Project Runway Recap

My Project Runway recap is back!! Consider yourself warned, there are spoilers! Matter of fact, if you hate spoilers and haven't seen it, just come back after you have because this entire post is a spoiler.

Who cares how many women v. men there are? Pas moi.

Guess what Logan? You should've won if you wanted to see your stuff up there. The boys need to go home. Logan has potential... maybe... but Chris? Ugh. It's BEEN time for him to leave!!

OOOOH! Zippers galore!!

Did you say 30 yards of fabric Chris? That's stupid. No one needs 30 yards of fabric for one dress! Oh that's right, no fashion school for you... and still I'm going to call that what it is... #notanexcuse

Did you say the fabric doesn't matter? Weird, Carol Hannah. Why do you need to be told to work with what you're good at? These people baffle me.

Irina's fabric looks like Russian drapes. Vodka.

I like Althea. LOLOLOL @ Malvin's pants!! Those were horrid!!! I had totally forgotten abt that! Mr. Chickenegg pants. LOGAN! Wouldn't you be sensitive if someone compared your stuff to a loser's??? Wait you have no winning designs so...

Wait are there only 6 left? I've only heard that 98xs in 16 minutes.

I don't think your parents need education for you to be a fashion designer. Just FYI. That has nothing to do with anything.

Did you say they'll recognize a Christopher piece like that's a good thing? It's not.

CH... why did Tim just save you? Guess you better bring him to your workroom after you leave the show!

Chris.. that is ugly wedding meets dramatic funeral.

Althea... don't you think the judges will call him out if it's like yours? Of course messy Irina is egging you on and telling you to call him out. FOCUS!!!!!

LOL @ why is one dress thowing up the other? Such an Irina (yet accurate) thing to say!! I'm calling final three right now: Irina, Althea, Carol Hannah. Ugh. Where is Ramon???

Gordana... that is such a mess. Go home!! You AND Chris!! GEEZ!!!! Irina's right Althea... that is curiously like the Aspen look. Irina still irritates me.

Nick!! Where's Michael Kors AGAIN!?!? That bastard. He's forsaking me way too much this season!!!!! Kerry Washington... she never does it for me...

Carol... that top is not hot! It doesn't fit! Why is it gaping so much?

Alethea love the back of that top but the pants... I know you call that a paper bag waist but it still looks diapery to me.

Logan... I'm not sure about that... I'm very confused by everything happening there.

Irina... quite a cohesive look... it would be more fun if you sucked because you're so evil.

Gordana... what? Ew. I love how ye of the matronly looks think you're going to bring back long jackets. Yeah comma right.

Chris... No. No, no.

Nina, I think the dress is a bit tight, too. If that model looks like she has a pooch... there's no hope for the rest of us. Plus I'm not in the Sound of Music. I don't want to wear drapes.

LOLOLOL @ Heidi on Gordana! "You decided to make this look not edgy." Hilarity. Def. looks very plain jane. YAAAAAAAAAWN. Oops I fell asleep. Of course you like it. Go home.

Logan, HOW is that in the same collection?? B/c they're the same colors??? Wow Nina! "Fashion project from a student." Ew. & Judy Jetson... lol. When was the last time Logan washed his hair? I can feel the grease from over here. Wow Irina... I know Althea's gonna go back and cry!! LOLOLOL!! She's so about to say Irina betrayed her!

The judges are doing this evil laughter thing today that's making me uncomfortable! How was this a tough decision? My bottom three are in the bottom three. Let's go ahead and send them home. Thanks.

Gordana clearly you're in by the skin of your teeth. You and Chris. One of you next week. Adios Logan. I don't get it & I'm not in 'middle America.' Everyone in Kansas now hates you. Lol.


Rashan Jamal said...

now that you have cable, i don't have to watch anymore!!!

Nerd Girl said...

Haven't really watched it this season.

I'm jumping in to "amen" your Kerry Washington comment. I just don't get her appeal. She looks like she's in a perpetual pissy mood. While wearing chalky pink lipstick. She irritates me.

Oh - I know you were less than pleased, but....I'm glad Mike got kicked off Top Chef. Too. darn. cocky. Toodles.

Jameil said...

rj... lies.

nerd girl... kerry in a perpetually pissy mood is the perfect description. that "pout" is horrid. i didn't like mike. & he was def. going home before the finale but he's a better chef than robin. so are at least 3 other people who are already at home. i'm tired of her!!!