Adei posted this video on fb and I can't for the life of me find the embed code to put it on my blog which of course is irritating the snot out of me. Do you understand that level of irritation? I'm not going to waste any more of my valuable hours hour of allotted time wasting time to search for it! Leave alone video!

Anyway... wow, focus. The video is a collection of a few seconds of multiple people being scared and losing it. LOSING IT! My faves are the ones where people jump out of the fridge! HILARIOUS! How do you think to yourself, "Self, today I'm going to scare the mess out of Missy by jumping out of the fridge"? Do you get a cooler to put all the food in? Or leave it all on the table so they have to open the fridge? Decisions, decisions! Lolol. Either way it cracks my ish up!

That video reminds me of one of the greatest collective memories of my childhood: scaring my sister almost DAILY. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SO fun. She's only 19 months younger than me so most of the time growing up, we were together. At church we had all the same friends. Don't get it twisted, this doesn't mean we got along, particularly as we got older. We were just together a lot. Anyway when we were younger, I was probably in middle school, we would come in the house, it would be dark and I would go upstairs first... in the dark. I would hide in our bathroom which was at the top of the stairs and wait for her to come up. The first few times she would just walk up the stairs (you don't even understand I'm CRYING laughing right now typing this! I can't even get the story out when I'm typing it!) and I would jump out from the darkened bathroom and yell BOO!! and she would scream. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! SO FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

This NEVER stopped being funny. After a few days she would start to call out up the stairs if I went up first, "Jameil, I know you're up there. Don't try to scare me." Silence. And I'd do it anyway. HILARIOUS!!!! I couldn't keep it to myself anymore so I told my mom. She said, "That's dangerous! You could scare her so badly she could fall down the stairs and hurt herself!" Hmm... party pooper but noted. It was around this time that I also decided it might lose its fun and shock value if I did it daily so sometimes I would run up the stairs ahead of her and go in my room, turn on the light and start reading, listening for her to say, "Stop trying to scare me, Jameil." HILARIOUS!! I had her shook! I also would switch it up by sometimes waiting in my darkened room at the end of the hall. She had to pass my room to get to hers. Always awesome! If I was in the bathroom, I'd wait until she had turned the corner from the stairs and was about to pass to jump out. Still scary! Now scary and safe! Mom-approved! Lolololololol. Except I talked to her about it yesterday and she was like, "I used to be so mad at you for doing that!" I said, "Why?! It was hilarious!" She said, "You know she was already scary." Lololol. Is that my fault or problem that she's scared of everything? Lightning, the dark, her shadow... She used to sleep in my mom's room when it stormed because she was scared. I didn't want to be left out (NO FUN WITHOUT ME!!) so I used to go to. Sleepover! Lolol.

I have no idea why I stopped but to this day I can't think of it without SCREAMING, literally screaming and sometimes crying with laughter! Even twice in the same week. And apparently in the same day! as I'm talking to my mom about how it still makes me laugh, I start cracking up again! And she says, "Like that?" SO FUNNY!! The fact that it's that ridiculous to she of the no sarcasm that she gets sarcastic is too funny! Love it! I hope it always makes me laugh like this!

On a semi-related note, wait until you see what I'm making my classmates for Halloween! It's gonna be awesome! Can't wait! I won't tell you because some of them e-stalk me and read my blog on the low. Can't have them ruining the surprise!


Ladynay said...

You sister must not be the revengeful type, cuz after spooking me one good time I would have been plotting! Everyone is afraid of SOMETHING and I would have my payback!!!! LOL!

Ginae said...

i'm surprised your sister never tried to flip the script and scare you back. your poor sis..you trying to scare the heebie jeebies otu of her and all...lol...that's funny how it still cracks you up to this very day.

Momisodes said...

You are terrible! :)

As a little sister to a prank-loving big brother, I so feel your sister's pain. She must love you to have never plotted revenge!

Can't wait to see what you have in store for your classmates.

Not So Anonymous said...

I love scaring/shocking folks, but I hate being scared, especially when I know it's coming. I probably would have been just like your sis with calling out before I got there.

I went to halloween horror nights at universal studios one year and, although I knew the folks couldn't touch me, I was scared to peices the whole time. I thought one of the chainsaws was seriously going to get me.

Liz Dwyer said...

Haha! I love it. I did that mess to my dad once and he did fall down the stairs... and then he beat the crap outta me. But I still laugh over it because I'll never forget the look on his face when I jumped out. It was SO priceless.

What goes around comes around because now I have two kids trying to scare me ALL the time!

Rashan Jamal said...

What a big jerk!!! Not so much that you scared her as a kid, but because you still derive so much joy out of it. You should come up with a new plan to scare her as an adult and see what happens.

1969 said...

Ahh the joys of being the big sister. Ask my baby brother about the terror...

Cynthia said...

I'm a little sister who tortured her big sister...it's good to turn the tables;O

Sha Boogie said...

you are a mess..lol.. u almost lost me at the snot but i composed myself and read on!

Jameil said...

lady, ginae, momisodes... lol! she used to try but i knew all the tricks: run upstairs before anyone else, leave all the lights off. i would stroll up there and not jump no matter how long she waited to try to scare me! lololol

ginae... i have a HUGE minutes long belly laugh every time!! LOLOLOL. I can't keep from snickering even typing a response!

momisodes... her revenge was to try to physically push me around when she got bigger. for the classmates: it's gonna be great!

nsa... i know! lololol! i like being scared when i feel like it could really happen to me! i wanna see paranormal activity!

liz... LOLOLOL!! I laughed as hard at that as at my sister being scared!!! HILARIOUS!!! Lol @ your kids, too!

rj... lolol. funny! i was so thinking it's time for a reenactment!

1969... lol! stories!

nw... she got me back in her own way. i got a black eye once. i wasn't a scary person, tho so that wasn't gonna work it.

sha... lolololol. good!