot of awesome colors and designs out.
6. Dexter is entertaining but forgettable to me. I need to catch up.
7. Why Jameil? Just why?? Bwhaahahahaha! Okay keep it spicy!
10. I enjoy seeing people in love. There are so many couples that you see and you just KNOW they hate each other! I want to ask them why are you together?? Real love is adorable.
11. Why must you bother the old people? Are you going to help her?
12. No actually I can’t! Fix that! We are seafood all the way this Christmas! I love Trader Joe's! Happy shopping. :)

Sparkling Red said...

1) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Why do people need to mess with the traditional toilet design? It works fine last time I checked.
4) & 10) Awww, you smoochy newlyweds, you are so CUTE!! :-D
11) Even my mom has e-mail. That means EVERYONE should have e-mail. She's so techno-phobic she refuses to use a microwave.

Trish said...

1. I don't like it either! With that price tag, it can stay in the future!!

3. I can't wait to hear about your training. I want to get more athletic. I'll start with trying to get myself to the gym today.

4. Awww!!! You guys are so great!

7. That game sounds really fun.

12. I may be the only person who has never been to Trader Joe's!

Jameil said...

k... 3) I wanted to beat myself by more tho... :/
6) Catch up, ma'am!
10) Exactly!

epsi... thanks! I am so good on obstacle courses! LOL

sha.. ROTFL! It was extra distracting. I'm even behind on posting recipes. It's a mess. I'm a grown woman! Stop pinching my cheeks!! LOLOL

gp... 1) Yuck. And colors??? No.
2) Wow...
3) LOLOL Thank you!
4) Yeaaaaah
5) I wash my hands/cook too much for it to last and I can't be walking around with broke-looking nails.
6) This season is good.
7) LOLOL Spicy!
10) I hate being around those couples.
11) She's 56!!! There's NO excuse. I don't know that lady. I am not helping her. I said she needs to fix HERSELF. My mom and her classmates were telling her about herself.
12) Meh. I'll figure something out closer to the day.

red... 1) Exactly!
4 & 10) :))))
11) Wow! And agreed!

trish... 1) LOL
3) Woohoo! Go gym!
4) :)
7) It is!
12) Fix. now!!