Monday Mindspacing Vol. 21

1) It never stops looking fruity for one man to light another man's cigarette. No matter how many classic films I watch.
2) I really wish Netflix would stop classifying every old movie as a classic. That is a lie.
3) I regularly see what Rashan's commented on the blogs we both read and say to myself, "Self..." Lol. J/k. But I regularly respond to him in the comments... WHY DO I DO THIS!? I assume because I'm so used to having a dialogue with him. 15 months into our relationship we still talk a minimum of 1.5 hours a day (usually only that short on Wednesdays when I'm exhausted) and up to 6 hours, but on average 4 hours a day. Sometimes I feel bad for responding to him in other people's comments. Then I get over it. It's the nature of the beast.
4) Though this thought is probably unpopular, I heartily disapprove of living in the same state your entire life. It really does help you to live outside of your comfort zone. EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS! It's fun! It's actually really uncomfortable at first, but you adjust. And if nothing else, you learn things about yourself. If I hadn't left Charlotte I may never have started blogging and can you imagine that world? You wouldn't have me! And neither would Rashan! Tears all around. Pass the tissues.
5) I told my thesis partner about the fried butter at the Texas state fair & he balked, said, "WHAT?! I don't understand Texas." Lololol. I've never been to Texas but he said the airports were enough for him. HILARIOUS! I'm totally going to Texas one day! Fave roomie lives there AND obviously there is some of the Mexican food in the world in that state. I'm salivating thinking about it... seriously.
6) VH1 did a celebrity list talking about who had the best lips. Of the women for consideration, there were NO black women. YEAH. RIGHT. Rashan's response to the list upon hearing this? "Invalid." Word.
7) I'm increasingly irritated by the bickering & outside the kitchen/work room stuff on Top Chef & Project Runway. I do NOT care if you don't like your competitor. As so many of you love to say, "You're not here to make friends." BTW, retire that saying.
8) My mom told me she doesn't want to live to be 100. I didn't appreciate that. I didn't even think to bargain with her and ask for 99.99. I'm seriously slacking in my debating. I think I was scared to ask her when she was planning on leaving. I'm not having it! YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER!! (For those of you concerned, I'm pretty comfortable with death b/c I experienced it a lot when I was younger. I don't like it but recognize it as a part of life.)
8) During my perusal of some of my old posts, I realized something. I was hilarious! Lol! I had so much energy two years ago! I'm not saying I don't now but I've certainly calmed down. Lol. This one cracked me up!!
9) I tried chocolate-dipped bacon at the fair... just because I'd heard of it. Dude... I was not a fan. Partly because it was cold. Cold bacon doesn't have nearly the appeal of hot bacon. Rashan didn't mind it, though. He actually liked it! I felt ill afterward.
10) I'm working on my 30 things to do before 30 list... I should hurry up and finish it to give myself 2.75 years to complete it! Suggestions? Travel is already pretty high on the list... as in at least 3 of the items!
11) Rashan saw the craziest part of me early Saturday morning... and stayed around. Bless his heart. Lol. MINE! ALL MINE!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
12) I went to the game alone last week because my one classmate who also has season tix didn't go. Turns out I didn't mind it at all. Gator nation is real! We all enjoyed the game together! Plus I didn't feel so pressured to stand the entire time so it helped not to have to do that. AND my feet felt much less painful at the end of the night! SCORE!!
13) I get pretty funky when I have bad service... so much so that Rashan would rather get takeout than have to deal w/the possibility of hearing my irritation over it. Lolol. Whatev! Make them get it together!! PLEASE!
14) Rashan said the reason so many of you commented on the relationship post is b/c you think we're getting married... IS THIS TRUE??? Because if so, y'all should calm down! Lol.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, so in my absence, so many (including you) had makeovers. lovin' it!! and i agree with so much of your post, especially about moving to another state some time during life. the butter and bacon=*barf*

and i must concur, you were/are pretty friggin' hilarious. wanna be my ghost writer? you can get compensated with crooked toothless smiles and poopy diapers-LOL! trust me, they do it out of love ;-)

Ginae said...

Well, because I think you and Rah will get married was not my specific reason for commenting on his post, but do I think eventually yall will get married? Absolutely.

