Monday Mindspacing Vol. 127

I'm in internet purgatory. The sordid details coming later in the week but for now, Monday Mindspacing on Tuesday...

1) Etsy sellers who go on vacation around Christmas? Not bright.
2) Rashan and I decided Robert California can't last on "The Office" at this rate. He's getting too ridiculous. Not as bad as Will Ferrell last year but still. Those episodes are unwatchable.
3) You'll be pleased to know the Christmas menu is officially underway! There was great difficulty because no one has anything they must have for Christmas except dressing and sweet potato pie. Ummm... what? How do I narrow down a menu like that? Do better, people.
4) I wish I could block profanity from my twitter timeline. It would really help my quest to keep cursing out of my life.
5) My favorite thing about my new phone is app exploration. This week's fave is Pulse because it exposes me to news sources I wouldn't ordinarily see. Least fave? iPhone-only apps. Fix.
6) Did you hear about the proposed (essentially imminent) post office cuts? It will make mail even slower. Mine already gets here after 6 if at all. So wack.
7) I ran 3.5 on Thursday and 3.6 Sunday at faster than ever paces and felt AMAZING both times!!
8) I'm going to be saturating myself in Christmas music and movies for the rest of the month!! Can't wait!!!!!! I never let my filmmaker sensibilities get in the way of jolly Christmas films! Okay that's not totally true. I don't particularly like kiddie Christmas movies. I love a good romcom Christmas! Love it! There are 29 unwatched Christmas movies on the DVR and I've already watched for others!!
9) Have you ever seen a perfume spritzer just randomly spray someone in a store? Matter of fact, have you ever seen a person in the store spraying perfume on people? I'm convinced both of these only exist in the movies and on television.
10) I secretly want an arm full of slim diamond bracelets one day. I don't care if it's gaudy. The secret's out. Boom.
11) I love gifts in triplicate. I really don't think gifts should exist without at least two sidekicks. They don't have to be huge but those gifts need friends!
12) Christmas has made me remember I have cookbooks I've never cooked from. I've fixed that with two books since Thanksgiving and I still have at least SIX to go. But I still want a slow cooker cookbook... I have at least 150 recipes saved on my computer. I could use only saved recipes and those from cookbooks I own for at least 18 months without repeating. Out of control.


Trish said...

1.That annoys me too! Last Christmas I worked with a great seller on Etsy though, she expedited her work and the shipping!

2. I have given up on The Office.

3. It's been brought to my attention that all I will be asked to make is peach cobbler, I hope that's true.

4. I need to stop as well.

5. Ahh, the iPhone.....

6. Same with my postman, I see him out there in the dark fumbling with the mail every evening.

7. That's great!

8. I've tried getting into the Christmas spirit but it has been hard this year.

9. Never!

10. An arm full of bracelets....interesting!! *side eye*

11. All gifts should have babies.

12. Do you find that most recipes require you to spend a ton of money? If not, maybe I'm looking at the wrong types of recipes.

K. Rock said...

2. The Office as a whole is getting downright unwatchable. I laugh a lot more watching Happy Endings than I do at the Office now.
7. Woo hoo!
9. Ha! So true. I think it was popular in the 90's. It's not a practice that really exists anymore. So it may be in a lot of older movies but shouldn't be in any new ones.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. I've only bought one thing from etsy...who are you fave vendors, I'm on the hunt for christmas gifts.
2. I haven't watched since steve left.
3. I'm thinking a seafood christmas is in order for us.
4. I'm nearly 4 months cursing free. I'm so proud of myself.
7. Yay! Now, I'm so proud of you!
8. Do you have the Bieber Christmas Album??? He goes hard on the Little Drummer Boy...I love it!
11. I need to adopt this as a requirement. 3 gift minimum, lol.

Nerd Girl said...

4. Sorry. I'm trying to stop.
7. Good job. You've inspired my mom to run. I'm not sure how I feel about this...
9. Used to happen to me all the time. But I'm older than you - I haven't experienced this at all in the last...15 years.
10. I want gold.
12. I'm thinking of purging a lot (most) of my cookbooks. Want them?

Anonymous said...

6. I have the worst post office and mail carriers EVER. I shudder to think of what will happen with the cuts.
7. Good work lady!
8. You know I'm OD'ing on the Xmas music. Not so much on the movies yet though. Will start those this weekend.
9. Many, many years ago when I was in high school, they did this everywhere. I haven't seen a spritz girl in forever.
12. I received 2 great cookbooks over the weekend from another Secret Santa exchange. Both are Guy and Triple D. Can't WAIT to cook something.

Sparkling Red said...

3) Sweet potato pie! I can understand why that's a must-have.
4) I have recently started cursing again, occasionally. I guess the Church Effect is starting to wear off. However, my prayer life is strong at the moment. I feel OK about occasionally using strong language for comedic effect. I don't use it to express rage.
8) I think it's time for a re-watch of Scrooged. A Christmas Story has been a bit overdone.
10) Me too!

Anonymous said...

Jameil as a lover of food, I thought you might appreciate this website (if you haven't already seen in). Is cooking REALLY that complicated?


Jameil said...

trish... 1) that's good! i've seen a lot of 'on vacation' notices. ummm...
2) awww
3) lol nice!
4) i had been at a complete stop. it's started slipping in again occasionally and i know that is completely due to things I'm reading and watching.
5) don't have one so i need everyone to make android apps.
6) FAIL.
7) :)
8) come on, lady!!
9) lol. exactly!
10) wait until you see it!
11) indeed!
12) it depends on the chef. giada & ina make some RIDICULOUS recipes asking for 2 tbsp. of a $10 vinegar you would never use again or a pound of pancetta which is $15/lb. Stop the madness. Keeping a well-stocked pantry definitely helps but yes, sometimes these people are crazy w/their ingredient lists. I have gotten to the point of skipping the more expensive recipes.

k... 2) HE is a guaranteed laugh. The Office is a maybe.
7) yeah!!
9) lol. I was very aware in the 90s and I have NEVER seen it. You've seen it???

nsa... 1) oops. i'm kinda late on this one... I like elsewind for vintage, yarnplusyarn for knit/crotcheted things. lizix26 for jewelery. flutterbye notes & naomilynn for stationery.
2) it picked up once will ferrell left.
3) yummy!
4) go you!
7) thank you! :)
11) lol indeed!

ng... 4) I really hadn't noticed you until you wrote this.
7) I love it! So cool!
9) WOW! That is amazing! I was like dear tv & movies, this doesn't happen. LOL But the fact that it's still depicted?? Bizarre.
10) DO IT!!!
12) YES!!

mrstdj... 6) ME TOO!!
7) thank you!
8) get to it!
9) lolol amazing!
12) oooooh! can't wait to hear about it!

red... 3) yes! and mom's is great!
4) i need to re-strengthen my prayer life.
8) i didn't do scrooged this year. maybe i'll be ready for it next year.
10) yes!!

anonymous... lol. yes, i've seen that.