Monday Mindspacing Vol. 128

1)  I've been internet ghost. Here's why. I called AT&T to remove auto-pay from my account to pay manually. They marked it as a disconnect. I call to have them fix it on Friday and talk to 7 people in an hour and a half. One told me it would be back on by 6. Another said he would find out what happened and have me compensated and he'd call me back. Never called back. Weekend w/o internet. PISSED. Last Monday after another half hour on the phone, I'm finally told they'll shut down that account and create a new one to give me the promotional rate which is $30 less per year than what I'm currently paying. BUT the internet will still be off until December 21st, TWELVE days later. Guess who has zero love for AT&T now. One guess.
2) I hate when cards are addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Rashan (last name). I promise my name is not Mrs. Rashan. It's Jameil. Promise. My mom doesn't get it. "You 21st century women." I am. I'm okay with that. The Last Names? Cool? Mr. & Mrs. Rashan & Jameil? Great. Mr. & Mrs. Rashan last name? Fail.
3) If you're over 25 and you think you can eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want and still have a good workout, you're wrong. If you don't drink water, you will cramp. If you don't eat things other than fast food, you can't perform at peak.
4) My mom suggested a Christmas fish fry. Y'all know I'm open-minded when it comes to food but, lady, you have lost your mind. Christmas Eve fish fry? Let's do it. Post-Christmas fish fry? It's on. But no to Christmas. THEN she mentioned SEVEN desserts for 4 people. One of them has diabetes, another high cholesterol and EVERYONE is watching their waistlines. I shut all of that down with a QUICKNESS. Yes, I'm the kitchen crazy at her house because everyone wants me to cook. Furthermore, if I don't take charge, we'll eat whatever my mom thinks of Christmas afternoon after I beg her to cook. Not on my watch.
5) Was Next Iron Chef awesome? Or was it awesome??? Loved it! And now I want to do a goat cheese-brussels sprouts puree for Christmas!
6) If you saw that movie post from the last two weeks, I've been on a Christmas movie binge of late. Tis CRAY. It's been so crazy that it's prompted a list of Christmas movie cliches. Thursday 13.
7) I want to make a beef wellington...
8) I wish I could eat parsnips. I see SO MANY great recipes! But last Thanksgiving I had an INSANE reaction to them. Itchy throat and snot faucet for HOURS. Carrots make my throat itch but parsnips (carrot cousins) make my body attack. :(
9) My favorite thing about watching food shows is calling out the unusual foods before the narrator can. :)
10) Rashan brought home chocolate-dipped sugar cookies topped with crushed peppermint. WHAT?!?! I could've easily eaten the whole bag! And I might have eaten 7/8 of it...
11) In some ways, Stacey and I are the same person and it is an awesome and hilarious experience talking to her. Can't wait to visit her in New York and rob the city of as much of its food as possible. LEGGO!!!
12) I've cooked three meals and prepared a salad dressing from one of my Rick Bayless books in the last week. So yummy! That man is ON IT!
13) I love my husband. BUNCHES! Tis all...

Hm... looks like I might be ever so slightly obsessed with food... I wonder if I could create a class on the evolution of food journalism... methinks I could and it would be awesome. *Mind twerks*


Sparkling Red said...

1) Gah! Phone companies are tha wurst.
2) Agreed. That is unacceptable. I have avoided the problem by having a different last name than my husband. It's easy for those of us who don't have to worry about hyphenated children.
8) How 'bouts I trade allergies with you? ;-)
10) WOW those sound drool-worthy! I have a friend who makes brownies with crushed candy canes every year. Those were my fave! (Why don't they just re-name it Wheatmas? *sigh*)

Trish said...

1. I feel you, I HATE Comcast!

2. I wouldn't like that either.

3. Oooh, you are so right. I need help! I wish that trainers didn't cost so much.

4. The fish fry idea is different but not for Christmas. I can't wait to see the pics from your Christmas dinner.

6.We went to see Sherlock Holmes. I know, nothing to do with Christmas but I wanted to tell you anyway.

