Monday Mindspacing Vol. 20

1) My mom doesn't like green beans. This is hilarious to me since she used to feed them to us all the time when we were little and we loved them! Every time she cooks for me and I request them, she balks. Apparently she had them a lot when she was a kid and can't stand them now.
2) My dad doesn't like potatoes because he says when he was in the Army he had them for every meal and therefore doesn't ever have to see another potato. He loves rice, though and would eat it for lunch and dinner every meal... and almost does. I love potatoes & would probably be okay if I never had rice again.... except maybe with Indian food. This was awkward when we lived together and traded off on the cooking. My rice aversion is partly because I lived on campus for 4 years where every dinner has some form of chicken & rice. Face. shoot. now.
3) I've never had brussels sprouts before because neither of my parents like them. You may have noticed they have a pretty bad rep. I don't think I've ever even been in a room with brussels sprouts (other than a grocery store).
4) I miss my dad. We never talk anymore.
5) Please stop posting 10-minute youtube videos. I know I can just hide you or ignore it, but it irritates me that you do it. That's too long. Really 5 minutes is pushing it.
6) I'm getting that fb friend purge need again (see Wednesday's post).
7) Don't act like you're sad it's too expensive to attend some event (homecoming) you've known about for months when you didn't look for your ticket until a few days in advance... face & your fault. You didn't want to go that badly so stop acting like you did.
8) I think I'm overloading my computer with my more than 570 films b/c that file with the list of movies keeps shutting down!
9) Before Rashan & I met, I used to send him a DJ-- Daily Jameil. A picture of myself looking fab. Lolol. I started that all over again! He loves it!
10) This all (this relationship thing) started between us over a competition in NaBloPoMo-- National Blog Posting Month-- where you post every day in the month of November. Two years later, we're doing it again! Who's gonna join us? It's only 30 days! You know you wanna! We actually kept the competition going for months. I outlasted him by something like 3 months... you know, 90 days... 2160 hours, but who's counting?
11) Somebody on fb said I have an iphone AND a 'berry. Why do you need both??? There is no cause for that amount of crack. Do you also have a 24-7 starbucks i-v? A crack pipe taped to your face? If you're gonna keep it gully like that, I say go all the way hard.
12) Don't post a fb status, comment on it & say you like it all within one minute. IT'S YOUR OWN STATUS!!


Nerd Girl said...

7. Why you gotta call me out like that? LOL! I really don't want to go to Homecoming this year, but keep pretending like I do...

9. I am so stealing that. Well, I'll be sending my hubby a pic, not Rashan, but you get my point.

12. Okay, glad to know it is not just my FB friends who do that. One girl in particular does it with every status she posts - cracks me up.

Not So Anonymous said...

Green beans are yummylicious! Maybe you should try cooking them some fabulous way so your mom will like them.

DJ = super cute. You two are seriously adorable. Does he sent you DR's?

since you're talking about fb...i'm sick of male bashing fb statuses....ick.

An iphone and a bb...that's just silly and excessive, imo.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Green beans are my go to veggie. So easy to make, so little time consumed.

2. I like potatoes and rice.

3. Brussel Sprouts this weekend!!!

4. : >(

5. I think 2:33 is long enough.

6. I don't have enough to purge, but I could do a little pruning.

7. So true, people just need excuses instead of just keeping it real.

8. Ummm, no.

9. GO DJ.. cuz that's my DJ...

10. It's like another anniversary to celebrate.. WHOO-HOO!!!

11. It's a phone.. why is it that serious? I always wonder if its b/c people don't have computers and are using the bb as a replacement.

12. You know I'm going to do that today, right? LOL

1969 said...

11.Somebody on fb said I have an iphone AND a 'berry. Why do you need both??? There is no cause for that amount of crack. Do you also have a 24-7 starbucks i-v? A crack pipe taped to your face? If you're gonna keep it gully like that, I say go all the way hard.

^ This is pure hilarity!!!!!!!!!!!

Desy said...

lmao at 12- can't say that i have any friends that do that, but my goodness that person must really need a friend if they need to have all that going on...

i would consider doing the NPM of posting every day, but I would really have to work my brain to do it... That might be helpful with stepping my short story game up tho... I need some good ones an that would be a good platform for pushing my craft...

does rah offer you a pic of his jerkiness daily? cause i know it's got to happen that regularlyand it would probably be pretty hilarious...lol...

Momisodes said...

There is NO WAY I'm doing NaBloPsychoMo again. At least I don't think I will. This is my first year skipping out on it. I just don't have the energy after doing it a few years and Blog365.

I never tried brussel sprouts until I was nearly 30. They weren't too bad because they were stir fried with a bit of sauce, and not plain and boiled. They are a little bitter though.

Ladynay said...

I can't post every day like I used to, but I love a challenge...hmmmmm decisions decisions!

Green beans, rice and 'taters are yummy!

4. Awwwww you and your dad used to hang out a lot if I am not mistaken :-(

The DJ thing is a fab idea! *applause*

Liz Dwyer said...

LOL, green beans, potatoes and brussels sprouts. Now I'm hungry.

I'm cracking up at the daily picture of yourself. That's so cute! :)

Jameil said...

nerd... it had to be done!!! lolol. quit fakin! you betta not be sending him pics! ROTFL!!!!! he should post all the chicks who used to send him pics like "you're the best blogger ever and i want to meet offline here's what i look like." that would be hilarious!!! LOL! i.e. yes, i get your point. When people do that I'm like... why? &... just... why????

nsa... i'm gonna let my mom eat what she likes & i'm gonna do the same! she knows how to make them yummy b/c i love hers. he's a DR slacker, yo! i shouldn't take that. male bashing statuses are theeee wackness. i have a post of TMI fb posts coming. an iphone & bb is foolywang!

rj... so true... i'm good on rice. you making the brussels? 2:33 is plenty. i was being nice. i need to puuuuurge. cuz i'm keepin it real, that's why! lol. another ann'y? are you saying you will give me something from my etsy list? cuz that's what i heard. i don't get the phone obsession either... but i still want one or the other. bb/iphone. you betta not do it!

1969... i'm just sayin...

desy... exactly. give someone a CHANCE to comment. stop being a big baby and post!!!!

momisodes... after blog365 you don't have to post daily ever again!!! i hear they can be pleasant if properly prepared.

lady... come on! you know you wanna! pass on the rice. we hung out when i was in pittsburgh. now we're far away. thank you thank you thank you you're far too kind.

liz... lol. GO EAT! thanks! :)