5k Comparisons

After running two 5ks, I'm definitely hooked on racing! I love the camaraderie, the energy and trying to hit a new personal record in some goal or another!  So let's do a side-by-side review of this race and the first one.

My first 5k was at the beach and therefore absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We didn't run on the actual beach, but rather along it and the intercoastal waterway. I couldn't see the beach during the run but I could smell it and enjoyed it before and after.
Result: Draw

Size & Atmosphere
Race one had about 350 people competing in a 5k and a 10k. Race two had about 3500!! Amazing to jump tenfold!! It was so cool seeing so many runners out and about.  It was also a holiday-themed race and I saw Mrs. Claus AND an elf!  At race number one, there was certainly a greater feeling of camaraderie even though I was running with people I knew at race two. The small size and friendliness of the volunteers at race one really helped.
Advantage: Race 2

Race one had free massages and delicious fresh bagels! There were lots of excited people around so that was fun! But I was most excited about the oyster festival. Unfortunately it was a horrible bust with limited oysters. WACK. The times were posted as people were coming in so it was cool to see your times as you came in and unwound. Plus it was my first race so I was SUPER excited!

Race two had lots of food but because of the crowd, there were way too many people in long lines trying to get to it. There were yummy Panera bagels and hot chicken and rice soup. Delicious. But there were no race times and no info on where to find it. What? Why? This was so incredibly frustrating. Even more so because we started at different times.
Result: Draw

Race one was FLAT which was wonderful! I didn't even realize how wonderful until I started training on hills in the weeks after the race! And though it was at the beach, the course was pretty boring.  It looped back before the first mile so I got to see all of these way who were way faster pass me in the first 10 minutes. Pretty demoralizing. But I quickly got over it.

Race two was hilly but near my normal route so I'd run it a few times. It was cool! And really pretty! I enjoyed it! It looped back later in the race so that was easier to take! Plus the last part of the route was mostly downhill which helps you really fly in the home stretch.
Advantage: Race 2

At race one, I got a medal. Who cares about the rest of it? I'm not running any more races without a medal.
Advantage: Race 1

This was the single biggest factor in my race. Race one went off without a hitch. It was on time. It was fun. I was ready to run! Race two? It started 30 minutes late without sufficient explanation. I found out later it was because they didn't shut down pre-race registration when they said they would and there were hundreds of runners still registering when the race was supposed to start. Thirty minutes doesn't sound like much but I got there at 7:25 for a race that was supposed to start at 8:35. It was 40 degrees outside and you see what I was wearing. It was fine for me to start running but not for me to be standing out there for an hour and a half. I couldn't feel my toes for the first 3/4 of a mile. That is not cool. I had also planned my food and water for an 8:35 start so by the time I started I didn't feel appropriately fueled or hydrated. So not cool. This category was a no-brainer.
Advantage: Race 1

While I loved the size and Christmasness of race 2, the organization killed it for me. I like things to be decent and in order. I'm feeling about done with 5ks. For a while at least. (Unless you know of a free local one...) I'm ready for my first 10k in March!
Advantage: Race 1


Ladynay said...

I envy all you guys that run for fun!

Running with numb feet trying to awaken while running sounds painful.

K. Rock said...

Yeah a race starting late is bad bad bad. Congrats on number 2. Get ready for that 10K!

Sparkling Red said...

I agree that bad organization can kill an otherwise good event, as can overcrowding/long line-ups. Why were they registering all those late people at Race #2? If you can't get yourself to the race on time, you should obviously be disqualified. Races are for fast people!

Jameil said...

lady... it didn't start out being fun! it wasn't really painful but it was definitely disconcerting. I had this weird frown of concern.

k... it was so lame.

red... lots of people wanted to know why they registered people so late. there are a lot of races that don't allow you to register onsite anymore. granted, many of those are at longer distances, but if they were going to have a cutoff, they needed to enforce it. the people who were on time shouldn't be penalized because of the foot draggers. also ROTFL @ races are for fast people!!!

JeLisa | Blogging Ever After said...

Wow, girl - go you! I supremely suck at running. 1K would be an amazing accomplishment for me. :/

Not so Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Sorry I'm so late on this! Another one has been bitten by the running bug...I'm so excited. You look so darn adorable in that picture. 5ks make me happy, but I have the worst pace with them...i don't get it either.