One of THOSE Days!!!

Let me tell you about this day I had yesterday!!! I decided on Wednesday I was going to go to Atlanta this weekend after I found out we got an extension on our latest project. But that meant I had things to do! I packed my bag without incident. The drama started when I left the house.

First I went to get an oil change. The first place was booked until Saturday so I went to the next place I had a coupon for that wasn't one of those obscenely overpriced chains. Tires Plus. Ugh. Just as bad. I heard them quote 3 different prices for the same service while sitting at the front. Shameless liars. When I asked him about a tire, he said it would cost me $85 and I said no, he said, "Just kidding, $35." LOSER. Never going back there again.

I also decided to try out Florida chain Toojay's Gourmet Deli for lunch. There was a 15 minute wait for my $9.55 sandwich which I wasn't previously warned about. When I got it, it was burnt. The "fruit cup" was majority honeydew and canteloupe with 3 grapes & 2 little cuts of pineapple. I had to traipse back to get my money back. Did I mention I was walking from the auto place? And it was literally 92 in October? With humidity? And that it felt like nearly 100? NOT. HAPPY. At all.

Then I went to the ATM to get money out & the cash dispenser opened and closed multiple times without dispensing anything, then said transaction cancelled. I went to a different ATM, got my money, went home to check my account. Of course BOTH transactions are on there as processing so I got to spend 9 minutes on the phone to file a dispute. Awesome.

Then as I went to wash dishes one of my sink stoppers broke. So I used the one that's temperamental. Then it broke, too. LE SIGH!!! I couldn't take it anymore! I got my bags together and left! I got some Sonic when I stopped for gas. As I finished my tater tots I saw a sign for BOJANGLES!! One of my fave fast food spots from home that has NEVER been on 75!!!! I don't know when they added it to my route but 11 EXITS from where I stopped for food? THAT'S COLD!!! And the cap on a sucktastic day.

Now I'm in Atlanta and I just found out some amazing news: TASTE OF ATLANTA IS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! HECKS YEAH!!!! You know what we're doing tomorrow!


Ginae said...

momma always said there'd be days like this...lol....

well at least the Taste event can hopefully make up for some of your crappy day..

you guys have fun...

Ladynay said...

See! It all turned out ok! Those where just signs that you really needed to hurry up and get outta dogde!

Jameil said...

ginae... taste was great! that def. helped.

lady... idk what it was but i'm glad it's over.