I agree with your mom...Who wants to live to be 100, not me. In fact, just for fun, me and a friend went to see a psychic one day many years ago. He said I'd live to be 92..That ish upset me for days on end. I do not want to live that long either. I'm good around 85...lol..I mean I'd have to be in super health, have kids and grandkids close by and be having one fantastic life where I'm rich and living it up to want to live much more beyond that..and even then....I'd have to think about it....maybe i'll change my mind by then and be holding onto life for well, dear life..lol

Ginae said...

oh and fyi..not that i believed the psychic really knew how long i would live, but just in case he was right..it upset me.

Ladynay said...

1) It does look kind of weird
3) Average of 4 hours daily? I don't have that much to say to my darn self!!! LOL!
8) You're the 2nd person to recently say that mom's should live forever and I agree with you both! :-)
10) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't know...skinny dipping? LOL
11) He's a keeper chicka! Awwwwwww
14) I think you two have a good chance of broom jumping in the future but that is not why I made a comment.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. The only time I saw it not look fruity was this movie I watched last week.. The guy said "Match me, Sidney" with a look of superiority. Other than that, pretty fey...

2. I agree.

3. I think its b/c you are a cyber stalker.. either that or you think the world belongs to you and only you. Everybody else is a supporting player, even on their own blog. LOL

4. It's about time for me to get out of GA. Haven't lived here my whole life, but close enough.

5. I bet the mexican food in TX is ridiculous. I wanna eat there, but not in the summer. Way too hot.

6. totally invalid if you weren't on the list.

7. you know that's why I don't like Top Chef.

8. Yeah, I'm with you on that. I don't want my moms leaving ever either.

9. I only tasted like a smidgen of chocolate bacon. If I would have had more, I probably wouldn't have liked it either.

10. I think buy me an island should be on that list... no?

11. Yours.. All yours... (ya big crazy!)


13. you wanna know a secret? I just don't like tipping. LOL

14. Yeah...everybody needs to calm down. we'll let you know (on 4/1/2010 - LOL)

Not so Anonymous said...

I totally agree that people should move out of state at least once for a couple of years. I'm still trying to get some of my cousins to move from the town they've lived in all their lives.

That fried butter is just plain crazy. As a matter of fact, just about all the stuff at the Texas State Fair was crazy. I think they had fried coke (the soda, lol), and fried snickers bars...craaaazy.

I love chocolate, but not enough that I'll eat it over bacon...you brave soul.

I too get very funky with bad service. The only way I don't go off is when Alyssa is with me. I hate bad service...ugh.

I didn't comment because I think you and Rashan are getting married. I commented because you two are so darn adorable together.

Sha Boogie said...

ya know what? i usually SO ride with you on anything foody that you mention. chocolate dipped bacon? pass! WHY? WHY?! lol

Adei von K said...

can you please put a space in between your mindspaces? please and thank-you.

what exactly is the def of a classic movie? with cars, it's something over 25 y.o (I think). Is it the same with movies?

"tears all around pass the tissues" has my ROLLING!!

no black women on the best lips list... that has to be the most BS list ever!!

I guess I should hop on the 30 before 30 list. should be interesting!

Jameil said...

pcd... welcome back. how about you stay this time. thanks! the butter is a hot mess. lol @ my compensations. the latter sounds like birth control.

ginae... not sure why you think we'll get married but ummm... ok. i want to live and be awesome forever. lol @ the psychic upsetting you. that's funny.

lady... it looks mad fey. actually sometimes we just sit and watch films together. moms should gone head and stay around!

rj... never seen it look un-fey w/the lean in and cup. YOU'RE the cyber stalker and have been since you first read my blog. let's be real. get on outta GA! let's TX it UP baby! i'm not buying you an island. you like tipping. lol. act right!

nsa... moving out is great! i def. have cousins who have never lived outside of the cities where they were born. fried butter & most of the TX state fair is seriously nuts. they have fried coke (the soda, LOL FOR REAL!!) @ the nc fair, too. i don't even like chocolate like that. remember she still knows you're mad! LOLOLOL we ARE adorable! :)

sha... i know right!? i had to try it just b/c i'd heard of it... but i wouldn't consider that foodie! lolol at all! only in the sense of adventure!

adei... noooo space! space your face! i think technically its more than 25 yrs but i'm not sure. lol! pass those tissues!! wack wack wiggity wack list. can't wait to see your 30 before 30.