Christmas List 2011

The theme for this year's Christmas is RUNNING! Surprised you, didn't I? LOL Those are the most reasonable things and turns out I really want them. I've gotten a few early Christmas gifts so that's extra exciting!
  1. Running shoes!!!  This is number one for a reason!  I want this MOST of all! Done! Thanks Rashan!
  2. Registration for this 10k or this half marathon.   I want these second most!
  3. An arm holder for my phone/i.d./key, a Black Girls Run! t-shirt (Got a sweatshirt, thanks to Mom!), running clothes (pants, jacket in indigo grey, long-sleeved shirt in black or fuschia, jacket in black or fuschia, running headband) compression socks, a head lamp & running gloves. A foam roller.
  4. Other random workout stuff like a ball, a medicine ball and a kettle bell
  5. A job. What? God sees Christmas lists, too! :)
  6. A stand or hand mixer. I currently mix everything by hand. Yeah. Nuff said.
  7. Apple Corer. Chain pie weight. Both from Crate and Barrel. I'll probably use my gift card to get these for myself. Merry Christmas to me!
  8. A slow cooker cookbook like this one primarily and this one secondarily.


Patti said...

BY HAND?! Omg I almost spit out my coffee. I really hope that someone gets you a mixer. Most people dont cook or bake enough to warrant one, but you? You need one of those!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Very practical list reflective of you! You did say God reads lists, and I like that! I hope you get everything on your list.

Anonymous said...

For x mas I want some computer related items. This inspired me to go post my xmas list..though I'm sure I'll end up buying everything myself

Jameil said...

p... i agree!!

gp... i won't but i'm okay with that. it will all hold until i buy it for myself.

anonymous... i hope not everything!