11. Aren't BFF's amazing! I can't wait to see mine, it's been eight months!

13. I still haven't grown tired of hearing that, awww!!!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Uhm...your mom is a genius! Christmas fishy fry? Invite me. I'll eat your portion!

::whispering:: I had parsnip for the first time last night. It was a part of a baked root vegetable medley at the company holiday party. Don't judge me...

Ladynay said...

The fact that I just sent my friends something in the mail addressed as Mr. and Mrs. "insert husband's first and last name" makes me laugh. I need to call her and see if that rubbed her the wrong way. Never thought of it before reading this post.

Why couldn't AT&T hook your internet service back up right then? They can cut stuff off in a blink but 12 days to turn it on? Poppycock!

Nerd Girl said...

1. Boooooooo!!!
2. That doesn't bother me. If I were actually being called "Mrs. Smoochy Nerd" that would bother me!!
4. I'd totally be down for a fish fry!
7. Man, beef is expensive!
8. I've never had parsnips.

Epsilonicus said...

1. I almost cussed Verizon out yesterday. I had to speak with 5 people before they finally figured out how to get me to billing.

12. Rick Bayless is the man!

Adei von K said...

1. I would've lost my mind. You almost did :-(
2. Awww, I like that addressing cards that way!

4. Ms. E, ima have to give you the side eye for a Christmas FF as well. and the hella desserts just made me laugh!

5. goat cheese brussel sprout puree. sounds... strong.

11. I love when we vibe and cackle in evil glee!!!!! I can't wait for my dining buddy either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jameil said...

red... 1) and internet!!
2) lol i don't even care if it says Rashan & Jameil but just Mr. & Mrs. I don't dig.
8) Nope.
10) MMMM Sounds amazing!

trish... 1) down with them all!
2) word!
3) You might be pleasantly surprised by the cost. Shop around a little.
4) Yeah seriously not for Christmas.
6) LOL Well thank you! But you should also tell me how you liked it!
7) YES! It's been 5 for us. I'm ready!!!
13) :)))

sha... She's trippin. I'm not judging! Everyone at our Thanksgiving table had never had them before last year.

lady... LOL You know lots of people don't care but w/my name angst already in force and you know I'm crazy so... Re: internet, EXACTLY!!!!

ng... 1) EXACTLY!!
2) LOL! When I see that in old books I'm like for real???
4) Not on Christmas day!
7) It really is.
8) You should give them a try!

epsi... 1) UGH!!!

adei... 1) WACK.
2) mmhm. but how do you think you'd feel about receiving cards like that? we can be conjoined to wedded bliss w/o me losing my name.
4) smh
5) you are so stank.
11) YES!!!!

Anonymous said...

2. But it's the proper way to address married folk. And once you have a kidlet, it'll be Mr. Rashan Last Name and Family. I love it, take no exception to it and usually address mail like that. Sometimes, I'll just put, "The Last Name Family", but usually I do it the way you hate. Remember - I'm old!!! *lol*

4. Team Jamiel's mom! I love the idea of a Christmas fish fry.

5. Team Zakarian allllllll the way to the end baby!!! I actually was split from the beginning between Alex, Marcus and Geoffrey. I'd have been happy with any of them winning. Something about Faulkner rubbed me WRONG.

12. And he was sooo nice when we met him at the Top Chef taping. Much shorter than I expected though.

Love the class idea!! I want to be a guest lecturer! *lol*

Jameil said...

2. I actually don't mind The Last Names. What's traditionally proper doesn't apply for us in regards to nomenclature. If I had been a 23 or even 25yo bride, I would've been cool with it. But at this point in my life, I need my identity recognized. And that includes on cards.
4. The two of you....
5. I kind of liked Faulkner but Z is a BOSS!!! I liked Marcus less through the comp. He seemed all over the place and kind of annoying. I like Alex on Chopped but I did NOT expect to be rooting for her so hard on this show!!! I loved her!!!
12. Awesome!
Ummm... what is your area of expertise for this lecture???