Hello Mojo

I'm losing my blog mojo! Sometimes I just don't feel like it. I'm a dozen movies behind and don't feel like I can get ahead EVER. I know that's exaggeration, but I have things to do, people to see! I don't really have the patience to sit down and write a blog post sometimes. We have these projects due, and yes the workload is about to slow down, but right now it's at a fever pitch. Sometimes I just want to SIT AND CHILL but I have work to do. No rest for the weary.

I was also told if enrollment wasn't high enough I might not have my assistantship in the spring. The person who told me this said it was simply because of the course I was assigned to teach. Wait. So I've been doing a good job, but that's not enough? Awesome. She didn't tell me when I would know for certain, but that $10k tuition discount is obviously something I don't want to lose. I'd rather not lose my stipend, either. And I need to find out if my course load only requiring 6 hours in the spring will jeopardize my financial aid. I think it will which is again a problem. I also need to accomplish more things on my film. It's almost like I'm frozen in place but still moving at a fever pitch. It's pretty dumb. And irritating at the same time. I'm also annoyed that I missed Glee last night. Hmph.


Ladynay said...

Can't offer a suggestion on most of this, but YouTube/Hulu/some site like that can get you caught up with Glee


Not so Anonymous said...

Girl, Glee was so good last night. Maybe fox has a stream of it on their website.

That darn lady coach is hillarious.

Good luck with all your school stuff. Post when you can, we'll still swing by!

Rashan Jamal said...

Get that mojo back, shawty! Especially if we gonna Nablomopo or however it's spelled.

That stinks about the assistantship. Hopefully they can reassign you if need be.

I wish I was there to give you a hug...

Ginae said...

School can be such a pain sometimes can't it? I hope you can get it all worked out. The not knowing is the worse. Good luck.

I taped Glee but haven't watched it yet. I was too busy watching Flipping Out and Las Vegas Top Chef...but can't wait to see Glee. It's turned out to be one of those surprisingly good shows that I didn't think I'd like at first.

Momisodes said...

I totally missed most of Glee last night too. I was so upset. Now I have to find it on the internet, and I'm not sure if I'm motivated enough (eventhough I'm already on the computer :)).

So sorry to hear you have so much going on behind the scenes. I know how much that can be a blog mojo killer.

Patti said...

I cant fully comment on the Glee part since I haven't watched it on the DVR yet.

However, I do know a little something about going from assitantship to non-assistantship and what that does to your fin aid. My situation is probably a bit different, since I'm in the candidacy stage, but I have to maintain at least 6 half-time status to keep my loans in deferment. I imagine for most universities, during the fall and spring semesters that's about the same thing. I registered for 7 hours just to be on the safe side and haven't had any problems yet.

I hope they can at least place you with another course if your intended one fills up.

Liz Dwyer said...

Mojo powers, activate!

That said, you have a LOT going on... do what you need to do. That other stuff comes first.

1969 said...

You can watch Glee on HULU and it was a great episode!!!

Sparkling Red said...

Sometimes I don't feel like blogging either. Like any creative thing, it comes and goes. But that's OK. I just go with the flow.

Jameil said...

gleeks... yes, i used Hulu shortly after writing this to catch up.

nsa... twitter had a sue sylvester trending topic that was HILARIOUS!! i.e. "sue sylvester took a whole bottle of sleeping pills. they made her blink." ROTFL!!!! soon i'll be posting my face off!! details to come!

rj... maybe i can ignore the mojo UNTIL nov. the j-school betta get it right, get it tight! b/c right now they're working my nerves! i wish you were here, too.

ginae... school really is a pain! i don't watch flipping out but i was def. surprised to be so into glee!

momisodes... for real!

patti... she said it has nothing to do w/the amt. of hours i'm taking, but i need to find out about the loans i'm receiving also & how that will be impacted by me taking 6 hours. i might add a web course.

liz... right?! decisions, decisions!

red... word.